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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Australian Liberal MP Kevin Andrews, an ex-immigration minister in John Howard’s government famed for his role in the notorious Dr. Haneef Affair in which Andrews insisted that Haneef, an Asian Muslim, be kicked out of Australia despite being found to have played no part whatsoever in any ‘terrorist plot’ that a relative was involved in, is now, again, demonising by inference Muslims that are in this country. Andrews is now calling for a debate on what he calls ‘Muslim enclaves’ in Australia.

Andrews call for the debate comes at a time when the debate about immigration and boatpeople is raging over the plight of a boatload of Sri Lankan refugees, all Tamil, who were recently rescued by an Australian ship when their own vessel was in imminent danger of sinking while on their way to seek asylum in Australia.

Andrews was speaking with Alan Jones, the ultra right-wing Sydney radio broadcaster and well known fellow Australian Islamophobe and racist agitator. Andrews told Jones that to “have a concentration of one ethnic or one particular group that remains in an enclave for a long period of time is not good”.

Andrews views are, of course, supported by other ‘journalists’ and ‘commentators’ in Murdoch’s Australian media stable. Greg Sheridan, Foreign Editor for ‘The Australian’ newspaper, unashamedly demonises the current crop of asylum seekers as being ‘illegal immigrants’ ignoring altogether the fact that are not immigrants since they are not actually in Australia yet, and that there is absolutely nothing illegal about seeking asylum in Australia.

Naturally, Murdoch’s other propagandists working at some of Murdoch’s metro newspapers are also mounting a determined attack against these asylum seekers and Muslim immigration generally. Three of Murdoch’s most outrageous racist bloggers, Piers Akerman, Tim Blair and Andrew Bolt, have for days since the so-called ‘crisis’ began, all used their newspaper’s online hate sites to foment anti-Islam and anti-Asian racism.

Akerman in Sydney uses the propaganda of fear in his rhetoric endorsing the notion “that possible terrorists could slip into the nation among the asylum seekers the RAN is busily ferrying to our shores”. Akerman then leaves it the usual mob of bloggie followers that comment at all three blogs.

Tim Blair, also in Sydney, who’s not over-keen on actually writing too much himself preferring instead to cut and paste suitably cherry-picked quotes from other peoples work to make his point (that way, if it proves to be wrong, he can always blame someone else) works in a similar way to Akerman letting his coterie of predictable bloggies actually say what he might otherwise be sued for saying.

Andrew Bolt, Murdoch’s Melbourne propagandist, follows the predetermined demonising game plan but attacking Rudd from a slightly different angle saying: “Kevin Rudd’s dilemma is this: he must order the Sri Lankans to be forcibly evicted off the ship and into Indonesian jails, thereby looking the utter bastard and hypocrite. Or he must relent and bring the asylum seekers to Christmas Island, signally to people smugglers everywhere that all they need do now to get here is to do as these boat people did - send out a distress signal when near some Australian ship, after first disabling their own boat.” Bolt’s bloggies respond predictably.

For the sake of the those asylum seekers now in distress as a result of being used as the racists political football, and for the sake of others that wish to seek asylum in Australia, I hope that Rudd does the right thing for our fellow humans and gives them the refuge they seek here in Australia without any further delay and that we as Australians put an end once and for all this nonsense of abusing people who are different from us.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


It’s becoming increasingly apparent to the entire world now that, no matter what Iran does with regard to its nuclear program, it will never be enough for Israel and Israel will continue to pursue its witch-hunt against Iran until the regime in Iran has been changed and it will use Iran’s so-called ‘nuclear weapons program’ as the excuse they need to eventually instigate a final confrontation that they hope will lead to that regime change.

Regardless of the current negotiations and their outcome, Israel will continue to assert that Iran is maintaining a secret nuclear weapons program. Amos Harel in his latest opinion piece in Ha’aretz, says that Iran will likely demand more conditions and delays all designed, he infers, to cover Iran’s ‘race for the bomb’. Harel also insists that Israeli intelligence ‘on the Iranian program is largely reliable and accurate’ yet they are unable to produce any evidence of that intelligence to the world or even the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Since it is the IAEA that are the major players in the negotiations and who have oversight of Iran’s nuclear activities, one would have thought that the best outcome for Israel would be for it to release to the IAEA, and to the world, this so-called ‘intelligence’ they say they have and convince the rest of the world once and for all that Iran does, indeed, have a nuclear weapons program.

Of course, there is a problem for Israel if they were to do this. First, if Iran really did have a nuclear weapons program and Israel really did have hard evidence of it and then declared it for the entire world to see, while it would be very embarrassing for Iran, it wouldn’t bring down the regime. Israel would have played its hand but still be stuck with an Iranian regime that continued to support Hezbollah and Hamas.

