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Thursday, August 30, 2007


According to Greg Sheridan, neocon commentator with ‘The Australian’, President Bush might well be a no show at the up-coming APEC meeting in Australia early next month. One can only assume that he has something better to do – like maybe conduct a war?!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


After a relatively quiet period of just gently simmering anti-Iran rhetoric and propaganda being on the back burner for a while, President George W. Bush, addressing the Annual National Convention of the American Legion, has now placed the Iran issue well and truly back on to the front burner with the heat full on. He has told the convention:

“…they [the Iranians] cannot escape responsibility for aiding attacks against coalition forces and the murder of innocent Iraqis. The Iranian regime must halt these actions. And until it does, I will take actions necessary to protect our troops. I have authorized our military commanders in Iraq to confront Tehran's murderous activities.”

The last part of this statement, authorizing military commanders in Iraq to confront Tehran’s ‘murderous’ activities, is an open ended invitation for the US military in the region, including the US navy battle group stationed close to Iran in the Persian Gulf, to attack Iran on the pretext of pre-emptive defence against Iranian operations in Iraq. To attack Iran’s nuclear facilities would require congressional approval, however, to attack Iran’s armed forces on the pretext of defending US servicemen in Iraq does not. After initial strikes against Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps the ‘confrontation’ could soon escalate to include other strategic strikes. Israel would then find some pretext to attack both Hizbollah and Syria knowing that Iran are too pre-occupied with fending off US attacks.

If this is the case then Israel’s recent fuel and ordnance purchases begin to make sense.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


It’s almost as if the Western allies maintain a think-tank somewhere whose sole job is to dream up garbage about Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda that can be fed to the dumb and gullible in regular doses in order to perpetuate the myth of their existence and therefore justify the continued ‘Global War on Terrorism’, a war which in itself has assumed mythical proportions.

In the latest ‘revelation’, designed to remind the dumb and gullible that the Western allies are still after him and, indeed, came close to catching him, we are expected to believe that: “US forces in Afghanistan came so close to discovering Osama bin Laden in the northern winter of 2004-05 that his bodyguards were on the verge of killing him to prevent his capture”. The evidence supporting this is… well, there isn’t any really; we’re just expected to believe it because we’re told it via the ever-reliable mainstream media – the same mainstream media that in 2001 were telling us that Osama bin Laden had died of various diseases and that Saddam Hussein had WMDs and was involved in 9/11.

News that the West at one stage were getting close to capturing bin Laden might also bolster the flagging support that Bush is receiving for the continuing ‘Global War on Terrorism’; support that is very badly needed since some 84% of Americans now believe they are not winning the ‘Global War on Terrorism’ and they believe that the US is less safe today than it has ever been.

It’s fast becoming apparent that the ‘Global War on Terrorism’ has turned to farce and looking more and more like a ‘Global War of Terrorism Against the World of Islam’. Six years after 9/11 and no one is interested anymore. Nothing, absolutely nothing, has been achieved. Billions of dollars have been spent, hundreds of thousands or maybe over a million lives have been lost, another four million are now homeless and there is still no end to it in sight.

And still they want to perpetuate the myth of Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda and the ‘Global War on Terrorism’. It’s time the world woke up to this nightmarish hoax and kicked out those that have foisted this disaster upon the world.


Israel has recently ordered $308 million worth of JP-8 military jet fuel. The last time Israel ordered anywhere near this amount of fuel was during the Lebanon war last year when it took delivery of some $210 million worth of fuel.

Besides the jet fuel, Israel has also ordered 30 Harpoon anti-ship missiles, 500 AIM-9M Sidewinder air to air missiles, and 200 AMRAAM medium range air to air missiles.

JP-8 jet fuel has a best used by shelf life of around two months though in ideal storage conditions and with additives it will last up to six months. It can be used well beyond that, say a year, but most jet jockeys, especially fighter pilot commanders, would insist on having fresh fuel that’s 100% reliable in sky battle conditions.

So, what’s all this fuel and ordnance for then?

