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Friday, February 29, 2008


Two Israeli ministers are openly debating the best way to kill Palestinian people. It seems that the Israeli Minister for Terrorism Against Palestinians, Ehud Barak, favours an invasion of the Gaza Strip to kill as many Palestinian fighters that they can lay their hands on, while the Israeli Minister for the Interior, Meir Sheetrit, would prefer a massive targeted killing spree. Either way, it is likely that many innocent civilians will die as well as many Palestinian fighters.

Sheetrit says: "We must not let anyone involved in the shooting stay alive. I am opposed to hesitation and in favour of wiping out anyone who is in Hamas; from the military and political echelons, no matter who." Barak on the other hand simply says: "Israel will reach those responsible, hit them in operations, and Hamas will pay the price for its activities."

One has to wonder where the world’s indignation is as ministers of one nation coldly and deliberately plan to murder the leaders of another nation. One can imagine the outcry from the Western mainstream media if Hamas announced to the world that it had found the means by which it could launch silent and deadly accurate missiles at individuals and was about to embark on a campaign of targeted killings of Israeli political and military leaders. Yet when the Israelis do it, we hear absolutely nothing.

There is, of course, a bigger picture to be seen in all this. Israel’s war against Hamas is simply part of a much more complex strategy designed to provoke Hezbollah and Syria into a wider confrontation that ultimately will draw in Iran. Israel will then find some cause to attack Iran and then the US will enter the fray in order to protect Israel. The resultant will be; Israel will have a free hand to deal with the Gaza and the West Bank as it sees fit and Hezbollah without support from Syria or Iran will be beaten. Hamas, the elected government of the Palestinian people, will be annihilated.

The world will just sit by and watch.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Reports are suggesting that the Russians are now insisting that Iran halt its uranium enrichment program. The Russians have been major suppliers and contractors in Iran’s quest for nuclear power which Iran insists it wants solely for the generation of electrical energy. The reports further suggests that Russia may support European and US demands for further UN Security Council sanctions against Iran if it does not cease its enrichment program.

Until now Russia has been very supportive of Iran’s nuclear program and has declined to support strong sanctions against Iran. The question now is; why then is Russia now demanding Iran put a stop to its enrichment program?

There are a number of reasons, but it should first be pointed out that it is not the obvious one – Russia does not believe that Iran has a secret nuclear weapons agenda; if it did, it would not be helping Iran build its nuclear facilities.

So, what are the other reasons? The Russians are aware that both Israel and the right-wing and neoconservative elements of the US have got an itchy trigger finger and are relying on pushing the ‘Iran has a nuclear weapons program’ propaganda and rhetoric in order to create a casus belli to strike Iran to affect regime change. However, without any enrichment program there can be no weapons program and without a weapons program Israel and the US will be deprived of a reason to attack Iran.

Russia is also aware that there is a certain amount of urgency involved given that the US Presidential elections are now only nine months away. If Obama wins the election there will be virtually no chance of the US attacking Iran or even backing Israel in attacking Iran. As Australian neoconservative commentator Greg Sheridan says, “If Bush believes Iran will go nuclear, he might have faith that McCain can handle it. He will have absolutely no faith that Obama would handle it.” This means that, if it looks like Obama will win the election, Bush may elect to attack Iran before his time is out. On the other hand, if it looks like McCain might win, Bush may elect to leave it to McCain to attack Iran as he has indicated he would.

Russia itself also, however, has a commercial interest in Iran not enriching its own uranium – Russia would like to supply more of their own fuel to Iran as they have been doing while Iran gets its own enrichment program up and going.

So the reason why Russia is supporting the push to get Iran to stop enriching uranium is not because it believes Iran has a weapons program but because it deprives the US and Israel of an excuse to attack Iran.

If we are to believe the propaganda and rhetoric, then Iran deciding to give away its enrichment program should be the end of the matter. Unfortunately, it won’t be. The US and Israel want to attack Iran in order to have regime change, not stop Iran’s so-called enrichment program; the US and Israel know full well that Iran doesn’t have an enrichment program and, despite the propaganda and rhetoric, don’t have a skerrick of evidence to even suggest that it has.

