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Thursday, August 09, 2007


The fraud and liar Eliot Ramsey/C. Parsons seems almost to have given himself away today. At Webdiary he wrote:

“Hi Paul. If you go to the ‘What if…” thread, then go right back to the very start of the thread past 1054 comments, you will see over and over and over that some of us have been saying exactly the same thing for over a year.”

A clever stunt for someone who has only been posting for just a couple of months claiming to be completely new to Webdiary!

(Ramsey's first post at Webdiary was on 12 June 2007, just two days after the pin got pulled on C. Parsons.)

Dates courtesy Phil Kendall.


Friedham I. Whont said...

With all due respect, it hardly matters - to me, at least. But it does matter to WD, since they insist on their "real name/attack" nexus. It is clear, that CP = ER, and that's trouble for WD on the grounds that neither name is a declared nom de plume (as far as we know, but then see that MK is 'happy' that PM is PM); and at least one of CP/ER must be false. There's been enough s**t hitting the fan about CPER (the accepted amalgamation) - but WD coddles s/he and (worse), WD is seen to be cozying-up to 'ER' (and PM. Why?) Given the fact that CPER and ilk (like GP, say; the list is looong) - are all championing the 'mass-murder for spoil' brigades, it's a bit hard to understand WD's apparent predilection for such - err, proxy-criminals? But: WD's chosen policy; WD's shame. IMHO.

Musing: is WD in bed with the r-wing nuts:

a) because they feel they have to,

b) because they actually want to,

or c) because they are forced to?

Anonymous said...

Had a brief look at your blog Phil. All I can say is, "seek help before it's too late" old boy. Lol!
There is more to life than WD.If it hardly matters to you , then let it go. Before you have a heart attack mate!

See, Phil's not calm, cool and collected like you Damian.
You're certainly a most impassive chap.

I actually had quite a bit of fun the other day(yeah, yeah, I know, it's all an illusion)with you.

So, we don't agree on most things!

C'est la vie!.

And at the end of the day, contrary to what you might think, I really don't dislike you!( Yes (I'm definitely delusional)

Btw, I actually tend to agree with you(chalk one up eh)about Howard resigning. I prefer Costello though, to Turnbull.(Kath ducks rotten tomatoes)

Damian Lataan said...

Kathy, what gets up my nose about you is not so much your politics, I'm quite happy to debate stuff with (almost) anyone, but as soon as someone practices lies, deceit or tries to be manipulative then that's it as far as I'm concerned. Politics is one thing; practicing deceit in any way shape or form is something else.

You and I both know that slagging each other off like that was not really any fun at all. I'd much rather start again without the crap provided you can stop the manipulative bizzo in which case I'd stop coming back at you.

Apart from not being able to afford a lot of time, I'm quite happy to have a bit of light debate or even just chat with you or anyone else but if it's going to get bitchy then lets just forget it!

Anonymous said...

Ah Damian, guess we'll just have to agree to disagree! Sigh.
I just don't take blogging that seriously I suppose.

Damian Lataan said...

Phil, I can see where you are coming from with regard to the machinations of WD but for me the bottom line is simply credibility.

ER/CP is a fraud and therefore has no credibility. Margo knows that ER and CP are one and the same yet continues to allow him to post. She has broken her own code of ethics.

On top of that she has repeatedly caved in to the right-wing over what is allowed to be discussed and what isn't. Personally, I don't like being dicated to about what I can and can't talk about; but what really cheeses me off about Margo was her failure to report death threats to the police and her consequent submission to their demands. I used to have a lot of respect for her but now, what with this recent spate of nepotism as well, I have no respect for her at all.

Friedham I. Whont said...

G'day Damian,

...sorry; you'll see why.

Kathy Farrelly: if you wish to interact with me, it'd better be done on my blog, rather than risking depredating Damian's. Hmmm?

But please don't bother at all, unless you have something of substance to contribute.

Thanks in advance.

Back to Damian (sorry over); it's probably a coincidence, but IMHO CP 'dropped a clanger' immediately before his 'exit:' he quoted some Manly dignitary:

«Prominent Sydney atheist identity opposes Dawkins's positi
... by C Parsons on June 2, 2007 - 1:09pm.

"By the way, here's an unsolicited overview of this whole topic by non-other than Left-wing Sydney local government identity, Brad Pedersen, the atheistic independent Acting Mayor of Manly."»

Of course, that means not much on its own.

