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Thursday, November 27, 2008


Whoever is responsible for the attacks in Mumbai, one thing is for certain; they were an extremely well armed, well equipped and highly organised group which puts them well outside of the usual rag-tag ‘terrorist’ groups that one would generally associate with these seemingly random attacks against civilian targets. The sophistication and their apparent coolness together with their well coordinated and simultaneous attacks against specific targets has all the hallmarks of a professional covert operation planned and coordinated in real time by persons other than those actually involved in carrying out the attacks.

The clear intention, as Fox News is already trying to do, is to blame the attacks on Pakistani extremists associated with ‘al Qaeda’ and the Taliban for the purpose of directly associating elements of the Pakistan intelligence services with ‘terrorism’ thereby, in turn, implying that some unknown Pakistani government personnel are supporters of extremists. Since Pakistan is a nuclear armed nation one can easily see where this is going.

Hawkish elements and neocons within the Bush administration have for some time expressed fears about where Pakistan might be headed after the pro-US President Musharraf was tossed out of power and would be looking for any excuse to ensure that Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal was secure and out of reach of hostile elements of the Pakistan government. Linking these attacks to elements of the Pakistan government is just one more step intended to get world public opinion on side for an ‘intervention’ by the US and their allies into Pakistani affairs. Indeed, I was very recently told personally by a senior Australian Defence official that Pakistan was of extreme concern to the Australian government and that the Australian government regards Pakistan as a highly dangerous nation and potential enemy of the west in the ‘very near future’.

Whether or not these attacks are designed to actually trigger an ‘intervention’ by the US and their allies against Pakistan or is simply part of a build up to ensure public opinion is on side for an ‘intervention’ at a later date is, as yet, unclear. What is clear, however, is that these attacks were not carried out by al Qaeda or the Taliban; they were far too sophisticated for that.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


In an interview with a Japanese television station Bush said that ‘Saddam was an enemy of the United States and a lot of people thought he had weapons of mass destruction’. What Bush neglected to mention was that a lot of people thought Saddam had WMDs only because they were deliberately lied to by Bush personally and many officers of his administration personally who told the people that Saddam had WMDs knowing full well that they had been destroyed in 1991.

When Bush says ‘a lot of people thought he had weapons of mass destruction’, he doesn’t include himself amongst them. Bush, Cheney, Powell and others in the administration were very much aware of the true status of Saddam’s ‘WMDs’ because Saddam’s son-in-law, Hussein Kamel, who had defected in August 1995, had told them that while Saddam Hussein had had WMDs, he no longer had any because Kamel, who at the time was a General in the Iraqi Army and in charge of Iraq’s weapons and their procurement, had ordered them to be destroyed.

Bush and his cohorts all knew this. Bush, Cheney, Powell and Stephen Hadley, who at the time was Deputy National Security Advisor and number two to Condoleeza Rice, all personally alluded in various documented utterings directly to Kamel’s debriefing in which he said that Saddam had had WMDs but they had since been destroyed. Bush, Cheney, Powell and Hadley all spoke of Kamel’s defection and Kamel’s statements about Saddam having WMDs but all neglected to add that Kamel had also said they had been destroyed.

There is no way that Bush or any of his cohorts can plead ignorance in this matter. All of them deliberately lied to world and the UN and knew long before invading Iraq that Iraq had no WMDs and, therefore, was any threat at all to any nation, least of all the US, the UK or Australia.

As a direct result of these lies an entire nation has been physically all but destroyed, hundreds of thousands if not over a million people have lost their lives, millions more have been driven from their homes, thousands of American and allied youth have perished directly in the war while thousands more have since succumbed to their wounds and mental scars.

Even as Bush prepares to turn his back on the shattered lives of millions he just can’t help himself – he is compelled to perpetuate the lie in the face of overwhelming evidence. The world should drag this criminal and his cohorts to the international courts where he should answer for his crimes against humanity. Waging unprovoked war against a sovereign nation is a war crime. Bush should be made to answer the charge.

Monday, November 24, 2008


A report in the Jerusalem Post reveals that the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will meet Elliot Abrams, arch neocon, facilitator of covert operations and some of history's most underhand dealings, prior to his meeting with Bush.

Now that is a serious worry for the world!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Israel and the US are making the most out of the latest report from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), stretching the ‘Iran has a nuclear weapons program’ propaganda to its limits.