Regime change in Iran, just as it was in Iraq, is absolutely essential for Israel in its strategy of defeating Hamas and Hezbollah and pacifying Syria. These three entities are all that stands in the way of complete Israeli domination of Palestine and the creation of a Greater Israel. With Iran neutralised Palestinian and Syrian resistance will crumble and the last obstacles to Israeli Zionist dreams will be eliminated.

If Iran does decide to abide by Russia’s wishes and suspend or give up its enrichment program then the US and Israel will have to seek other reasons to attack Iran. Israel will no doubt turn to pointing out to the world that Iran is supplying Hezbollah with increasingly sophisticated rockets and other weaponry that are a threat to Israel. (Never mind, of course, that the US is already supplying sophisticated weaponry to Israel that is not just a threat, but is actually being used against the Palestinians and has been used against the Lebanese people.) And the US no doubt will increase their rhetoric about Iran intervening in Iraqi affairs and causing death and destruction in Iraq. (Never mind, of course, that the US has massively intervened in Iraqi affairs to the tune of over a million dead and another several millions made homeless.)

One way or the other and sooner or later the US and the Israelis are determined to have regime change in Iran. Russia’s move to support UN demands that Iran cease their enrichment program buys a little more time for the world to wake up to what is going on and demand that our governments cease and desist from further wars for the right-wing of Israel and their neoconservative supporters in the US and elsewhere.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Israel’s Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni, and Israel’s Minister for Terrorism against the Palestinians, Ehud Barak, have warned Hamas that they would be responsible for any ‘consequences’ of a planned march along the Gaza border. The ‘Jerusalem Post’ says, “The main fear is that residents of the Strip will force their way through the crossings and that IDF attempts to contain the crowd will result in massive casualties.”

As usual, the Israelis are blaming the people of Palestine for deaths that Israelis will inflict on the Palestinian people. The world should be quite clear about who would be responsible if there are massive casualties in such an event. There was no mass casualties when the Gazans broke free into Egypt last month so why should there be massive casualties if they break free into Israel this month? It will be the Israeli police and Israeli Defence Forces that are squeezing the triggers, not anyone else.

And the reason the Palestinians of the Gaza would take such desperate action is because the Israelis have forced them into this situation in the first place by cutting off supplies of food and fuel to the Gaza. These cuts have led to Palestinians dying for lack of suitable medical treatments and life-saving power to medical equipment. Over a hundred Gazan patients have died for want of treatment since the Israelis sealed off the crossing points preventing sick Palestinians from getting treatment.

If any Palestinian is killed for want of food or fuel then the only people responsible for such deaths will be the right-wing Zionist government of Israel and the notorious Israeli terrorist leader Ehud Barak and the warmongering thugs that back him.

The peoples of the world should voice their solidarity for the Palestinian people. There is a certain irony in the fact that the only people that are directly supporting the Palestinian people apart from the UN are the growing band of peace-loving Israelis. They too need the support of the people of the world.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


It’s really simple; but somehow, though, the Americans and the Israelis just don’t get it. Both countries are accusing Iran of having a nuclear weapons program but if they have evidence that Iran is producing, or planning to produce, nuclear weapons then WHY DON’T THEY HAND OVER THE EVIDENCE TO EL BARADEI?

Answer: Because there is no evidence!

There exists only wild and baseless accusations which are not based on any evidence whatsoever. Time and time again the IAEA have come back to the UN and told them they have absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Iran has anything like a nuclear weapons program, yet time and time again the US and the Israelis continue to insist they have. The reason, of course, is painfully obvious; the US and the Israelis wish to use the propaganda and rhetoric to justify an attack against the Iranians in order to affect regime change. The US and the Israelis know full well the Iranians don’t have a nuclear weapons program, just as they knew full Iraq didn’t before they destroyed that country, but they need a casus belli to attack Iran and what better than accusing Iran of having a nuclear weapons program.