If Israel were serious about their fears of a nuclear armed Iran and had evidence of an Iranian nuclear weapons program then Israel would have gone to the IAEA and the UN with their evidence long ago, yet, they haven’t. There can be only two reasons why they haven’t; one, they don’t have any evidence any more than the IAEA or the US have, or two, if they show their hand, they lose.

So, what’s it really all about?

The reality is this: Iran, as it keeps telling the world, has no nuclear weapons program and is intent only on generating electrical energy. Israel insists that Iran does have a nuclear weapons program – despite the total lack of evidence – because it wants to use it as an excuse to attack Iran, together with the US, in order to bring about regime change so that Israel can then deal once and for all with Hezbollah in Lebanon which they then hope will result in access to the much needed waters of the Litani River. They can also then deal with Hamas in the Gaza Strip after which they can then do as they please with the Palestinians in the Strip without fear of resistance.

Israel will not show their hand because they have no hand to show. Israel’s game is all bluff designed to get the world to support an attack on Iran that will lead to regime change.

We’ve been down this road before.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


With the announcement yesterday that Iran may agree to have its uranium processed elsewhere, Israel has lost one of the main ‘grievances’ that it had that could have been manipulated to create a casus belli to attack Iran. This will now force Israel to create some other casus belli to justify such an attack.

Israel has been relying on the propaganda of Iran’s so-called ‘nuclear weapons program’ to build up world-wide public opinion that ultimately would support, or at least limit any public outcry, when Israel and the US launched a full-on attack against Iran designed to bring about regime change.

Iran has played it to a tee. For years Iran insisted that it does not have any nuclear weapons program but has insisted with equal vigour that it will not give up the right that it has by virtue of Article VII of the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) to enrich its own nuclear fuel to the levels required to produce electrical energy. Iran has over these years insisted on the right of controlling the full nuclear cycle for itself. This insistence has provided Israel with all the ammunition it needs to accuse Iran of wanting to enrich its own uranium in order that it can then enrich it to the levels needed to build a nuclear weapon.

However, over the years, Israel’s accusations became increasingly nothing more than political rhetoric as successive reports from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and US National Intelligence Estimates (NIE) found no evidence whatsoever to support the claims of Israel and their Western backers. Nonetheless, despite the total lack of evidence, Israel and their Western supporters, particularly the US neoconservatives, remained highly vocal and insistent about Iran’s ‘nuclear weapons program’ in the hope that the world would eventually believe them – even in the absence of any evidence – and support a strike against Iran.

All of their efforts have now come to nothing. The Israelis and the neoconservatives will, of course, continue the propaganda that Iran is still secretly processing uranium despite the new arrangements, but they know that this alone will not be enough to convince the world that it would justify an attack against Iran. The ploy is now unlikely to work though that won’t stop them trying.

Some other ploy will now be necessary to create the casus belli the Israelis and the neocons need to affect the regime change in Iran that is required to allow the Israelis to defeat Hezbollah and Hamas. This means that there will be a return to provocation in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and heightened tensions over Lebanon in order to create, yet again, the conditions required to launch another war against the Palestinians and Arabs that might draw in Iran thus creating a strong enough casus belli to launch a regime changing attack against Iran based on their support for Hezbollah and Hamas.

Once again, the ball is now well and truly in Israel’s court.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


One has to ask why it is that the US, on one hand, insists that Israel and Palestine find peace as two separate sovereign states existing side by side, yet, on the other hand, spend billions upon billions of American taxpayer’s dollars on arming only Israel to the teeth with strike aircraft and helicopters together with highly sophisticated ordnance in order for Israel to prosecute war and commit warcrimes against the impoverished, deprived and desperate Palestinian people of the Gaza and West Bank and others in Lebanon.

The US and Israel say it’s for ‘self-defence’ yet the only time the world has ever seen Israel’s military might in use is when it’s being used to attack Palestinian and Arab civilians and against Palestinian and Arab resistance fighters defending their homes and land from attack and deprivations by the Israelis. For decades successive US presidents have been ‘brokering’ peace in endless talks between the two parties and for decades successive presidents have been feeding Israel with the means to continue their persecution and wholesale slaughter of Palestinians and the insidious takeover of their lands.

