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Friday, September 28, 2007


Over these last few weeks one doesn’t need to be a journo with top of the range contacts in the Israeli military and political hierarchy to feel how palpable the mood is in the government and the defence forces of Israel as they pace the skies close to Syria itching to get a fight going. It seems as though every time Syria gets an aircraft off the ground Israel scrambles a few of their fighters heading straight toward the border.

As well as keeping a close eye on aircraft movements, especially those that drop off the radar, Israel are also keeping a beady eye on Syrian ground troop movements as well. Reading between the lines of the various reports one doesn’t need to be too astute to realise that Israel are looking for the slightest provocation to launch a ‘preemptive’ attack against Syria the moment they look any where near moving troops or tanks up toward the border, or moving their aircraft toward their more forward airbases.

It seems the 90 million gallons of JP-8 jet fuel and 42 million gallons of military diesel has finally arrived or at least is well on the way.

The Israelis are following typical Zionist tactics as they attempt to provoke and manipulate those that they are about attack. The Zionists have always, ever since getting their ethnic cleansing of Palestine underway, sought to find a casus belli to justify their attacks. They are usually based on lies and deceptions and, with the help of a compliant western mainstream media, are usually able to deceive the west into thinking that their actions are always reactive and that they are always the victim. They’ve managed to get away with it time and time again but this time the stakes are so high that the world should take note of what is going on.

If the Israelis attack Syria, which they would probably combine with an attack on both Hizbollah in south Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza and West Bank, Iran will be drawn in due to their mutual assistance treaty with Syria thus providing the casus belli for the US to attack Iran. Even if Iran held its ground as Syria was attacked the propaganda machine would shift into top gear and tell the world that Iran is preparing some kind of action against the west giving the Americans the excuse they need to bomb Iran.

The peoples of the world should be out on the streets – a Final Confrontation between the West and Iran will make what has happened in Iraq pale into insignificance.


One year ago, not quite to the day but almost, C. Parsons wrote:
“Before the West's Marxists were reduced to being merely an ancillary movement of IslamoFascism, a common propaganda ploy they used was termed "mirror language" or "moral equivalence".” That was on 23 September 2006.

On 1 March 2007 C. Parsons wrote:
“The rhetoric of "moral equivalence" and "mirror speak" was 20th century Marxism's greatest and indeed only surviving gift to the architects of doom.”

Today, 28 September 2007, at 1.51pm, Eliot Ramsey wrote:
“In the good old days, when Commies were proud to be called such, one of the most tried and tested techniques they used to deflect criticism from Gulags, show trials, peasant massacres, bankrupt economic theories and other aspects of life under socialism, their stooges in the west were trained in the art of 'equivalence rhetoric' or 'mirror language'. This is coming back into fashion.”

So it would seem!

How much longer will this propagandising fraudster and liar be allowed to post his obfuscating garbage? Margo Kingston is beginning to look as much a fraud over her claim to ethics and transparency as Ramsey is a fraud over his claims of not being C. Parsons.


The word ‘terrorist’ gets bandied around a lot these days. It’s been around for a while in modern post-Second World War times and has been used against all types of groups and people ranging from the activists of the Provisional IRA in Northern Ireland to the separatist Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka. But since 9/11 it has been almost exclusively used in the mainstream media and by right-wing commentators to describe Arab and Islamist fighters that have dared to raise their hand against the US, Israel or any of their Western allies.

Palestinians who defend themselves against Israeli Zionist aggression and persecution are labelled ‘terrorists’ and the various organisations that they belong to are referred to as ‘terrorist organisations’. Hizbollah fighters, who for years fought against the Israeli occupation of south Lebanon, are called ‘terrorists’ and Hizbollah itself is designated a ‘terrorist organisation’ by six nations: Israel, the US, the UK, Australia, Canada and the Netherlands.

There are, of course, many other Islamic organisations around the world that have also been labelled ‘terrorist organisations’ and their members, therefore, are also labelled ‘terrorists’. Even Iraqi insurgents have been labelled ‘terrorists’ by the US and their allies.