In the latest IAEA report El Baradei has said that Iran is continuing to defy the UN Security Council’s demand for Iran to suspend its low grade uranium enrichment program designed to produce fuel for electrical generation. Iran, however, is quite entitled to enrich uranium for such purposes and the UN has no right under international law to enforce its demands. The only nations interested in sanctions are allies of the US and Israel with China and Russia only endorsing such sanctions in order to buy time and keep the peace.

But, hey, how many UNSC resolutions are the Israelis defying? There are actually thirty of them, but where are the sanctions against Israel?

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Just as the exiled Iraqi Ahmed Chalabi of the Iraqi National Congress told the neocons in the US administration lies about Saddams so-called nuclear ambitions, so today we have exiled Iranian Muhammad Mohaddessin of the National Council of Resistance of Iran telling the International Atomic Energy Agency the same lies about Iran’s so-called nuclear ambitions.

A whole bunch of Israeli Members of the Knesset (MKs) are now running around Europe and Asia like headless chooks spreading the lies trying to drum up support for war against Iran. Problem is; no one’s listening. The neocons and the Israelis told the same lies before when getting the world to invade Iraq. The world is hardly going to fall for that again. It turned out that Iraq had no WMDs and certainly no nuclear program. Nonetheless, over a million people have died as a result of the lies and several millions more are now homeless and Iraq has been destroyed.

And now these same warmongering lunatics expect the world to fall for it all over again. How many more have to die just so that the right-wing Zionists of Israel can realise their dream of a Greater Israel at the expense of the Palestinian people?

The fact that no one is listening, however, is unlikely to stop the Israelis launching an attack on Iran sooner or later. The assured retaliation from Iran will then commit the US to pre-empting such retaliation by attacking Iran’s defences with massive bombing operations. While any attack against Iran is likely to be co-ordinated between Israel and the US, the US will ensure that it is Israel that strikes the first blow – then the US will join in.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


It seems the tiny flock of Islamophobic and Ziononazi nutters at Tim Blair’s lair have worked themselves up in to a fine frothing and foaming mess. These deluded extremists are those that insist that to be anti-Zionist is to somehow be anti-Semite.

They don’t realise that of the millions of Jews scattered throughout the world-wide Diaspora, very few have any interest in Israel and even less in expansionist right-wing Zionism. They too must, therefore, all be anti-Semites by their ridiculous logic.

The real tragedy, however, is that these right-wing extremist Zionist and their supporters, by labelling everyone that is anti-Zionist – even Jews that are anti-Zionist – as anti-Semites, diminishes the status of those that are genuinely anti-Semite; that is those that are white-supremacists, Nazis, neo-Nazis and Jew-haters generally.

The label ‘anti-Semite’ has been so abused by those right-wing extremist Zionists that it has now got to the point that it has lost all meaning. In other words, the label ‘anti-Semite’ has entirely lost its validity thanks to the right-wing Ziononazi nutters like those at Tim Blair’s.

Tim Blair, of course, needs to bear some of the responsibility for this dilemma for encouraging it. However, he is so far to the right himself with as a much a propensity to lie and practice deceit as some of the bloggers like Dylan Kissane, Ron Wright and ‘Eliot Ramsey’ for example, that roost at his hate-site, that he’s no doubt utterly blind to it.

Mores the pity for those Jews around the world that still do suffer at the hands of those that really are anti-Semites.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


State prosecutor Richard Maidment, SC, has accused a Melbourne, Australia, based ‘terror group’ of plotting to kill then Prime Minister John Howard. Apparently they discussed the idea during a “religious lesson delivered by the group's leader Abdul Nacer Benbrika to one of his followers, Abdullah Merhi in September 2004”.

But, it seems, Australian ‘terrorists’ aren’t the only ones that have discussed the idea of seeing Howard dead. Some commentators at the popular Australian current affairs blog, Webdiary, have also expressed similar ideas about Howard’s demise only this time by virtue of being found guilty of war crimes and paying the ultimate price for his crimes – at the end of a rope. I don’t personally endorse such an end for Howard – I would far rather see him rot in prison for his crimes than execute him – but I can see why some would be upset enough to want to see him pay the ultimate price; he has, after all, been a part of those actions that were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands people.