But then see today:

«Great moments in political correctness
... by Eliot Ramsey on August 8, 2007 - 4:26pm.
This is hilarious.

"Yesterday evening I attended the Nicholson Museum at Sydney University ..."

(Got there via Manly Ferry?)

There's always (used advisedly) been the theory that C Parsons goes by the name of Chris and is a Manly council 'worker.' None of the above would be in conflict with this theory.


«Manly's problem is at the extreme end.

"We have just 18,000 ratepayers and between 5 to 8 million visitors a year," a council spokesman, Chris Parsons, said. ..."

Well, so what? Back to KF: what 'hardly matters to me' is whether ER = CP = Chris Parsons; it's the fascination of observing (proxy?) criminal acts. In our society in general, and in WD in particular:

Supposedly "Independent, Ethical, Accountable and Transparent"

Comment: Haw!

Whilst drafting this, I see you (DL) have posted a comment, keyword 'credibility.'

Meshes with this; you are more succinct.

regards, Phil.

Daniel said...

Do you think Kathy will turn up on my blog soon, Damian? Could I be that lucky?

But I do agree with her that W.D. is just another blog, one of 17 million in fact.

That's sad in a way because, to some of us, it used to be special.


P.S. I find the fact that C.R.(who apparently resigned) is now one of the main commenters on WD rather curious.

Anonymous said...

Daniel dearie, I said that Web Diary was JUST A BLOG. I did not say it was just another blog. Big difference.
Have no fear of me turning up at your blog Daniel.
I have had enough of boring old boys with no sense of humour.

Damian Lataan said...

There you go 'Daniel dearie', looks like tonight's just not your night.

Ah, well. Can't win 'em all!

But, yes, looks like Webdiary is just another blog that's lost its credibility.

Daniel said...

Thanks for the reassurance, Kathy. I'll manage to cope with the disappointment somehow!

Hey, Damian, hey, Phil, the world of cyberspace awaits you, will be receptive to and appreciate your talents.

Why crawl when you can fly?

Anonymous said...

HI Damiaan, am a fan of your clear logic. Can understand why you got pissed elsewhere,but if we all give in to the hate mongering racist fascists and take a few hits then they have one. Besides if you can write at hate city HArry's site you can cope with anything eh?

I don't think CP and EL are the same. El is too ignorant of the many events that CP was actually (con_)fluent in. ER writes more like Stuart Lord ,a young sutdent.
ps it is a great shame that you got goaded into not writing that 911 piece.It is the House of Zcards that all of this horror has been built upon. Someone with your ability could do great good in that area and have the scientific acumen to identify which items are surmise and which items of evidence are fact, and how such much be used in any hypothesis and how truly unsupportable the current Bush hypothesis is when one looks at the evidence.
It is a relief to margo, but it would have jumped up her ratings,especially if WRH linked it, as they do yours now.
Please reconsider,or just do it here if you wish.

in finishing, why did ER say what he did?
-was really there as another name-further thought about that
- he actually searched through the whole document-highly unlikely as he tends to do just quick superficial reads
-or has help eg as a troll or read it somewhere else like HH etc.

CP has a much greater demonstrated ability than ER, in knowledge and argument skills and humour-usually irony.


Anonymous said...

oopppps , I meanat WON, not one..have one anyway on me if we ever meet eh

Damian Lataan said...

Yes, I do remember Stuart Lord. I'll have to have a dig and look at some of his stuff and compare with ER.

I do have other highly qualified evidence that says CP and ER are one and the same but unfortunately I am unable to reveal the evidence because in doing so I will have to reveal the source which I cannot do at the moment.

As for the 9/11 piece I was going to write for WD, that is still being written. I hope to build that into a major fully referenced essay which I will publish here with the hope that other blogs will pick it up. As you mention, WRH occasionally link to my articles and yesterday RENSE also linked to one - I've had a massive 14,000 hits in the last 26 hours; normally I'd be lucky if I got a couple of hundred.

Anyway, I hope you continue to enjoy - though maybe that's not quite the right word to use - the articles I write and many thanks for your support.

Anonymous said...

HI Damiaan,
I wonder if you will see this right down here.

I just want to say I was wrong, E is indeed CP ,that is , according to his reply about the killing fields of pol an pot and a rant about the left protecting him, just as CParsons wrote about ages ago. Tick to you.
Annie Sourris

Damian Lataan said...

Thanks for that Annie. Could you tell me what thread at WD that was on?