Monday, August 27, 2007


Mike Lyvers, the Israeli loony lobbyist and foaming at the mouth Islamophobe, just can’t help himself. At every opportunity he attacks Iran and Islam on behalf of Israel. In the midst of a debate at Webdiary about free speech and cartoons, gays and homosexuality are mentioned. It provides an ideal vehicle for this warmongering lunatic to mention Iran. He writes:

“Regarding the gay issue, I am consistently amazed that anyone could imagine being gay was a matter of "choice." Given all the social pressures against being gay, there would be few if any gays around if that were the case. But there are even gays in Iran, despite the fact that when outed there they are subjected to grotesque public executions.”

For Loony Lyvers this is good enough reason for the West to attack Iran right now and ensure regime change straight away. Of course, regime change would also have a few other ‘unexpected benefits’, particularly for Israel; like it would leave the Israelis free to deal with Hizbollah and Hamas by ensuring that these organisations that resist Israeli terror don’t get help from Iran via Syria.

No, the reality is; Loony Lyvers couldn’t give a toss for the lives of gay people in Iran. For him it’s just another opportunity for anti-Iranian and anti-Islam rhetoric and propaganda. It is typical of Israeli extreme right-wing Loony Lobby hoodwinking and deceit.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


An almost unnoticed quote by the Israeli defence Minister, Ehud Barak, and reported yesterday in the Jerusalem Post is significant; “The next war,” he says, “needs to be decided in enemy territory, with minimal damage to the home front.”

This was the last line in a report that more than likely will disappear from the pages of the world’s newspapers by the time you are reading this.

Of course, the first thing one needs to ask is: Which particular ‘enemy’s territory’ is Barak referring to? Israel has so many enemies. They are already in the West Bank and they are already constantly making incursions into the Gaza Strip where any actual ‘war’ as such is likely to be very one-sided, so that only leaves Lebanon or Syria. Barak’s remark about ‘minimal damage to the home front’ could be construed as a reference to the damage that Hizbollah inflicted on Israel as a result of its rocket bombardment of northern Israel during last years war. Some observers have commented that it was Hizbollah’s continued attacks against civilian targets in northern Israel that finally forced Israel to the seek a ceasefire via the US and the UN after Israel failed to stop such attacks with their own bombardments of Lebanon and even its costly invasion.

We now know that, while Hizbollah did attack Israel with rockets, the Israelis were actually planning to attack Hizbollah and Lebanon long before Hizbollah began using rockets against Israel. Indeed, the rocket attacks against Israel, together with the capture by Hizbollah of two IDF soldiers, were just the casus belli Israel were looking for in order to start their war. As always, the Israelis claimed it was their enemies that had cast the first stone but, as always, this is a lie. In fact Israel had spent months planning their attack and weeks deliberately trying to provoke Hizbollah by making low-level supersonic mock attacks over Lebanon. Not only did these flights infringe Lebanese sovereign airspace but they were designed to be both aggressive and intimidating. One could only surmise what Israel’s reaction would be if, say, a flight of Syrian air force MiG-29s made a series of low level supersonic passes over Tel Aviv.

Today, the Israeli air force continues to fly inside Lebanese airspace and, indeed, have come close to having their aircraft shot down by French peace-keeping anti-aircraft missiles. In the last few months the IDF have completed several exercises in the northern Israel region close to both the Lebanese border and the Syrian border. The new Israeli Chief of Staff, General Gabi Ashkenazi, has fully settled into his new role and the new Israeli Defence Minister, Ehud Barak, apart from wanting to raise another couple of divisions for the Israeli army, seems about ready to go.

All that remains now is for the Israeli government to find a casus belli and there well then be a strong likelihood of the world witnessing yet another war which this time could see Israel attacking both south Lebanon and Syria simultaneously. Again, the hope is that Iran will come to Syria’s aid thus providing a casus belli for the US to attack Iran.

And that’s the bottom line for the Israelis and the US – regime change in Iran and Syria thus leaving Israel with a free hand to deal with Hamas and Hizbollah as the Zionists take another step toward their dream of a Greater Israel.

Monday, August 20, 2007


The last couple of days have seen an interesting exchange of comments over at Webdiary. Somehow the discussion turned to redeveloping Byron Bay in Queensland. Pahoff thought it might be a good idea to flatten the place and put a Club Med there because the delusional Ziononazi thought the place had been taken over by “….well heeled, elitist, grey haired aliens in funny hats working on their next play about Jews running the world and drinking dead martyrs blood or whatever.

And, of course, Pahoff knows the very people more than capable of doing the job and who have had lots of experience over the years in demolishing the homes of Palestinians in the occupied territories of the West Bank in order to make way for Zionist settlements inside Palestine. And just to prove it he links to a photograph of an Israeli demolition team showing how it’s done. Naturally, the devious Pahoff doesn’t mention to Webdiarists what the photo is about, he just shows a photo of a large bulldozer in a pile of rubble. It’s not until one locates the site where the photo is from that one discovers it is indeed, a site that shows how the Israelis commit some of their war crimes in the occupied territories. The site also has some footage of these demolition experts in action in the Gaza Strip where they are still busy making life as unbearable as possible for the Gazan people.

Pahoff just can’t help himself.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


In retrospect one can readily see the inevitability of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard being declared a ‘terrorist’ organisation by the Bush administration; it was just a matter of time. It is, however, a major turning point for Bush and his administration inasmuch that this is the first time that a legitimate armed force of a sovereign state has been declared a terrorist organisation. Since the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps is part of Iran’s armed forces answerable to and receiving its orders from the sovereign government of Iran, it is as good as declaring that the sovereign state of Iran itself is a ‘terrorist’ organisation.

Once finalised and taking effect, this decision will become of historic importance. Apart from the immediate repercussions for Iran and the Middle East, there are other ramifications. If the US can unilaterally and effectively declare Iran to be ‘terrorist’ state simply because it suits their geo-political position then there is no reason why Iran could not do the same.

The US has taken this step ostensibly because of Iran’s alleged involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. The problem for the Americans here is; if that is the case, then by their own definition, US and allied troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are themselves ‘terrorists’ belonging to terrorist organisations and, applying the same logic as the US are to Iran, their respective governments are, therefore, also ‘terrorist’ organisations. It works two ways.

To a large extent the same logic applies also to the situation in Palestine. The democratically elected government of Palestine, Hamas, is an organisation that has been declared ‘terrorist’ simply because it is defending itself against Israeli expansionism. The reality is that, while occasionally Palestinian fighters are able to get through into Israel to counter-attack in an effort to deter Israeli aggression, it is Israeli ‘Defence Forces’ that are ruthlessly and indiscriminately killing innocent Palestinian civilians and extra-judicially murdering Palestinian forces that are defending the Palestinian people and resisting Israeli aggression on Palestinian lands. If Palestinian fighters are deemed to be ‘terrorists’ because they go in to Israel to deter the Israelis from further aggression against the Palestinians, then those IDF forces on Palestinian territory, and attacking Palestinian territory from the air and via artillery, may also be considered ‘terrorists’.

Until now, the term ‘terrorists’ had some meaning, albeit one that was abused for the purposes of rhetoric and propaganda. Now, however, it has taken on a new meaning; one that now actually is far closer to identifying who the real terrorists are in this world. Bush has opened the floodgates of nation-states being able to call each other ‘terrorists’ by now including sovereign governments as organisations that can constitute a ‘terrorist’ organisation. But, in redefining who or what can now be considered ‘terrorists’, Bush has also opened the door for the peoples of the world to also make their own decisions about which sovereign nations they consider are terrorist and which are not.

Given this new definition of the term ‘terrorists’, people can now determine who the real terrorists are in the Middle East and Central Asia seeing as how it is the US and their allies and the Israelis that are on dirt that doesn’t belong to them.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Tucked away in the debate about what Peter Costello did or didn’t say about his own leadership aspirations is the rather far more important questions the debate raises with regards to statements made ‘on and off the record’. Tony Abbott in his comments over the debacle has said: “If [the remarks] were off the record in 2005, they should also be off the record in 2007, and if something is off the record it in effect doesn't exist and there's nothing wrong with denying something that didn't exist."

The problem is here is; regardless of whether or not something was said ‘off the record’, if later it is leaked to the public and it is found to actually have been said, then it has become ‘on the record’ even if it was initially supposed to be ‘off the record’. In other words, if it is shown to have been said then it is on the record as having been said regardless of the consequences.

There is, of course, a journalist’s creed whereby stuff that is told to a journalist ‘off the record’ does indeed normally stay off the record. Historians, however, are generally far less circumspect about the proprieties of ‘on’ or ‘off the record’ statements. If something is said and is proven to have been said then, contrary to Abbott’s assertion, it does indeed exist and for the historian it is, therefore, quite acceptable to use when presenting history. The truth of history won’t allow itself to be distorted by the personal whims and egos of history makers; the objective recording of history is far too important for those sorts of considerations.

When a politician is caught lying there should be no ‘off the record’ protections. If history only tolerates the truth then there is no reason why those that make history should not be forced to succumb to those same truths.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


The Lying Little Tyrant has really got the Iraqi government in a tizz! He’s sent them a letter that has threatened them with leaving Iraq if they don’t get their act together. Wow, I bet that'll stop the fighting in its tracks! Australia’s Prime Minister, John Howard, is feigning anxiety over the distribution of Iraq’s oil wealth.

Apparently, the letter, sent last week, “…warns that if the Iraqis fail to make progress, the public support for Australia's military deployment to Iraq may not be sustainable”. Naturally, one needs to ask; what public support is John Howard talking about? There never was any public support for military deployment in Iraq. Australians never wanted Australia to go in to Iraq in the first place.

Howard’s real concern, of course, is Australia’s up-coming election. Howard actually couldn’t care less who gets Iraq’s oil wealth as long as it’s the big US oil companies that profit and that the oil continues to flow westward. Of course, he wants to keep in with his mate George W. Bush but, with the election coming up, Howard is seeing the writing on the wall and has figured that he may get a few brownie points from voters if he back-pedals a bit on Iraq – hence the threat to withdraw. Mind you, they are only threats. Howard wouldn’t dream of actually pulling out of Iraq unless Bush gave him permission to.

It’s just more illusory garbage from a desperate Australian Prime Minister.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


The upcoming visit by US President George W. Bush is set to cost Australians $169 million in security costs alone not to mention the cost of all the other goodies like dinners and barbies at Kirribilli House that will be piled on for Australian Prime Minister John Howard’s best mate.

One wonders what Australians are likely to get in return for all their hard-earned being spent on him. One ought not be holding ones breath for the kind of walk-about from the President that the Albanians were treated to when he visited there back in June this year. After all, all it cost the President on that trip was his watch!

All up it’s likely to cost Aussie taxpayers well over $200 million – especially now that Bush has mysteriously decided to bring his visit forward by a couple of days, throwing Sydney into utter chaos and likely to cost another $50 odd million.

Australians should be outraged at this wanton expenditure of money when we have so many other far more pressing uses for that money.


The fraud and liar Eliot Ramsey/C. Parsons seems almost to have given himself away today. At Webdiary he wrote:

“Hi Paul. If you go to the ‘What if…” thread, then go right back to the very start of the thread past 1054 comments, you will see over and over and over that some of us have been saying exactly the same thing for over a year.”

A clever stunt for someone who has only been posting for just a couple of months claiming to be completely new to Webdiary!

(Ramsey's first post at Webdiary was on 12 June 2007, just two days after the pin got pulled on C. Parsons.)

Dates courtesy Phil Kendall.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


All the signs are in place for Australian Prime Minister John Howard to resign his leadership of the Liberal Party before the next election which is due sometime before the end of this year, possibly in November.

The signs are not looking at all good for Howard; the latest polls still have him lagging well behind on 44% of the two party preferred vote against Labor’s 55%. And, if a poll conducted only last May is anything to go by, not only would Howard and his Liberal Party lose government but Howard would actually lose his own seat at Bennelong to popular ex-ABC journalist Maxine McKew who is Labor’s candidate there at the next election.

If there is one thing Howard really hates it’s losing; and the ultimate big loss for Howard will be to lose both government and his own seat at the next election. It would be his most inglorious moment that would ruin what he believes has otherwise been a glorious political career as Prime Minister rivalled only by his hero, Robert Menzies. There is no way that Howard will risk that. Losing office at an election would be bad enough but losing his own seat as well would be utterly unbearable for this egotistical man.

Other signs too to not bode well for Howard. His own pollsters, if not actually saying it, are certainly hinting that he should go. Even his close friend and official biographer, David Barnett, is telling him it’s time to move on.

The biggest problem facing the Liberal Party, however, is; who’s to replace him and, is it too late? For years Peter Costello has been yapping at Howard’s heels for the Prime Ministership. If Howard did decide to go he may well hand the reigns over to Costello but, if he did, and the Liberal Parliamentary Party endorsed him, the government could be even more assured of defeat at the next election since Costello is even less liked than Howard. However, it wouldn’t be up to Howard; the Liberal Party would have the final word in who leads if Howard goes and they are unlikely to invest in someone they know already is a loser in the leadership stakes. Health Minister Tony Abbot is even less liked than Costello so he too wouldn’t get a look in. Foreign Minister Alexander Downer is seen as a joke even among his own party. The Liberal Party’s only other hope would be the affable and quite likeable Environment and Water Resources Minister, Malcolm Turnbull.

Howard has now only two choices; bow out right now on some health pretext and throw the Party to the wind with its electoral chances or face almost certain defeat at the polls both for his government and his own seat and be the laughing stock of Australia. Either way, he’s a loser.

Australia and the rest of the world, on the other hand, are the big winners.

Sunday, August 05, 2007


As if the Middle East needs more arms for which its inhabitants can be stirred up by the West to kill each other with, Australia has announced its intention to be involved with the ongoing orgy of killing in that region of the world by allowing participants to deal out future death with the very latest and best in death-creating equipment that Australia has to offer.

Not to be left out in the cold while the US delivers billions of dollars for arms to Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the Gulf States, Australia is about to create an official dealer in death as it too jumps on the bandwagon of Middle Eastern wars. It will be known as the ‘Defence Export Unit’, the leader of which will be announced by Australia’s Defence Minister Brendan Nelson within the next few weeks. This new ‘Unit’ will investigate and identify niche ‘markets’ within the ongoing Middle East killing frenzy; markets which Australian ‘defence’ industries can fill where the American ‘defence’ industries cannot. Australian killing products that the dealers in Middle Eastern death are most likely to be interested in include troop-carrying catamarans and the ‘Bushmaster’ armoured vehicle.

The aim ostensibly for all this is not, of course, to make money but to ensure that Iran is ‘contained’ – or at least so we are told. Despite this several birds are ‘killed’ in this largely transparent piece of deception from the US. First, Israel gets to have the rest of the Middle East and the Western world keep Iran at bay while it does as it pleases in slowly creating a Greater Israel at the expense of the Palestinian people; second, Iran continues to be demonised in the ongoing non-existent war against ‘terrorism’, third, the Military Industrial Complexes of the Western world continue to make vast fortunes as they feed the ongoing wars with arms and equipment and last, but certainly by no means least, the US retains hegemony in the resource-rich Middle East. From Australian Prime Minister John Howard’s point of view, Australia can’t afford not to be a part of that. From the point of view of the Australian people, however, it simply makes Australia more of a target for an increasingly and understandably more enraged Islamic world.

It’s time for the people of Australia and the rest of world to tell the Islamic world that they are not our enemies – the real enemies of all of us are the Western leaders we have today that have chosen to wage war against the world of Islam based on lies and deceptions for the purposes of greed, power and the right-wing Zionists pursuit of a Greater Israel.

Saturday, August 04, 2007


In April and May of this year Dylan Kissane, a wannabe academic and PhD candidate at the University of South Australia, was caught red-handed practicing gross deceit and dishonesty in debate in the blog media. It seems now that Kissane wishes to add ‘hypocrisy’ as well as ‘dishonesty’ to the list of achievements on his academic resume; he has recently written an article entitled ‘Islamaphobia, Racism and Dishonesty in the Media’.

One can only assume that he sees himself as being suitably qualified to write so learnedly on such matters.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Mike Lyvers, a psychologist, is an American working in Australia who is an Israeli lobbyist and apologist. He suffers from extreme paranoia, a condition related to his Islamaphobia and hatred of all things Islamic. Not unsurprisingly he is also an extreme right-wing Zionist. He also has problems with ‘psychological projection’ wherein a person, in this case Lyvers, ‘projects’ the undesirable traits he recognises he has as his own on to others. Of course, as a psychologist himself Lyvers would have more insight about this condition than most. He is nonetheless unable to conceal it and, being an intelligent person, is able to dream up some impressively worded ‘projections’ that in reality simply describe in an inverted sort of way exactly what he is himself.

