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Thursday, January 29, 2009


“Freedom of speech and a free press are among the freedoms we take for granted in Australia. To those unfortunate enough to live in other nations, principally those outside the West, such freedoms are as rare as clean water”, writes extreme right-wing, Islamophobic, racist neocon and Murdoch press blogger, Piers Akerman.

Well, apparently even inside the West it’s also as rare as water, clean or otherwise, especially in the Murdoch press and particularly in Akerman’s own blog.

Several times over the past few weeks I have tried to post comments at his blog only to have them not published. None of them used bad language. None of them were insulting, or even inferred insult, against either Akerman or his band of right-wing bloggies. They were blunt and direct but nonetheless truthful and bona fide comments that generally revealed Akerman or his bloggies comments to be hogwash or simply proved Akerman or his bloggies to be wrong or just downright lies.

When I saw that Akerman had published his piece about ‘freedom of the press’, I wondered how he would react if I posted a comment about his utter hypocrisy. I sent this off for publication to test his sincerity.

“What an appalling hypocrite you are Akerman!
How many of my posts have you refused to publish because they exposed your extreme right-wing propaganda for what it is, yet you have the temerity to write about the 'freedom of the press' just because one of your fellow propagandists got booted out of Fiji?
You have soared to new heights in hypocrisy.
Of course, the real test will be in whether or not this gets published.”

Well, the test of his sincerity was a forgone conclusion; he hasn’t published it yet! So much for freedom of speech. Of course the Murdoch press continues to have full freedoms – including the freedom to print only what suits their agenda which apparently includes hypocrisy.

I personally make no bones about practising censorship at my own blog. I’ll not have right-wing Islamophobic and fascist propagandists peddling their sick garbage here but then I don’t pretend to run a freedom of speech blog when in fact it’s plainly not. It’s the abuse of freedom of speech by the right-wing loons of this world, such as Akerman and others in the Murdoch press, which has been the cause of so many of its problems.


Since posting the above, Akerman has published my comment at his blog. His response was childishly predictable and designed to deflect from the reality of his hypocrisy: “The only thing you’ve ever exposed is your stupidity”, he says, and in so doing exposes his hypocrisy further.


Anonymous said...

Damian, I wasted some months of my life making comments at Lavatus Prodeo. They keep attack dogs there who try to rip the throat out of anyone who has a brain, anyone who is not one of the sheeple or, worst of all, a thinker. Such blogs thrive on controversy. They offer nothing else!

At Webdiary, people like Pahoff and Ramsey do the same job. Same at Tim Blair's blog. And the supercilious Ackerman's!

Don't contribute to the infantile games played by such people. They don't want to solve problems. They just want notoriety, comments, any comments!

Put your comments where they will be listened to and seriously considered. Let the lightweights continue to entertain the sheeple. By their works ye shall know them!

Casting pearl before swine is not a winner's game.


Damian Lataan said...

I do appreciate your point. However, while each of those you mention taken separately may be considered not worth bothering about, particularly those at Webdiary, they do, nonetheless, collectively represent a significant right-wing bloc that occasionally needs to be challenged. Every now and then I find the time to be able to do that, especially when it is something that is as obvious as Akerman’s pretension to ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘freedom of the press’.