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Friday, January 30, 2009


Just when the world thought it was stepping back from the brink with the success of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, the world now finds itself again facing the prospect of having an aggressive and militarist nation being led by a right-wing nationalist madman intent on creating more living space for those that think they are God’s chosen people at the expense of those they think are inferior. (Gee, haven’t we all heard this stuff before somewhere?!)

The forthcoming elections in Israel, now less than two weeks away, is very likely to see extreme right-wing Zionist Benjamin Netanyahu become Israel’s next Prime Minister and already he is ratcheting up the war talk against Iran. At the World Economic Forum yesterday Netanyahu told his audience that keeping Iran from having nuclear weapons was far more important than the global economic crisis. The fanatical Zionist, who is likely to become the leader of Israel’s most fanatical government ever, then went on to say, ignoring entirely the irony of his own words: “We have never had, since the dawn of the nuclear age, nuclear weapons in the hands of such a fanatical regime”.

In the event of Netanyahu becoming Israel’s next Prime Minister, the world will need to ask not ‘will there be an attack on Iran’ but ‘when will there be an attack on Iran’. Netanyahu is highly unlikely to ask the US for ‘permission’ since he knows that American public opinion does not support US involvement. Netanyahu also knows that President Obama will not endorse an attack against Iran. Netanyahu also knows, however, that, if Israel were to pre-emptively and unilaterally launch an attack against Iran, the US would have no choice but to accept the fact of what Israel has done as fait accompli and join in the war by attacking Iran’s ability to launch retaliatory strikes against Israel.

What Netanyahu is doing at the moment is create a casus belli in preparation for such an attack by accusing Iran of continuing with its nuclear weapons program, despite the fact that there is not a skerrick of evidence to suggest that Iran has any nuclear program other than enriching uranium for use in electricity generation, an activity which Iran is legally entitled to do under international law.

Netanyahu has been emboldened by a recent fearmongering report from the neoconservative Mark Fitzpatrick of the International Institute for Strategic Studies who has said that Iran will soon have enough material for a bomb. In fact, what Fitzpatrick has said when one reads the detail instead of just the headlines is; Iran will have enough low enriched material which, if it were enriched further, may be enough to build a bomb. It is hoped that people don’t know how much more effort it takes for that low enriched material to be enriched to the level needed for weapons.

Netanyahu and the Zionists of Israel’s real agenda is simple: regime change in Iran so that supplies of arms and money to Hezbollah, Syria and Hamas can be stopped. In this way Hezbollah and Hamas resistance to Israel will collapse and Israel can then create its Greater Israel dream of incorporating the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and hopefully even south Lebanon, protected by Hezbollah, up to the important Litani River.

The world is really in no better a position this side of Obama’s inauguration than it was before; indeed, if anything, if Netanyahu succeeds in becoming Israel’s next Prime Minister, it could well be worse than ever it was before.


Anonymous said...

You have an interesting take on things in that area of the world. I do not agree with you. I feel that any state has the right to defend itself in the event it is threatened. I wonder if your opinion would be any different if it was your country that was being threatened? Just food for thought. Regardless of my opinion, your article was very well written.

Damian Lataan said...

I agree that people have the right to defend themselves – which, of course, is what the Palestinian people of the Gaza Strip have been doing. They have been defending themselves against deprivation and continued aggression which has been going on since the Zionists invaded lands which were not given to them by the UN in 1948 but which they have occupied anyway. The Palestinians want it back. Simple as that.