Naturally, extreme right-wing pro-Howard supporters rushed to his defence. Dylan Kissane, renowned in Australia and throughout academia for his lies and deceit and also his strong warmongering neoconservativism, thought that ‘hoping for Howard’s execution was just sick’, yet later he said: “…I'm not at all against the death penalty. Indeed, in certain circumstances and for certain crimes, I think the death penalty - fairly and legally imposed - is a just punishment. I do find something sick, however, about hoping for the hanging of John Howard”.

One has to wonder why not Howard. Howard has clearly has been responsible for the deaths of so many and in a war that was both immoral and illegal. Kissane I recall had no problems when it came to the hanging of Saddam Hussein. Nor did he have any problem with the hanging of a Vietnamese-Australian caught dealing drugs back in November 2005.

For the likes of Kissane, the death penalty isn’t about justice, regardless of the arguments about the death penalty itself as a punishment, for Kissane it’s a political weapon. It’s OK for Saddam Hussein to hang for his crimes, it’s even OK for a drug dealer to hang for his crime, but it’s not OK, indeed, it’s ‘sick’, for someone Kissane supports politically to hang for their horrendous crime.

Arrogance and hypocrisy; they are the values that ‘they’, those ‘terrorists’ that the Victorian State prosecutor wants to condemn for talking about the death of a war criminal, hate about ‘us’.

Monday, February 18, 2008


It would seem that the Israelis are ratcheting up the propaganda to create the illusion that they will have casus belli to attack their enemies. They have denied any role in the recent assassination of Hizbollah’s number two man and are itching to use the retaliation of his death as the casus belli to attack Hizbollah. They are also using the potential opportunity of attacking Hizbollah as a possible excuse to also attack Syria on the basis that Syria may help their ally Hizbollah to carry out the retaliation attacks against Israel. Ehud Barak, Israel’s top terrorist leader and now ‘Defence Minister’ is already setting up Syria and, of course, Iran, as the fall guys to take the blame for any Hizbollah ‘retaliation’.

One should watch out for a false flag attack upon Israeli targets anywhere in the world at any time soon. And then sit back and watch the Israeli and US finger of blame get pointed at Israel’s enemies thus providing the excuse to go to war.

The Israelis have become so predictable but still the dumb and gullible take it all in.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


It’s good to see that I’m hitting a few raw nerves from the frothing and foaming extreme right-wing lunatics that go to roost at the infantile blog that is Tim Blair’s. Here they are able to offer each other a few smug and self-congratulatory pats on the back in the course of their childish self-righteous dialogue that they call ‘commentary’.

They seem to have got upset over comments I made suggesting that the two so-called Downs Syndrome bombings in Iraq are more than likely the false-flag work of the US/Israelis who are well known for launching false flag attacks. These are the same people that are still labouring under the illusion that 9/11 happened exactly the way the US government told us it happened. They still believe the fairy story of ‘al Qaeda in Iraq’ and that ‘Osama bin Laden’ said he did it. Even ‘Blind Freddy’ can see that the person making the ‘confession’ on the video the US government released was not Osama bin Laden.

The extreme right-wing must be getting really desperate if they feel they have to resort to using the lunatic inmates at the right-wing Tim Blair asylum. Apparently Blair’s comments came via ‘Eliot R’. Now, I wonder who Eliot R could be?!

Bang goes any credibility that Tim Blair may have had left. Even Blair should be able to recognise a fraudster when he sees one.

Standby to see the most childish of responses to this post from the intellectually hapless loons from Blairland. Fortunately there's only a few of them but they have a habit of making multiple comments due to their inability to fully think out their argument logically. Should be good for a laugh.

Friday, February 15, 2008


The more the Israelis bomb and commit murder by targeted assassinations of Palestinians in the Gaza then the more Palestinian fighters are likely to retaliate. It is exactly what the Israelis want. It will eventually give them the excuse they need to invade the Gaza and put it under full military occupation.

Now the Israelis have upped the ante by assassinating Hezbollah’s number two leader, Imad Mughniyeh, but they have not admitted to the killing because they want Hezbollah to make the first strike against the Israelis. That way they can claim that Hezbollah has provoked Israel thus giving the Israelis casus belli to go to war once again against Hezbollah. The world knows exactly who was responsible for Mughniyeh’s death but by denying it the Israelis think that in the event of Hezbollah retaliating they then have the right to strike back in their usual murderous way.