The latest report states that Iran has some 630kgs of ‘low–enriched’ uranium. The report itself does not suggest that there is anything sinister about this. Iran has made no secret of the fact that it wants to enrich uranium to level where it can be used to generate electrical power as it is entitled to do under international law.

The New York Times headline blared ‘Iran said to have nuclear fuel for one weapon’ to which the Jerusalem Post reacts with a headline that says: ‘Does this mean it’s too late?’

The fact is Iran does not at all have enough weapons grade nuclear fuel to make a weapon. The NYT article is deliberately misleading and the ‘experts’ consulted to support the assertion are making statements that border on deceit. The only aspect of the story that borders anywhere near the truth is the concession that the ‘nuclear fuel’ needs ‘additional steps’ to be taken before they can ‘put it into a warhead design’ but this detail is written in such a way as to be lost in the emphasis of the headline and the inference that suggests Iran has a weapons program and is about to build a bomb. The simple stark reality that is lost in the propaganda is that there is still absolutely no evidence whatsoever to suggest Iran has a nuclear weapons program or that it is enriching uranium beyond that which it requires for electrical power generation.

Israel and the US are milking the report for all its propaganda worth in the hope of deceiving people in order to get public opinion to support a pre-emptive attack on Iran.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


An Israeli Air Force armourer, a junior commissioned officer with the 119th Squadron, communicating through a third person in the US on conditions of anonymity for obvious reasons, has told how ‘some laser guided ordnance’ was removed from the 25th Air Wing munitions storage facility at Ramon airbase. The ordnance was returned ‘a few days later’ and loaded straight on to two F16L aircraft of 119th Squadron by five men wearing special protective clothing and who were not regular armourers of the 119th Squadron but who had travelled with the returning munitions. The source said that he would normally supervise or help supervise the loading of armaments on to 119th Squadron aircraft. The aircraft then took off and returned ‘several hours’ later with their munitions spent. The source apparently was told that the aircraft had been on a ‘special exercise training mission’. The source went on to say that rumours on the base at that time were that the aircraft had attacked ‘targets in Syria’ but other similar rumours in the media didn’t surface until the following day. All, of course, was neither confirmed not denied by the Israeli authorities. The source says that this happened on the day that the Syrian nuclear facility was bombed, 6 September 2007.

The source has said that he has since left regular service with the IAF but remains a reservist. He has only decided to ‘talk’ since news of the uranium traces found at the Syrian facility emerged recently. He would not confirm that it was the 119th Squadron that bombed or was involved in the bombing of the Syrian facility.

The authenticity of the source cannot be checked; however, the story does seem to fit in with the circumstances and would seem feasible given Israel’s history of false flag operations. The source is not saying that the bombs were dosed with nuclear material but simply that they were clearly irregularly tampered with in unusual circumstances and at a time when the Syrian facility was destroyed.

Readers can make of it what ever they like.


It has been pointed out to me that 119 Squadron of the IAF operate F-16I aircraft and not F-16L's. The mistake is mine as I misread the original email. My apologies for any confusion.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Successive US Presidents have all wanted peace talks. How about just wanting peace for a change instead of just talking about wanting to talk about it.

Enough already!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Back in August 2005 Dafna Linza writing in the ‘Washington Post’, reported that Iran would be ten years away from having a nuclear bomb. The report was based on the reckoning of the 2005 National Intelligence Estimate (NIE). Yet today Israeli Lt. Gen. Moshe Ya’alon reckons that Iran is less than two years way from having a nuclear weapon.

So, according to Ya’alon, Iran is ahead of schedule by some five years. This is confusing because the last NIE, released in November of 2007, stated that Iran had actually halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003. The same report also stated that if Iran were to resume their program at that point then they might have a weapon by 2010-2015.

German online magazine ‘Spiegel’ seems to think Iran could have a weapon by the end of this year while Ha’aretz reports that ex-Iraq Survey Group member David Key thinks it’ll be 2 to 5 years before Iran has a bomb. However, back in May of this year, the ‘Jerusalem Post’ reported an Israeli ‘senior defence official’ as saying that “Iran could have a nuclear weapon by the middle of next year”, 2009.

Jerome Corsi, writing in World net daily, told his readers that “Iran will have enough highly enriched uranium to make one or more simple gun-type atomic bombs by the end of this year”. That was in April 2006.

I could go on and on linking to stories that all make some claim about how far away Iran is from building a nuclear bomb. Neocons for years in their various magazines have been scaremongering about an imminent Iranian nuclear weapon ever since the US-sponsored Shah got the boot out of Iran way back in October 1979. The neocons were saying then that Iran was only a few years away from having a bomb.

The one thing all these articles have in common is a total lack of any evidence whatsoever that Iran even has a nuclear plant up and going yet, let alone a nuclear weapons program. Despite nearly thirty years of propaganda and rhetoric about Iran’s nuclear weapon program there has been not one tiny piece of evidence that even remotely suggests that Iran has a nuclear weapons program.

Now, if you were to ask me about Israel on the other hand…

Iran is not an existential threat to Israel; however, Israel, the only country in the Middle East that does have nuclear weapons, is an existential threat to Iran. It’s something that should be kept in mind next time one reads that Iran will have a bomb any day soon now. The reality is Israel has several hundred of them right now.

Monday, November 17, 2008


It’s become fairly obvious to most observers that the Israeli ploy as far as the Gaza is concerned has been to pressure and provoke the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to the point that their fighters react to the Israeli aerial and ground attacks and the ghettoising of the Strip. This will then provide an excuse for the Israelis to invade with the aim of ostensibly destroying Hamas, who the Israelis see as a ‘terrorist’ organisation, and ultimately driving all Palestinians from the Gaza on the basis that any Palestinians there will always be a security threat to Israel.

The Israeli propaganda and rhetoric places the blame for the suffering of the Gazan people on Hamas claiming that Israeli actions against the Gazan people is as a result of Hamas attacking Israel. The reality, however, is that Hamas is attacking Israel in an effort to stop Israel from attacking the Gaza in the first place and to get the Israelis to lift their blockade of the Gaza.

But the endgame for the Israelis is not just the ethnic cleansing of the Gaza; indeed, the invasion of the Gaza will only be a prelude to what Israelis see as the final confrontation with their arch-enemy, Iran. The Israeli hope is to coordinate their invasion of the Gaza Strip with an attack on Hezbollah which will be provoked by some action, real, or far more likely, imaginary or false flagged, that Hezbollah undertake against Israel. All-out war between Israel and Hamas and Hezbollah, so the Israelis hope, will then draw in Syria, then US, and then, hopefully, Iran who will be accused of supplying and arming Hezbollah in Lebanon.

As each stage of their march toward their final confrontation with Iran progresses the Israelis will, as always, present themselves as the victims; a role which has now become transparently obvious to the entire world. But, despite the transparency, Western governments will, as usual, acquiesce to Israeli demands that the rest of the world rush to protect Israel’s interest.

For years Israel has been playing a waiting game; a game whereby they simply bide their time waiting for all of the right circumstances to align in their favour and at that moment they will then strike. The George W. Bush administration with its massive neoconservative sub structure has provided the best opportunities yet for the Israelis to get their way in the Middle East but as yet the administration has failed to provide the Israelis the ultimate prize – the destruction of Iran as a competitive Middle East power that has so far prevented Israel from being able to vanquish their foes, Hamas, Hezbollah and Syria who are supported by Iran. There have been a few false starts, with the Second Lebanon War having been one of them, but time is now running out.

Despite now being a lame-duck president, Bush, one should be reminded, is still the Commander in Chief of US armed forces and he still has powers to wage war against anyone he sees as an enemy. Bush regards Iran as an enemy and Israel are keen to finalise their endgame with a final confrontation with Iran. The Gaza ploy may well be the springboard that Israel is looking for in order to realise that final confrontation.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


The ultra right-wing neoconservative Israeli Zionist, Daniel Pipes, famously wrote in 2005 an article which has become the standard cry of Zionist propagandists who attempt to argue that being anti-Islam is not being racist. His article, entitled ‘Anti-Muslim Racism?’, appeared in the 22 November 2005 edition of the ‘New York Sun’. Pipes simplistically argues that being anti-Muslim or anti-Islam is not racist because Islam is a religion and not a race.

For Pipes the notion of ‘racism’ is limited to the blood and biological differences of defined races of mankind and the negative interactions that can result from the perceptions of superiority that one group may develop over another. He rejects entirely the notion that racism may extend beyond blood and biology into what has become referred to as the ‘New Racism’ which is the racism of culture and religion.

Other extreme right-wing Zionists and their supporters argue that being anti-Zionist is racism. Indeed, one extremist Zionist activist, Judea Pearl, argues in an article titled ‘Anti-Zionism is Racism’ that to be ‘anti-Zionist’ is an “even worse form of racism than anti-Semitism”.

Inasmuch that Zionism is not a race by Pipes definition then Pearls argument is invalidated by Pipes’. Pearl’s argument is also invalidated even when one accepts the ‘New Racism’ of ‘religion and culture’ since Zionism, as well as not being a race, is hardly a religion and is actually a political construct rather than a cultural entity. Zionism, therefore, doesn’t fit within any definition of ‘racism’. It’s as much a political ideology as Nazism, Stalinism or any other political ‘ism’ and to claim that ‘anti-Zionism is racism’ while not accepting the concept of the ‘New Racism’ is pure deceit.

Pipes argument also falls by the wayside from the point of view that only a very small percentage of the worlds Jewry are actually racially Jewish. There have, of course, been for millennium varying degrees of anti-Semitism aimed specifically but often inappropriately at racial Jews; a racism that culminated in the Nazis attempted destruction of European Jewry. Zionists all over the world have ever since successfully managed to claim that the resulting Holocaust was an exclusively anti-Semitic event, a claim that disregards the hundreds of thousands of non-Jews that were also murdered in the Holocaust and the millions of Slavic, Polish and Russian peoples that perished during that horrific period, not to mention the fate Hitler had planned for the teeming millions of other Russians and Central Asians that also would have perished had Hitler prevailed entirely over the Soviet Union.

The reality is that most of the world now accepts that the racism of religion and culture is as much an evil as the racism of blood and biology. For the Zionists of this world, together with their supporters and propagandists, the rhetoric of ‘anti-Zionism is Racism’ and ‘anti-Islam is not’ is increasingly becoming seen as a label that displays an ignorance and arrogance that exposes the Zionist extremists and their supporters to be the real racists of the twenty-first century.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Further to my article of the 11 November 2008 when I hypothesised that the traces of enriched uranium reported on by the International Atomic Energy Agency at the so-called nuclear site that was bombed in Syria in September 2007 may have been mischievously placed there by the Israelis via the bombs they used, it seems that the Syrians are now thinking on the same lines.

Clearly, the Israeli raid on the Syrian ‘nuclear plant’, what with all its secrecy and lack of both denials and confirmation, has been some sort of well planned propaganda exercise designed to specifically accuse Syria of developing nuclear weapons with the aim of attempting to manipulate world public opinion against Syria so that future confrontations between Israel and their Arab neighbours will have the West already ‘on side’ if and when Israel provokes the final confrontation which it hopes ultimately will be the destruction of the Iranian government.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The Western world should be quite clear about this; Benjamin Netanyahu will never ever allow a Palestinian state to exist in the West Bank, Gaza Strip or any where else that the Israeli right-wing Zionists considers to be part of an eventual Greater Israel.

The West should not be fooled by Netanyahu’s recent remarks about wanting to ‘seek an alternative to current peace talks’ if he becomes Prime Minister of Israel at their elections next February. Netanyahu is seeking only to play for time. He has absolutely no interest whatsoever in making peace with the Palestinian people and even less interest in allowing the Palestinians to have any kind of sovereign state of their own.

The question of the right of return of the refugees is a Palestinian demand that is not negotiable with any Israeli leader. The question of East Jerusalem is also not negotiable as far as the Palestinians are concerned. There is, therefore, only deadlock since Netanyahu is equally steadfast in his refusal to even consider the right of return of the refugees and handing over any part of Jerusalem to the Palestinians.

Instead, the Likud Party leader who could well be Israel’s next PM prefers to talk about subduing Palestinian fervour for a Palestinian state by offering what he calls ‘economic growth’. Nowhere in Netanyahu’s rhetoric is their any talk of Palestinian nationhood. Netanyahu wants to buy peace and security for Israel rather than allow the Palestinian people a sovereign peaceful independent state of their own. And even less likely under a Netanyahu regime in Israel will there any consideration given to a binational single state which Jews and Arabs can share as equals despite the fact that ultimately the one-state solution can be the only solution.