President George W. Bush’s support of Israel’s war against the Lebanese people in 2006 in which Israeli forces mercilessly killed over a thousand civilians and destroyed the homes of many thousands more, and then supporting again their indiscriminate onslaught against an all but defenceless Gazan people in the 2008/2009 Gazan Carnage, is utterly iniquitous in the eyes of the world. Even the UN has seen fit to call these attacks against the Gazans as warcrimes, yet today President Obama has not done one thing to insist that the Israelis remove their deadly grip on the Gaza Strip and has moved to protect the Israelis from prosecution for their crimes.

And now Obama is preparing massive joint ‘defence’ exercises with the Israelis designed to intimidate Israel’s enemies, Hezbollah, Hamas and, of course, Israel’s arch enemy, Iran.

In the face of all this, why on earth would the Palestinian people have any faith whatsoever in anything the Americans offer? All the Americans have ever given the Palestinians are endless talks of ‘peace’ while, at the same time, sending them thousands of tonnes of ordnance delivered to them via the Israelis in aircraft supplied to them by the Americans.

Today, under Obama, things are no different. While the Israelis and Americans moan about Hezbollah stockpiling rockets and the Gazans building homemade rockets and smuggling in light arms and complaining that Hamas and Hezbollah are being supported by Iran, the Israelis are busy arming themselves to the teeth with some of the world’s most sophisticated armaments and weapons supplied by the US preparing themselves for the next onslaught against the Palestinian and Arab peoples.

President Bush, Condoleeza Rice and all others in the administration that were responsible for allowing the Israelis to protract their wars against the peoples of Lebanon in 2006 and the Gaza in 2008/2009, share the responsibility of the war crimes that the Israeli committed. And, if the Israelis commit more crimes in the future, Obama will be just as complicit in those crimes for having supplied Israel with the means to commit them.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Just a quick one today.

Both the ‘Jerusalem Post’ and ‘Ha’aretz’ have published video of some Lebanese folk loading a truck. The reports state that they are Hezbollah loading a truck with weapons but, of course, there is no actual evidence that they are either Hezbollah or that they are loading weapon; we’re just told to believe.

Whether it’s Hezbollah loading weapons or not is neither here nor there; it could just as well be ordinary folk loading a truck with carpets or gas cylinders or whatever. The hypocrisy is this: Israel claims that Hezbollah are in violation of resolution 1701 if – and we only have their word for it – it is, indeed, Hezbollah loading the truck with weapons. The problem, however, is that the only way Israel could have got video of Hezbollah violating 1701 is if they violate 1701 themselves by flying Israeli aircraft (manned or unmanned) without permission into Lebanese airspace.

Considering Israel has unsuccessfully invaded and occupied Lebanon several times over the years in order to get at the waters of the Litani River, and, in the process, have killed thousands of Lebanese and Palestinian people, Hezbollah would be silly not to arm themselves to the teeth to defend against Israeli aggression.

Ordinary Israeli people and Jews throughout the Diaspora must reject Zionism before it destroys both the Israeli and Arab peoples.

Visit Murdoch’s Propagandists for the latest piece of deceit from Sydney’s leading liar and deceiver, Tim Blair.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


It’s fairly clear that the announcement that President Obama is to be the recipient of this year’s Nobel Prize for Peace has come as a surprise to everyone – including Obama. Questions regarding whether he deserves it or not will be discussed throughout both the blogosphere and the mainstream media for sometime, but what in my view is far more interesting is; what was the committee thinking when formulating their decision. Why did they choose Obama? Was there some noble ulterior motive behind the decision whereby, in awarding it to him, they imagined that a war against Iran, a war that could lead to a global catastrophe, be thwarted?

Did they think that, if he was awarded the prize, it would be difficult – if not impossible – for him to launch a pre-emptive attack against Iran? Did they think that it would be difficult – if not impossible – for Obama to send more troops to Afghanistan to ‘surge’ the war there and extend it even further into Pakistan?

Will this act of giving him the Nobel Prize for Peace give something for the world to stop and think about? Is not the world now thinking not just about ‘peace’ but ‘Peace’ and the man who has the power to wage war but is now obliged to bring ‘Peace’? Before the announcement, it would have been easy for Obama to have launched a pre-emptive attack against Iran. The world would not have liked it, but would have accepted it, once it had happened, as fait accompli. But now…

I wonder if this is not a very clever move by the committee that makes decisions about who gets the Nobel Prize for Peace.

Whether he deserves it or not remains debatable; but there is no denying the fact that the most powerful man on the planet with the power of life or death over millions at his fingertips has been given the most prestigious peace award on the planet to ensure that war can be averted and millions of lives saved.

Once again, the ball is in Netanyahu’s court.