This is Israel’s standard modus operandi. They always like to make it seem as though they are the ones that have been attacked first and that they are merely retaliating. In reality it is they that have manoeuvred those that they wish to attack into seemingly have struck the first blow against Israel.

The trick for Israel now is to get both Hamas and Hezbollah to strike back at Israel in such a way that Israel can retaliate by launching full scale attacks on both the Gaza and south Lebanon in the hope of drawing in Syria and Iran to the fight by accusing them of supplying arms and weapons to Hezbollah and Hamas. This will then provide cause for the Israeli Air Force to attack Syria and Iran’s so-called nuclear facilities, an event that will draw the US into the war.

If it all sounds rather familiar it’s because it has all happened before. The difference is last time the Israelis tried this they used the capture of their soldiers as casus belli to attack Hezbollah whereas in reality the Israelis had planned the attack on south Lebanon months ahead of the so-called ‘kidnappings’. Olmert even tried to explain it away by saying that it was a contingency plan in case Israeli soldiers were ‘kidnapped’!

And now the Israelis are trying it on again. For how much longer are the peoples of the world going to let the right-wing Israeli Zionists get away this sort of warmongering nonsense?


The new Australian Labor government under Kevin Rudd has finally woken up to the reality of what is happening in Afghanistan. The allies fighting the Taliban are in complete disarray. Australian Defence Minister, Joel Fitzgibbon, told Parliament yesterday that, "Alarmingly, I [have] found a lack of common objectives amongst the partners, no coherent strategy, confused chains of command and blurred lines of responsibility, a failing counter-narcotics strategy, the absence of benchmarks for progress, a crisis in burden sharing, with a number of NATO countries failing to meet or live up to their side of the bargain - and poor progress in advancing Afghan security forces towards the critical mass in skill required for them to be able to hold our military gains."

While the tone of the Minister’s comments do not suggest that the Australian government is about to pull Aussie troops out of Afghanistan, it does suggest that the Australian government may consider it if things don’t markedly improve in the near future. However, what’s really alarming is the Minister’s naivety about what is actually happening in Afghanistan. He, for example, criticises the ‘counter-narcotics strategy’. The simple plain truth is; there is no ‘counter-narcotics strategy’. The reality is that farmers in Afghanistan are being paid to grow narcotic crops – and they are being paid by the Americans. The other reality not faced is the fact that the only people who ever managed to eradicate the opium trade almost entirely in Afghanistan were the Taliban when they were the government.

Minister Fitzgibbon also has failed to understand that the reason why NATO countries are ‘failing to meet or live up to their side of the bargain’ is because the peoples of those countries do not support the war – which they see as America’s war – and are reluctant to put their soldiers into situations where they have a higher risk of getting killed.

Mr. Fitzgibbon went on to tell Parliament: “What a tragedy failure in Afghanistan would be for all of those who have given their lives for the cause or have been badly injured". Indeed! But how much more tragic would it be if troops continued to die and be badly injured and Afghanistan was ultimately ‘lost’ anyway? And besides, could not the same sentiment apply to the Taliban? Are their lives somehow cheaper because they are the enemy? Would they not consider that all of the lives lost to the invaders be a tragedy were they to fail in ridding their country of the invader?

Let’s be clear about this. In modern times no foreign invader has ever succeeded in dominating Afghanistan. The Russians threw a lot more at them when they invaded Afghanistan then the allies are now and still they were beaten back. And now it looks like the Afghan people will prevail again as more and more of them join the Taliban fighters.

It’s time for the foreign invaders to leave Afghanistan and allow the Afghan people to determine their own future. The allies can never win there.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


At last, it seems, some good sense has prevailed in the UK legal system. The paranoid madness that is their ‘anti-terror laws’ has taken a jolt that should bring into focus the stupidity of the British governments downward spiral into Islamophobia. Lord Phillips, the Lord Chief Justice, has overturned the convictions of five British Muslim men who were jailed for downloading and sharing ‘extremist terror-related material’. The Law Lord ruled that it was not illegal to read or study such literature.