Islamic fighters that have not been identified as belonging to specific groups or organisations are usually pigeon-holed into the catchall ‘al Qaeda’ terrorist slot regardless of whether they are actually al Qaeda ‘members’ or not. Fighters that fall into this category include non-Iraqi Arab and other foreign Islamic fighters that have found their way into Iraq to help the Iraqi resistance rid their country of the US and other ‘Coalition of the Willing’ invaders. In short, the word ‘terrorist’ has become a propaganda euphemism used predominately by the US, Israel and their Western allies to denote and identify those that they consider to be ‘the enemy’ in their conveniently titled ‘Global War on Terrorism’.

The US and their allies have also very carefully cast those that they view as ‘terrorists’ into a specific mould. Taking great care to avoid using actual officially recognised definitions of ‘terrorism’ and ‘terrorists’, the US and their allies instead use a comparative model within which to frame those that the US and their allies tell us are ‘terrorists’. During public discussion and speeches the word ‘they’ is often used. It is a collective term usually used just after the word ‘terrorist’ or ‘terrorism’ has just been used, and is used to distinguish ‘them’ from ‘us’. Most people for example would be familiar with the phrase often used in speeches by coalition leaders; “’They’ do not have the same values as ‘us’”. The word ‘values’ is cleverly invoked here because all peoples instinctively value their own ‘values’ above other people’s values but, while realising that people do have different values that are not necessarily any worse or better than ours, when the word is used in a derogatory context, such as in defining an enemy, the immediate implication is that the ‘enemy’ is somehow inferior to ‘us’.

Israel has a tendency to invoke the word ‘terrorist’ in a most vehement and extreme way to describe Palestinians that resist Israeli occupation in the West Bank and who resist Israeli aggression and incursions into the Gaza Strip. As previously mentioned, Hizbollah in Lebanon are also referred to by Israel as ‘terrorists’. All actions by either the various Palestinian resistance organisations or Hizbollah are referred to exclusively as ‘terrorist’ activity. The use of the word in this context is designed to demonise those that the word is used against. The word ‘terrorist’ is the antithesis of the term ‘freedom fighter’ or ‘resistance fighter’, both terms that are used predominately throughout the Arab and Islamic world to denote those that the West define as ‘terrorists’.

But for all of the West’s propaganda and rhetoric when invoking the term ‘terrorist’, are those that they label ‘terrorist’ any more ‘terrorist’ than the soldiers of the forces of the US, Israel and their allies? Indeed, could not the actions of the forces of the US, Israel and their allies be far more appropriately labelled ‘terrorist’ when one considers the more destructive and murderous activities that US, Israeli and allied forces engage in within the territories that they occupy or strike in to?

Palestinian resistance fighters in the Gaza lob Kassam missiles toward some of the Israeli townships that are within range, mostly in the Negev. They do it in the hope that Israelis will become so fed up with this that they will curtail their activities of aggression in the occupied territories of the West Bank and the Gaza. Most Kassam rockets, which have no guidance system, fall harmlessly in the desert. Every now and then, one or two hit a building and occasionally kill or injure an Israeli civilian. The Israelis label those that both organise and launch the rockets as ‘terrorists’. It should be noted here, however, that the Palestinian attacks against Israel are in RESPONSE to Israeli aggression and not, as the Israelis attempt to portray, acts of aggression from the Palestinians that the Israelis are responding to.

Remember, it is the Israelis that have pushed the Palestinians off of their lands and it is the Israelis that occupy the West Bank and it is the Israelis that have sealed off the Gaza creating an oppressive massive ghetto into which they can launch indiscriminate attacks against resisting Palestinians at any time often killing many innocent civilians. Indeed, it should be noted that far more innocent Palestinian civilians are killed by Israeli terrorists launching attacks inside the Gaza than there are Israelis killed by Palestinian fighters who are resisting Israeli terrorism.