Netanyahu has an agenda that serves only the Zionist cause. He, together with his neoconservative supporters both within the Republican and Democrat ranks of US politics, seek only a final confrontation with their enemies Hezbollah, Fatah, Hamas, Syria and Iran in order to create their long-held dream of a Greater Israel at the expense of the Palestinian, south Lebanese and Syrian peoples.

The future President of the United States must not be conned by Netanyahu’s web of deceit and lies designed to detract the incoming President into giving away the last and no matter how remote opportunity to at least continue to talk of peace and Palestinian statehood. Once Obama accedes to Netanyahu’s ploy designed to stop any further talks of peace and statehood there will be little or no chance of ever turning back.

It is essential that concerned people write straightaway to President-elect Obama’s website demanding that, no matter what Netanyahu says, the talks on peace and nationhood for Palestinians not under any circumstances be halted.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The Israeli government is considering sending IDF terrorist forces in to the Gaza to forcibly remove Gazan villagers from villages where rockets have been launched against Israel and then entirely destroy the village with heavy artillery fire. The proposal was made jointly by Israeli Injustice Minister Daniel Friedmann and the prime minister's deputy Haim Ramon.

Already as a result of the rocket launchings against Israel, the vast majority of which seem to be ineffective, Israel Minister for Terrorism, Ehud Barak, has had the border crossings into the Gaza closed which has stopped essential fuel to flow in to the Gaza leading to major blackouts including power supplies for essential medical equipment at Gazan hospitals.
Recently, Barak had the temerity to announce that right-wing Israeli extremists are ‘cancerous growths’. A bit much coming from a man who has been staunchly right-wing himself all his life and never had any qualms about involving himself in terrorist activities including dressing himself up as a woman in order to commit murder in a foreign country. Despite the Israeli Labor Party, which Barak heads, being considered ‘left of centre’, one should make no mistake about its political position regarding Palestine and the Palestinian people; it is as much a right-wing Zionist party as any other in Israel. The Israeli Labor Party is only ‘left of centre’ relative to other Israeli political parties, most of which are ultra extreme right-wing.


The ‘Jerusalem Post’ is reporting that traces of enriched uranium has been found by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) at the site Israelis bombed in Syria back in September 2007.

The problem with this story is that by claiming traces of enriched uranium have been found at the site infers that the site wasn’t new and that the Syrians, far from just beginning to build a clandestine nuclear facility, were actually well advanced having either enriched uranium themselves, (though the report does not reveal to what extent the uranium discovered had been enriched or if the Syrians had enriched it), or being in a position where enriched uranium could be accepted into the facility for some purpose. Either way, the presence of enriched uranium can only suggest the Syrians were well advanced in some nuclear project or another and, if that was the case, it is very difficult to believe that the Israelis and the US did not know about it, and do something about it, much earlier.

The Israelis have been very cagey about the whole episode from the beginning neither confirming nor denying that they had even bombed the facility. Now, it seems, we may have a reason for why they have been so cagey.

The reality is that, if Israel had admitted that it was responsible for the raid, Israel would then open itself up to claims by the Syrians themselves to the very assertion that I am making now that Israel could have used traces of enriched uranium (which the world knows the Israelis do have) on the weapons they used to bomb the facility so that they may be found sometime later by the IAEA to confirm the rumours started by Israel and the US that it was indeed a nuclear facility, in turn sparking a ‘see, we told you so’ moment and a propaganda victory for Israel and the US.

It’s now clear that the destruction of the facility was not the essential outcome of the raid but, rather, the raid provided an opportunity to ‘plant’ enriched uranium at the site in order to further demonise Syria and to put Western public opinion on side for any future action Israel may take against Syria or, more likely, its allies, Hezbollah in Lebanon.
The window of opportunity for Israel to kick start the Final Confrontation with Iran via another war with Hezbollah and Hamas is still open. Bush is still President, he is still Commander in Chief and still has the powers Congress gave him to wage war without prior Congressional approval.

13 November 2008

It now seems that Syria too thinks that Israel may have dosed their bombs with enriched uranium which they then used to bomb the ‘nuclear plant’ in Syria back in September 2007.

