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Sunday, November 09, 2008


The UK ‘Daily Telegraph’ reports that a paper written by the UK Ministry of Defence, MI5 and Special Branch shows that there are some 200 terrorists networks in the UK and that they are ‘planning mass casualty strikes in Britain’. Fearmongering reports like this have been emanating from the UK (and the US) ever since 9/11. Rarely, however, do any of the ‘threats’ become realised and they are either simply forgotten or used as further propaganda by the authorities who then go on to claim that that particular threat has been thwarted because of the anti-terrorism laws that are in place which, in turn, justifies the laws that have been used to clamp down on Muslim dissidents who the authorities claim are ‘al Qaeda’ terrorists.

Such fearmongering from the British security services serves two purposes but the primary purpose is not so much as to warn the British people of an imminent ‘terrorist’ attack but to promote racial intolerance among the British people. The kind of racism they wish promote these days is not so much the racism of blood and colour; Britain has a long history of that kind of racism already, but the new racism of culture and religion that now pervades throughout the UK since 9/11 and particularly since 7/7.

The ‘al Qaeda’ label is used by the British authorities as part of the Western allies continued global propaganda effort to perpetuate the myth of an international terrorist organisation led by the long-dead Osama bin Laden so that the so-called ‘Global War on Terror’ can continue unabated.

For the British establishment, the ‘al Qaeda in Britain’ propaganda myth serves two purposes: First, it caters for the need to keep the British people in a state of perpetual fear so that the expense of a ‘Global War on Terrorism’ can be justified and, secondly, it serves the interests of Britains traditional right-wing racists who continue to fear that their so-called traditional way of life will be tainted, not just by the influx of peoples with different ‘blood and colour’ as had occurred decades earlier, but also by peoples who have a different ‘culture and religion’. Furthermore, in order to meet their needs, the traditional racist white Britons that form the old British establishment use the old colonial divide and rule technique of employing one segment of a population, in this case those that are of a different ‘blood and colour’ and who have now been in the UK for some time, to help support their other agenda of demonising those that have a different culture and religion. The old racism of ‘blood and colour’ is not one that the average British white racist can now do anything about. But the new racism of culture and religion, to them, is now seen as even more of a threat to their ‘way of life’ to the point where the propaganda of fear and hatred serves to cover their paranoid racist fears.

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Anonymous said...

Well said Damian !

I live in UK by my ethinicty is Asian and I frequently confront the racist white British peoples discrimination in job interviews

Still I am not confident to find job in UK just because of differences in colours & religions.In the British peoples view we are like men of jungles.When I walk on the street lot stranger eyes look me up and sometimes I hear filthy racial abuse

After all these hostility for me tolerance is the key.My whole family lives in USA but I never heard any complaints from them regarding racism what I frequently exposed to UK