How sensible is that!? If it were illegal then everyone who had read it, including the security organisations, the police, and the lawyers and so on, would have all been guilty of an offence. However, the Terrorism Act 2000 states that “a person commits an offence if he possesses an article in circumstances which give rise to a reasonable suspicion that his possession is for a purpose connected with the commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism." Merely having it ones possession is not a crime; having it in ones possession in order to commit a terrorist act is, but how difficult is that to prove in law unless a terrorist act is actually committed? If a bunch of Skinheads from the West Ham Supporters Club had been detected downloading this material, does anyone imagine that they would have been prosecuted and sent to prison? One very much doubts it. Or if a student or researcher had been detected downloading this material, would they be prosecuted and sent to prison? Yet if one is a Muslim….

As the Bush era that was to herald the New American Century based on world-wide fear and paranoia leading to US world dominance comes to a grinding halt so those governments that supported this ridiculous notion begin to dismantle the legal apparatus that supported it. It’s a small beginning but it’s a start. The peoples of our planet are beginning to realise who the real terrorists are in our world. Even the British judiciary are beginning to understand.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


The Australian government today officially apologised to the Aborigine peoples for the centuries of abuse that had been heaped upon them since white settlement in Australia. The recently elected Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd made an emotional and heart-felt apology to the indigenous peoples of Australia and pleaded for reconciliation in a genuine and popular outpouring of emotion from both those that were sincerely apologising and those that were being apologised to.

It was a pity, however, that the leader of the opposition, Dr. Brendan Nelson, saw fit to mar the moment with rhetoric that sought to praise the self-righteousness of the whites that tore away so many Aboriginal children from their parents as part of their deliberate plan to commit slow genocide by ‘breeding out’ the black peoples of Australia. The tone and content of Brendan Nelson’s words served only to demonstrate that racism is still alive and well in Australia.

Reinforcing Nelson’s own racist views was the fact that the more die-hard of Australia’s extreme right-wing racist Members of Parliament didn’t even show up for the apology with one of them, Wilson Tuckey, well-known in Australia for his racism and fascist ways, making a point of highlighting his racism by turning up, reciting ‘The Lords Prayer’ in the public gallery out loud and then leaving the chamber where Parliament had gathered for the apology.

The apology is, indeed, a giant step in the right direction but the words of the leader of the opposition and the actions of certain members of the Australian Parliament show that we still have a long way to go before racism in Australia is finally cleansed entirely from its society.

Friday, February 08, 2008


One of the most difficult of false flag attacks that can be perpetrated is that of the suicide bomber attack. The difficulty, of course, is in finding volunteers who are willing to blow themselves to bits in order to create the illusion for their side that some other group, the enemy, had carried out the attack. Needless to say, no one with any normal intelligence would volunteer no matter how fanatical the person was for their cause. However, it does seem that the US/Israel have actually found a way of perpetrating false flag suicide attacks – and in a way that works doubly well in their favour.

A few days there were two suicide attacks in Iraq where it was alleged people with intellectual disabilities had been used to carry the explosives. People with Downs syndrome are generally characterised as being incredibly friendly and very obliging people and because of this they are extremely vulnerable to abuse. Two such people have, it would seem, had their friendly and obliging nature abused when they were used as explosives carriers and then murdered by their abusers.

In Iraq there are never any shortages of fighters willing to die for their cause. Iraqi fighters and other fighters supporting them do not need to resort to employing people with intellectual disabilities to act as suicide bombers. It would be as much a crime against their faith as it would be for any other religion or culture.

The bombings are highly suspicious for a number of reasons. First, the authorities were too quick after the bombings to point out that they were indeed people with intellectual disabilities. Second, the targets were both useless and pointless and succeeded only in killing a lot of innocent people, many of them quite young. There would be no reason for fighters to kill in this way because they would only succeed in alienating their cause from the rest of the people (which was, of course, the intentions of those false flaggers that organised the massacre). Third, inter-factional and inter-religious/ethnic differences are not dealt with in this manner of bombing; usually there would be a positive target despite innocent people getting killed, but rarely would fighters utilise a suicide bomber to specifically slaughter ordinary civilians regardless of the religion or ethnicity crowds.