Sunday, November 09, 2008


The UK ‘Daily Telegraph’ reports that a paper written by the UK Ministry of Defence, MI5 and Special Branch shows that there are some 200 terrorists networks in the UK and that they are ‘planning mass casualty strikes in Britain’. Fearmongering reports like this have been emanating from the UK (and the US) ever since 9/11. Rarely, however, do any of the ‘threats’ become realised and they are either simply forgotten or used as further propaganda by the authorities who then go on to claim that that particular threat has been thwarted because of the anti-terrorism laws that are in place which, in turn, justifies the laws that have been used to clamp down on Muslim dissidents who the authorities claim are ‘al Qaeda’ terrorists.

Such fearmongering from the British security services serves two purposes but the primary purpose is not so much as to warn the British people of an imminent ‘terrorist’ attack but to promote racial intolerance among the British people. The kind of racism they wish promote these days is not so much the racism of blood and colour; Britain has a long history of that kind of racism already, but the new racism of culture and religion that now pervades throughout the UK since 9/11 and particularly since 7/7.

The ‘al Qaeda’ label is used by the British authorities as part of the Western allies continued global propaganda effort to perpetuate the myth of an international terrorist organisation led by the long-dead Osama bin Laden so that the so-called ‘Global War on Terror’ can continue unabated.

For the British establishment, the ‘al Qaeda in Britain’ propaganda myth serves two purposes: First, it caters for the need to keep the British people in a state of perpetual fear so that the expense of a ‘Global War on Terrorism’ can be justified and, secondly, it serves the interests of Britains traditional right-wing racists who continue to fear that their so-called traditional way of life will be tainted, not just by the influx of peoples with different ‘blood and colour’ as had occurred decades earlier, but also by peoples who have a different ‘culture and religion’. Furthermore, in order to meet their needs, the traditional racist white Britons that form the old British establishment use the old colonial divide and rule technique of employing one segment of a population, in this case those that are of a different ‘blood and colour’ and who have now been in the UK for some time, to help support their other agenda of demonising those that have a different culture and religion. The old racism of ‘blood and colour’ is not one that the average British white racist can now do anything about. But the new racism of culture and religion, to them, is now seen as even more of a threat to their ‘way of life’ to the point where the propaganda of fear and hatred serves to cover their paranoid racist fears.

Friday, November 07, 2008


The trouncing the right-wing of America has received as a result of the Obama win has upset the extreme right-wing bloggers of Australia and their overseas supporters, particularly that tiny band of loonies that gather to roost at Tim Blair’s blog. Blair’s blog at Australia’s version of Murdoch’s UK ‘Sun’ newspaper, the ‘Sydney Daily Telegraph’, where the crudest of tabloid journalism meets with the requirements of Australia’s right-wing racists and warmongers, is the home of the most extreme of Australia’s lunatic right-wing fringe.

In his latest post Blair quotes this from another Murdoch source:

‘Mr Rudd said it was a matter for the Liberal Party to explain former Prime Minister John Howard’s comment last year that terrorists would be hoping for an Obama win in the presidential election.
“It is a matter for the Liberals to explain to the Australian people and to make proper account to the Australian people,” he said.’

Blair then says: “What a very odd thing for Rudd to say. Wasn’t he the fellow who vowed after his own election win to “put aside the old battles of the past”? Now he’s pursuing a retired politician over remarks made more than 12 months ago – in a bid to swing attention away from small man sniping at the current President.”

Retired politician?! This is Blair’s fantasy. It is his way of avoiding the ‘twoof’ that he detests so much. To say that Howard ‘retired’ is a blatant lie, the sort of lie that one comes to expect from Blair and his bloggies. The reality is; both John Howard and his government were resoundingly booted out of office. And now it is the American neocon’s turn to get the shove as well. Naturally, I wrote to Blair to remind him of this but, of course, the ‘twoof’ is not something that the deceitful liar and manipulator Blair would want to publish on his blog. Other comments that also alluded to this were also either censored entirely or heavily edited by Blairs gormlessly inane assistant, Tran, who’s looking after shop while Blair’s in the US to witness the demise of his heroes.