There is another aspect of Israeli operations against Palestinian resistance that would attract instantaneous outcry from Western leaders and the Western mainstream media if the Palestinians perpetrated the same activity against Israel. And that is so-called ‘targeted assassinations’. Can one imagine the reaction if, say, the Palestinians had a guided weapon that that they could use anywhere in Israel and strike down any Israeli politician or senior IDF personnel at will? Can you imagine how the US and the Western world would react if the Palestinians killed, say, Israeli Defence Force Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi in a ‘targeted assassination’? Would such an attack against an Israeli responsible for the deaths of scores of Palestinians be considered any the less a ‘terrorist’ attack than the ‘targeted assassination’ of the wheelchair-bound spiritual leader of Hamas, Sheik Ahmed Yassin, in March 2004? Such an action by Palestinians would not be tolerated by the West and instantly labelled as ‘terrorist’ yet when the Israelis commit the same terrorist act against an old and frail man in a wheelchair it is applauded. This is staggering hypocrisy, yet so many in the West whose minds have been numbed by the relentless propaganda espousing the self-righteousness of the West are unable to see it.

Ever since the Israelis began the ethnic cleansing of Palestine they have always used ‘self-defence’ to excuse their own terrorist activities while accusing those that have fought back as being ‘terrorists’ themselves. The Israelis believe that because their terrorists are part of the bona fide military force of a sovereign nation that the label of terrorist cannot be applied to them. There are two problems with this misconception when it comes to considering what are and what are not terrorist acts. First, the legitimate forces of a sovereign nation have certain legal obligations under international law, many of which Israel has contravened. Secondly, there are many questions of morality that must also be considered when invoking the label ‘terrorist’ and, again, Israel cannot be considered to have acted morally when launching targeted assassinations and killing innocent civilians and many children. Nor can they be considered to have acted morally when collectively destroying the homes and agricultural and horticultural facilities of entire families and communities as they have done in the West Bank and the Gaza. These are both illegal and immoral activities that, had the Palestinians done this to the Israelis, would be considered terrorist acts.

For the Israelis there may well be a third problem that will arise as the unintended consequence of US policy relating to the declaration that a sovereign nation’s defence force arm is a terrorist organisation. If the US pushes through their threatened legislation declaring the Iranian Revolutionary Guards a ‘terrorist organisation’ then the precedent will be set for any nation to call the legitimate forces of any other nation a terrorist organisation – including Israel’s enemies declaring the IDF a ‘terrorist organisation’.

Part two will take the discussion further by examining in closer detail why Western forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, including mercenaries, can also be considered as ‘terrorists’.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007



As if to demonstrate how ridiculous the propaganda and rhetoric against Iran has become, the extreme right-wing warmongering neoconservatives, Israeli Lobby lunatics and their supporting commentators in the mainstream press are having a ball at the expense of some of Ahmadinejad’s more outrageous remarks. Some neocon editors are even implying that, if Ahmadinejad is fibbing about there being no gays in Iran, then he must be fibbing about Iran not pursuing nuclear weapons.

Talk about desperate!

Think about this from a different angle; if Ahmadinejad were to drop dead today would that make what the US and Israel see as a problem go away? Would the death of Ahmadinejad cause peace to break out throughout the Middle East? Of course not; but, judging by the way the extreme right-wing in the US and Israel are carrying on at the moment, you’d be forgiven for thinking it would.

All that the right-wing in the Western media is saying about Ahmadinejad’s propaganda and rhetoric is – you’ve guessed it – just propaganda and rhetoric. The US neocons and the Israeli Zionists have been carrying on about Iran and its so-called ‘nuclear ambitions’ ever since the Iranians kicked the US-backed fascist Shah out of Iran and long before Ahmadinejad became President, and the US neocons and Israeli Zionists will be carrying on about Irans so-called ‘nuclear ambitions’ long after he’s gone – even if he dropped dead today.