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Friday, October 09, 2009


The claim by the US that its intelligence services have known of Iran’s plans to construct an underground enrichment plant at Qom for some three years is really stretching the bounds of credibility and, when examined in the light of the intense rhetoric about Iran’s so-called ‘nuclear weapons program’ that has emanated from both the US, Israel and the rest of their Western allies during that period, it simply does not relate to the corresponding historical chronology.

If, as the US claims, their intelligence services have known about it for some three years, then why was it not included in the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) released in October 2007, just two years ago?

Furthermore, the rhetoric about Iran’s so-called ‘nuclear weapons program’ coming out of Israel has been even more relentless than that coming from the US but we are expected to believe that some three years ago Israel too also knew of Iran’s plans to construct an underground enrichment plant yet did not mentioned it at all to anyone despite the fact that its discovery and exposure then could have bolstered their ‘argument’ that Iran’s nuclear plants should be immediately destroyed just as they are screaming for just that right now. Why leave it until now as against mentioning it when Bush was still President who would have been far more likely to support a strike against Iran then than Obama is now?

The reality is; Israel, the US and their allies actually knew nothing of the Iranian enrichment plant until the Iranians declared it, quite properly and within the bounds of their legal obligations, to the International Atomic Energy Agency. Clearly the declaration caught the Israelis, the US and their allies on the hop but decided to try and turn it to their advantage by saying they knew about it all along and that it goes to show just how crafty the Iranians are. However, the only people who have been shown up to be crafty are not the Iranians, but the Israelis, the US and West.

The ploy is utterly transparent and the peoples of the West should begin to demand that there will be no more wars for Israel. Iraq and Afghanistan should be a reminder to us all that we have been fooled before; let’s not be fooled again with this warmongering nonsense.


Winning the Nobel Prize for peace, of course, is likely to make it extremely difficult for President Obama to drop any of his new fifteen ton Grand Slam bombs on Iran.

The ball is now back in Israel's court.

Visit Murdoch’s Propagandists for the latest piece of deceit from Sydney’s leading liar and deceiver, Tim Blair.

Friday, October 02, 2009


Yesterday Iran outlined as a conciliatory gesture plans to export its Uranium for processing as fuel for Iran’s nuclear power generators. At the same time, Iran has conceded to demands that the IAEA be allowed to inspect Iran’s recently revealed nuclear processing plant.

If the talks are successful, the moves will take the wind from Israel’s propaganda sails about Iran being an ‘existential threat’ to Israel’s survival and the Zionists will need to find some other means of affecting regime change in Iran if Israel wants to separate Iranian influence from Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Hezbollah in south Lebanon, and Syria.

Just as the US provides support to Israel, so Iran provides support to Hamas and also to Hezbollah via Syria. Without Iranian support, resistance from Hamas and Hezbollah to Israeli aggression would soon crumble and Israel would soon be able to dictate terms in the Gaza with a view to reintroducing settlers and pushing out Palestinians, same in the West Bank, and in Lebanon terms over access to the Litani waters can be discussed with a much weakened Lebanese government.

Up to now, Iranian intransigence has provided the Israelis with the opportunity of manipulating the rhetoric about Iran’s so-called ‘nuclear weapons program’ to culminate in a casus belli to launch a pre-emptive strike against Iran that would also trigger a ‘preventative’ attack against Hamas and Hezbollah which, so the Israelis would argue, would be needed to thwart any retaliatory attacks against Israel by Hamas and Hezbollah in support and defence of Iran.

These latest moves by Iran have now effectively removed the ‘Iran has a nuclear weapons program’ casus belli and Israel will now need to find some other way to remove Iran from the equation of resistance to Israel’s plans to create a Greater Israel.

There are two alternatives for Israel. First, Israel would need to provoke Hezbollah and/or Hamas into attacking Israel which would then provide Israel with an excuse to launch a massive attack against on or the other of preferably, from their point of view, both, and then hope that Iran could somehow be drawn into the conflict by, say, being seen to supply sophisticated weaponry to Hezbollah, which, in turn would finally draw in the US in a direct attack on Iran. The other alternative is some kind of major false flag attack against the US and/or Israel with the finger of guilt being pointed at Iran.

The first option has already been tried twice before; first in 2006 when Israel attacked Hezbollah and the Lebanese people, and then again in 2008/2009 when Israel attacked Hamas and the Palestinian people of the Gaza. On both occasions Israel failed to provoke Iran into any action that would have provided Israel or the US with a casus belli to launch a major attack against Iran.

How Israel handles this latest development remains yet to be seen but one can rest assured that the Zionist of Israel will never give up its dream of a Greater Israel and it is Hamas and Hezbollah with the support of Iran that is all that stands in the way of the Zionist’s dreams.