Blair’s bloggies are now trying to console themselves by telling each other that they can have a good laugh at the so-called ‘left wing governments’ efforts to put right all the wrongs that the likes of Howard and Bush have created in this world. One of them, a MarkL of Canberra, froths and foams at the mouth for a full 1500 word rant about the left in an effort to revitalise the shattered morale of the extreme right-wing. All MarkL actually achieves is demonstrating how utterly flawed the policies of the last eight years have been and how disastrous they’ve been for the world generally.

Blair is only successful with his blog at the Sydney Daily Telegraph because, one, Murdoch employs him (without Murdoch he his nothing), and, two, he has his tiny but vocal coterie of mindless supporters to justify his existence.

I doubt they’ll actually get over their loss. Thankfully, the rest of the world will.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Israel has for some time claimed that Iran is an ‘existential threat’ to Israel. The reality, however, is that Israel is actually an existential threat to Iran – and in being so, is also a threat to world peace.

Israel’s claim of Iran being an existential threat stems from the deliberately misinterpreted words of Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who on 26 October 2005 gave a speech to a conference in Tehran in which he said that the Zionist Israeli government should be wiped from the ‘pages of time’. The right-wing Zionist-supporting neoconservative-controlled organisation known as the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) who were responsible for the deliberate misinterpretation spun Ahmadinejad’s words to read ‘wipe Israel off the map’. MEMRI were successfully able to push their interpretation to the western media who then picked it up and ran with it throughout most of the mainstream media. Since then the quote, or rather misquote, has been at the core of the US and Israel’s propaganda against Iran. The US and Israel have been able to utilise the misquote together with Iran’s quest to produce nuclear energy for electricity generation in a relentless propaganda bid to demonise Iran by claiming that Iran has a secret nuclear weapons program that will enable Iran to build a bomb with which to carry out what Israel claims is Iran’s threat to physically destroy Israel.

All this propaganda of course, is just that; propaganda. Israel and their neoconservative allies in the US have been harping on about Iran’s so-called nuclear weapons ambitions for years, long before Ahmadinejad came on the scene. When one objectively examines the geo-political reality, however, a completely opposite picture to the one the Israelis and the US paint emerges. Rather than Iran being an existential threat to Israel, it is Israel that is the existential threat to Iran.

Iran, even Israel and the US concede, doesn’t actually have any nuclear weapons. At this moment of time it doesn’t even have a nuclear power plant let alone weapons. Israel and the US do. Indeed, Israel is so heavily nuclear armed that its arsenal alone could completely and utterly destroy all of Iran – and most of the Middle East with it. Furthermore, despite the propaganda, there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever of Iran having any nuclear weapons program. Not a skerrick. Yet time and time again the US and Israel claim the Iranians are edging closer and closer to having a bomb. But not once have either country produced any evidence to back up their claims.

Even in the highly unlikely event of Iran ever having a bomb, the likelihood of them using it to attack Israel is zero since they know that retaliation from both Israel and the US would be instantaneous. The same, unfortunately, cannot be said of the likelihood of Israel using their nuclear weapons against Iran. Some reports have already talked of Israeli plans to use nuclear weapons against Iran and the US has already given the green light for Israel to attack Iran if Israel sees so fit to do.

So what are the Israelis and the US really after with regards to Iran? The answer is the same as it was with Iraq and for the same reasons – regime change in order to cut off support for the Palestinians and the Lebanese of south Lebanon, or, to be more precise, Hamas in the Gaza and the West Bank and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Only these two organisations, and to a lesser extent, Fatah, stand in the way of Israel’s dreams of a Greater Israel that includes the Gaza, the West Bank and southern Lebanon up to the Litani river. Iranian support of Syria is also very much a feature of Israel’s push against Iran.

In all likelihood, by next week Barack Obama will be the President-elect of the United States. However, until he actually becomes President on 20 January 2009, George W. Bush will remain the Commander-in-Chief of Americas armed forces and President of the US still with his wartime powers. With total disregard to the results of the elections, Bush still wields ultimate power. And even with a successful transference of Presidency on the 20 January next year, the world still cannot relax on the likelihood of an inferno engulfing the Middle East. Israel goes to the polls the following month and if Netanyahu wins government, the existential threat toward Iran from Israel will still remain.
The world should not have any illusions about a change of government in the US lessening the threat of attack against Iran and the subsequent turmoil such an attack will have on the Middle East. While the Zionists of Israel and their supporters in the US still maintain their dreams of a Greater Israel, the existential threat to Iran will remain.