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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


There’s a certain arrogance about the Israeli Zionists stance against its enemies. It’s deliberately calculated to smack of self-righteousness and is part of a cleverly devised long-term propaganda ploy designed to demonise those that attempt to resist them.

Take this, for example, which appears in today’s ‘Jerusalem Post’:

“On Monday, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said that renewed weapons smuggling would be legitimate grounds for Israel to renew attacks against Hamas.”

It presumes two things: first, that in this conflict only Israel is allowed to have weapons and, second, that Hamas does not have the right to renew attacks against Israel if it finds that Israel is renewing its weapons arsenal from the US. If Hamas rearming is ‘legitimate grounds’ for Israel to attack them, why is it not, by the same virtue, quite legitimate for Hamas to attack Israel if Israel rearms?

Israel in this same article demonises Iran for supporting Hamas in its struggle against Israeli aggression but ignores entirely the support it receives from the US. The ‘Jerusalem Post’ reports:

“The IDF is concerned that Hamas and Iran will try to smuggle long-range Fajr missiles into the Gaza Strip. Fajr missiles, manufactured in Iran, have a range of 70 km. and if fired from Gaza would easily reach Tel Aviv.”

Never mind that Hamas are concerned that Israel and the US will be bringing GBU-39 bunker buster bombs that can be delivered anywhere that an F-16 can fly. That’s OK, but Hamas having weapons to defend itself with somehow is not.

At then there is this ridiculous piece, again from the ‘Jerusalem Post’ headlined: ‘IDF investigating phosphorous shell use’. It’s a bit like Himmler asking Eichmann to investigate war crimes in the Warsaw Ghetto alleged to have been committed by the SS – pure stupidity.

But it’s all a matter of perceptions.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of propaganda... next time Israel/US starts yapping about Iran....

"The IDF is concerned that Hamas and Iran will try to smuggle long-range Fajr missiles into the Gaza Strip. Fajr missiles, manufactured in Iran, have a range of 70 km. and if fired from Gaza would easily reach Tel Aviv."

Israel is ALWAYS so concerned that Hamas and Hezbollah, etc are getting weapons from IRAN.... its important to point out just where Iran itself gets all this missle technology....

Russia, Israel are China's top arms suppliers

China's Missile Imports and Assistance From Israel

China and Iran caught in Israel's Wok

China-Iran-Russia axis - SourceWatch
In addition to recent massive energy deals with Teheran, which place Iran in China's security web, both Beijing and Moscow have accelerated the transfer of missile technology to Teheran, while selling the Islamic republic increasingly sophisticated military equipment.

Next time someone says "Iran", shove that down their F'n throat

paul walter said...

Just noticed your comments at that disgraceful piece of nonsense over at the oz.
Noted last week a story in Crikey, I think, about AIJAC's hand picked stooges off for a holiday junket to Israel and the rubbish in mainstream since.

Anonymous said...

the twisting of people's perceptions by the media doesn't seem to cease.

here's another example.

Anonymous said...

You might be interested in reading a recent article, found here that discusses the propaganda battle designed to promote the plan to spread war throughout the greater Middle East including a television advertising campaign to promote Israel as the victim of terrorism.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


'Woman says: at 0.5: 'gaza strip is an obstacle'....before she corrects this slip: with 'or the situation in gaza strip'


vlad said...

And sometimes the Israeli propaganda is only apparent when you finally smell the feces smeared on your face for 50 years by the mainstream media regarding the bandit state.
Pardon my abrupt manner Mr L but the last Israhell turkey shoot still has my blood boiling.

Damian Lataan said...

Vlad, your first post was not published here simply because it was blatantly racist. I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in any form of racism regardless of whether it’s the racism of blood and biology or religion and culture.