The geo-political reality is simple; this right-wing US neocon and Israeli Zionist propaganda feeding frenzy is nothing more than just another excuse to demonise Iran and its leaders in order to gain public support for an attack against Iran so that Israel can have a free hand to realise its long held dream of a Greater Israel at the expense of the Palestinian people in the Gaza, the West Bank, the Golan Heights and, so they hope, even in south Lebanon up to the Litani River. It’s not about ‘nuclear weapons’ and it’s not about Ahmadinejad. IT IS ABOUT ISRAELI ZIONIST DREAMS FOR A ‘GREATER ISRAEL’ – NOTHING ELSE!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007



A raid of some sort happened but it seems that various US intelligence analysts agree that it wasn’t on any Syrian ‘nuclear’ facility; mainly on account that they don’t actually have one besides the small Chinese supplied facility that they’ve had for years that produces isotopes for medical research, etc.

Someone who pushes the buttons at the US/Israel propaganda factory must have realised that the ‘nuclear Syria’ fairy story was pushing the propaganda envelope just a little too far and Israel were very wise in not confirming anything officially and doing what they did do and that is fly a proverbial kite with ‘nuclear Syria’ on it and see how high that goes.

It didn’t go very high. If Syria had a ‘nuclear weapons facility’ Israel would have made sure that the world knew about it a long, long time ago. They must have also quickly realised that the logistics of getting a raiding party into a high security facility, lifting a load of ‘hot’ nuke stuff and sneaking it away back to Israel and then getting the place destroyed by an air strike is pure delusional James Bond fantasy.

It now seems the raid was more about Korean missiles being supplied to the Syrians. Of course they are not just any old missiles; these are supposed to be equipped with chemical weapons so we are still back with the old ‘they’ve got Weapons of Mass Destruction!’ cry from the Israelis and the US, ignoring entirely that fact that both Israel and the US also have WMDs.


William Kristol of The Weekly Standard has been doing his bit, yet again, helping the Israel Lobby in promoting hatred of Iran and its visiting President Ahmadinejad who is in the US for the United Nations assembly. Kristol has advised via a piece in his neocon comic that Israel supporters should boycott all of Ahmadinejad’s engagements while visiting the US. Kristol and his Israeli Lobby cronies wouldn’t want anyone to hear about what Ahmadinejad and the Iranian people really have to say about what’s going on in the Middle East.


Shmuel Rosner writing in Ha’aretz reckons that Israel is the big loser over Ahmadinejad’s speech to Columbia University during his visit to the US. He argues that, while there are plenty of Jewish protestors at the university making a lot of noise against him, there are a lot of Americans that are willing to listen and hear him out. It is these that that the Israeli Lobby are really worried about – the protestors are already ‘converted’; most Americans, already fed up with the war in Iraq, may easily shy away from more war against Iran if they are persuaded by Ahmadinejad’s argument that the problem is Israel and only Israel; not the US.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


What with Syria being a de facto member of the ‘Axis of Evil’ because of its association with Iran, it was inevitable that sooner or later North Korea, a fully paid up member of the ‘Axis of Evil’, would be linked with Syria via its dabbling in nuclear stuff and that Israel would exploit that link to the hilt as it cranks up the propaganda and rhetoric in the lead up to an attack on both Iran and Syria in its push for the ‘Final Confrontation’.

The world should get to grips with reality here; Syria has not got nuclear weapons and there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to even suggest that it has even got any kind of nuclear program on paper let alone any facilities to store nuclear material coming in from North Korea. If it had Israel would have let the world know about it yonks ago.

Step back and take a look at the bigger picture. Apart from a small Chinese supplied facility that produces isotopes for medicine and research, there has, until now, been absolutely nothing connecting Syria in anyway whatsoever with anything ‘nuclear’ – absolutely nothing. For all the years Israel has been going on about ‘Syria this’ and ‘Syria that’ in Lebanon, there has never ever been any mention of Syria having anything to do with nuclear energy. Yet now, all of a sudden, Israel is leaking it that they bombed a Syrian nuclear facility that was being supplied by North Korea right at a time when the US and Israel are cranking up the rhetoric for a push against Iran – and the rest of the world is expected to believe this stuff . Punch out a few keywords like ‘nuclear’, ‘North Korea’, ‘Syria’, etc., and Voila! you have instant propaganda without admitting to anything. But all of a sudden we have a Syria that is in pursuit of nuclear weapons.