These ‘suicide bombings’ have all the hallmarks of being a false flag operation perpetrated in order to perpetuate the myth of ‘al Qaeda’ in Iraq; to demonise them as people so evil that they would kill innocent children and to use intellectually disabled people to commit these crimes; to justify the continued presence of US and allied forces in Iraq to ‘protect’ the Iraqi people from these evil ‘al Qaeda’ animals; to demonise ‘Islamic fundamentalism’ generally as part of the allies ‘us’ and ‘them’ propaganda and rhetoric, and to lessen the impact of the way the US forces behave relative to the way it seems ‘al Qaeda in Iraq’ behave.

By perpetrating these kinds of crimes the US and their allies have proved to the rest of the world that it is only they that are the true animals and that it is they have sunk to the depths that they accuse others of having sunk to.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


The ‘Annual Threat Assessment of the Director of National Intelligence for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’ written by John Michael McConnell was released yesterday. It’s a brief yet wide-ranging report that above all demonstrates how paranoid the American administration is about what it sees as threats to its ‘interests’ from the rest of the world. Of particular concern, not surprisingly, is the concern it has for the security of Israel especially in relation to the perceived threat from Iran.

The report states that Iran may be able to have a bomb ready by 2009 but concedes, however, that this is unlikely. Once again, as is usual, there is absolutely no evidence to support the directors claims, merely the prolific use of the phrase ‘with moderate confidence’. Nonetheless, Israel will no doubt leap on the report to stress, yet again, the importance of bombing Iran to force regime change. The report also exposes why Iran is so pivotal to Israeli interests. It tells of Irans support for both Hamas and Hizbollah via Syria, all of who stand in the way of Israeli aspirations for a Greater Israel that includes ultimately the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, south Lebanon up to the Litani river, and the continued occupation and control of the Golan Heights. Even Mossad chief, Meir Dagan, yesterday openly conceded that Iran is a threat to Israel because of its ‘influence’ on Hamas, Hizbollah and Syria. The reality is that it’s this ‘influence’ that is of more concern to the Israelis than Iran’s so-called nuclear ambitions. Iran’s ‘nuclear ambitions’ are merely the propaganda and rhetoric that is being used by Israel to get the US to effect regime change in Iran in order to eliminate the ‘influence’ Iran has on Hamas, Hizbollah and Syria.

Israel’s lies and ulterior motives are becoming increasingly transparent. Mossad chief Dagan and National Intelligence director McConnell’s statements demonstrate just how fraudulent their claims about Iran really are.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


It seems that the once popular Australian current affairs blog ‘Webdiary’ has been taken over by a character now calling himself ‘Eliot Ramsey’ whose sleazy patronising comments appears to dominate in virtually every thread of the Webdiary blog. The resultant is that other Webdiarists, incensed by his blatant and extreme right-wing views, feel obliged to construct their arguments to revolve around his viewpoint thus denying Webdiarists an opportunity to discuss and debate the problems that beset the world without interference from this fraudulent propagandist whose sole purpose it seems is not to debate but to disrupt.

Around the middle of last year ‘Eliot Ramsey’s’ alter-ego, ‘C. Parsons’, was banned from further commenting at Webdiary. Almost instantly ‘Elliot Ramsey’ appeared on the Webdiary scene posing as a new Webdiarist who had just stumbled upon the blog and wanted to join in the commenting. It soon became clear that Eliot Ramsey was simply C. Parsons trying it on under a different name. When challenged by Kingston, Ramsey at first pleaded ignorance saying he hadn’t heard of C. Parsons – ‘how could I’ he said, ‘I’ve only just arrived at Webdiary’ was more or less his response. A little later, under pressure from other Webdiarists, Ramsey was pressed further by Kingston who asked him straight out ‘are you C. Parsons or not?’ Ramsey, of course, denied he was.