Let’s analyse this recent outburst for example:

“I see that the ultra-right wing racist homophobe neo-Nazi Islamofascist sympathiser known as Dhimmian Lataanazi has again accused others of being "right wing." This is a guy who thinks that Islam, an ultra-conservative patriarchal system that would hang all gays and blasphemers from cranes and would imprison all rape victims for life, isn't "right wing". Can't get much farther to the right than that! But maybe Dhimmian is so far right that even Islam is to his left.
There are liars, there are deceivers, then there are liars AND deceivers. And one Dhimmian Lataanazi is clearly both!”

As far as ‘projection’ is concerned there is actually nothing here that is anywhere near subtle; it’s fairly blatant and quite obvious. But while it clearly says a lot about what I am not – one need only read the opposite to what Lyvers has projected – we need to interpret what it says about Lyvers.

Lyvers sees me as a “neo-Nazi Islamofascist sympathiser” because he is himself an extreme right-wing Zionist who supports the Nazi-like actions of the Israeli Zionists as they go about their ethnic-cleansing in Palestine, just as the Nazis did throughout Europe during the war as they ‘ethnically cleansed’, using the term in its broadest sense, Gypsies, Slavs, homosexuals, Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, communists, etc., from Europe. Most of those things that he thinks I am, he is, in fact, himself only within the context of being a Zionist rather than an Islamist.

As it happens I do not support the ideology of Islam, particularly when that ideology causes people, their own or others, to suffer. However, I believe that that is a problem that they have to sort out for themselves. To force ‘western values’ on to cultures that are not understood is the height of arrogance and the cause of much of the trouble in this world – particularly when the values that are being forced on to others are in many instances worse than the ones being replaced.

While I do not support any aspect of Islamic ideology that is detrimental to the lifestyle of individuals, I support even less those who lie and cheat to start wars in order to steal land and resources and who murder the inhabitants of those lands as the US and Israel have done.

People like Mike Lyvers make outrageous claims about those that expose them in order to cover their own right-wing extremism.

Because right-wing extremism is associated with Nazism and Fascism, the very ideologies that once threatened their own existence, right-wing Zionists go into denial about their own ideology of ethnic-cleansing, expansionism and Islamaphobia and even launch into ‘projection’ in order to camouflage their right-wing extremism. In Lyvers case, he calls anyone who is anti right-wing Zionist anti-Semites and therefore neo-Nazis and, by extension, “Islamofascist sympathisers”. Into the bargain they then insist that they themselves are ‘leftish’ and represent the ’norm’ and, because they’ve been caught out lying and deceiving themselves, call everyone else that doesn’t go along with their ideology, ‘liars and deceivers’.

Lyvers should write a paper on himself.


In an astonishingly transparent and pathetically patronising effort to distance herself from accusations of being racist, Jenny Hume at Webdiary has now told Webdiarists:

“And it is not racism that drives me here. I actually have quite an affinity with the Indian people, with a large double dash of Indian blood of my own, of which I am rather proud. A couple of my cousins could pass as Indian. Maybe I should not admit that at the moment!”

Jenny Hume seems painfully unaware of the fact that there is far more to ‘racism’ than simple blood and biology; today’s racism is about religion and culture. Jenny Hume’s claim to have Indian blood has absolutely nothing to do with her outrageous phobias about ‘foreign’ religions and cultures; phobias that conflict with her ridiculous notions of Australian ‘squattocracy’ and of a nation born not 60,000 or whenever years ago, but in 1915 at Gallipoli, notions that demand that ‘they’ be like ‘us’ if they want to come and live in this country ignoring entirely that when her ancestors arrived here their demands were that the natives become like ‘us’ – how could ‘we’ possibly live like ‘them’. Pure arrogance; an arrogance that doesn’t detract one iota from Jenny Hume’s hate and racism.

The blatant Islamophobic racist garbage that flows from the keyboards of the likes of Geoff Pahoff and the liar Eliot Ramsey/C. Parsons, etc., can be simply pointed out and then ignored for what it is, but the kind of deceit that Jenny Hume oozes is far more insidious than simple propaganda – it’s a subtle kind of propaganda that poses as apparent consensus but is in reality far more dangerous than the simplistic racist garbage. It is the kind of propaganda that Australians searching for a more egalitarian society should be aware of.