Kingston then decided to take this lying fraudster at his word allowing him to continue commenting at Webdiary despite having banned at least one other commentator that had been discovered with dual identity. A person close to Kingston later inferred that, since Ramsey had denied he was C. Parsons, Kingston was under some sort of legal obligation to let Ramsey continue commenting. This, of course, is utter nonsense. Kinston has no legal obligation to publish anyone’s comments.

Kingston has made it very clear in the past that the right-wing commentators at Webdiary are important to her. When she left Fairfax to start up Webdiary she had envisioned some sort of commercial enterprise that may make her a reasonable income to partly make up for her loss of income from Fairfax. She said then that she was pleased that the right-wing commentators that had been with her at SMH Webdiary had followed her over to her new project. So important to her were the right-wing commentators that when debate and discussion turned to subjects that the right-wing didn’t like and threatened to leave Webdiary, Kingston banned discussion on those subjects with her brother Hamish Alcorn going so far as to say ‘powerful’ right-wing forces had even made death threats to Kinston if she allowed these subjects to be discussed.

As we know, Kingston caved in. Discussion on the events of 9/11 became out of bounds for Webdiary as did most subjects that in any way could be construed as being anti-Israel or anti-Zionist.

Now Webdiary has become a blog for Elliot Ramsey’s sleazy cynicism, rants and tirades. All discussion now revolves around what Ramsey has to say and Ramsey, it seems, has an awful lot to say. By responding negatively to every issue, he dominates discussion forcing Webdiarists to respond in turn to his negativity rather than taking the debate forward. The quicker Webdiary gets rid of this fraudster the sooner many of the other serious contributors who have told me personally that they have been turned off by Ramsey’s presence at Webdiary will return for some serious debate on the important issues of our era.

Friday, February 01, 2008


Michael Shermer of Skeptic Magazine, in trying to compare Holocaust deniers with those that question and criticise the official version of the events of 9/11, has exposed himself for what he really is; a rather arrogant and oafish right-wing propagandist for the ‘al Qaeda did it’ brigade who are attempting to perpetuate the myth that the World Trade Centre towers, including WTC7, were brought down solely as a result of aircraft crashing into them.

Maintaining the story that the towers were brought down solely by aircraft crashing into them is essential for the ‘al Qaeda did it’ brigade, which includes the US government and their most rabid supporters, the neoconservatives and the Israeli Lobby. To allow any evidence that supports the notion that anything other than hijacked aircraft brought down the towers be accepted into the mainstream of the public psyche would be absolutely catastrophic for both the US government and western governments around the world which have relied on the ‘al Qaeda did it’ scenario to justify the Global War On Terrorism and its subsequent invasion and destruction of Afghanistan and Iraq. For this reason alone the US government, and the mainstream media that supports it, have pulled out all the stops to prevent any other evidence that could prove that the events of 9/11 did not happen as the government has said it happened from becoming accepted by the great masses of ordinary people throughout the Western world.

Michael Shermer, it would seem, has become part of that effort. However, in attempting to place ‘911 Truthers’ within the same frame as those that deny the Holocaust, Shermer immediately denies himself any credibility as a bona fide sceptic and he can now be safely cast into the ever-growing numbers of exposed right-wing propagandists and fraudsters who are trying desperately to conceal from the peoples of the world the real history of the events of 9/11.

The vast majority of those that do not want to hear or refuse to accept the reasonableness of alternative arguments about the events of 9/1, despite the overwhelming evidence that is mounting that debunks entirely the governments version of events, do so simply because the very idea that their government has lied to them so enormously and horrifically and with such tragic loss of their own peoples lives would be totally and utterly unpalatable to them and would destroy any little faith that they had left in a system that they had been brought up to believe was incorruptible. The realisation that they had actually become a part of it by believing and accepting it without question would destroy any sense of righteousness they believed they had.

Only time will remove this sense of the truth being unacceptable. It is only unacceptable because the fear of the truth being exposed in such a way will tear away from them everything else that they held to be genuinely true.

To be a genuine sceptic is healthy but Michael Shermer proves himself to be only a propagandist who wants to deny the people the right to question lies and distortions of the truth.