One wonders how the world would react if a few Syrian MiG29s flew down to Dimona in the Negev dessert in Israel and bombed Israel’s nuclear facilities there. They could fly there, do the deed and be back at their base within forty minutes.


In case anyone was wondering about how irresponsible it would be for the Israelis to bomb a facility containing nuclear material with the resultant likely to be the potential contamination of vast areas of the Middle East including possibly even Israel, a new story has been ‘leaked’ that Israeli special ground forces snuck in to the facility before the air raid and ran off with the nuclear material just prior to the facility being bombed.

We are expected to believe this garbage? Do they honestly believe that people don’t consider the logistics involved in pulling off a stunt like that.

How did these ‘special forces get into Syria (and right over on the other side of Syria)? How did they get into the facility? How did they get out of the facility? How did they get out of Syria? How did they remove the nuclear material? In what? How did they know what special containers were needed to transport the nuclear material? And last but not least, why didn’t these ’special ground forces’ set explosives to blow the facility up while they were there? And, of course, the big question that no one seems to have asked yet: Where is the nuclear material that was taken by the Israelis now?

Israel has gone overboard in trying to expose to the world the nuclear facilities that Iran has yet we’ve heard absolutely nothing from Israel about Syria’s so-called nuclear facilities.

Does anyone really believe this stuff?

Thursday, September 20, 2007


It’s a very small world that the nauseatingly patronising fraud Eliot Ramsey of Webdiary fame lives in. Yesterday (19 September) a person calling herself Susan Moy joined the ranks of Webdiarists and takes up an instantly lively discussion with the so-called Eliot Ramsey about the artist Peter Kingston. Webdiary editor Fiona Reynolds had her curiosity aroused and so does a bit of background checking on the mysterious ‘Susan Moy’ only to discover that the real Susan Moy had had her identity usurped by someone pretending to be her.

After having read this I decided that I might have quick ‘Google’ myself of the mysterious Susan Moy. Within moments I discovered that Susan Moy is the Festival Publicist for the 2007 Manly Arts Festival and that – and this is the real spooky bit – none other than Chris Parsons, who mysteriously disappeared from Webdiary just days before Eliot Parsons… er, I mean Ramsey appeared on the scene, is the Communications Officer for the same event!

How long, one wonders, will Margo Kingston continue to allow this obvious fraudster to keep posting his obfuscating garbage at Webdiary?



I wrote two weeks ago about Israel’s plans to cut off fuel supplies to the Gaza suggesting that what they were about to do constitutes a war crime. It now seems that the Israelis are going ahead with their plans to deprive the Gazan people of desperately need fuel having declared that the Gaza is ‘an enemy entity’ and ‘hostile territory’. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in a statement released yesterday has urged Israel to reconsider their position reminding them that they would be in violation of international law if they went ahead with their proposal. Since the Israelis consider themselves to be at war with Hamas, punishing the Gazan people in order to deliver a blow to Hamas is not just a ‘breach in international law’, it is an actual war crime whereby a collective punishment is being administered to the Gazan people because they are governed by Hamas.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s office has released a statement saying “Hamas is a terrorist organization that has taken control of the Gaza Strip and turned it into hostile territory,” and that “This organization engages in hostile activity against the State of Israel and its citizens and bears responsibility for this activity.” It should be noted that in fact Hamas had not ‘taken control’ of the Gaza Strip, they had already been given control of what is left of Palestine by the Palestinian people themselves in a democratic election that saw Hamas romp home well ahead of the corrupt Fatah organisation. It should also be noted that the Gaza Strip has been turned into ‘hostile territory’ not by Hamas but by Israel itself that continues its murderous incursions into the Strip, and that the use of rockets by Hamas and other resistance organisations is in an attempt to discourage further Israeli aggression in the Gaza and West Bank.


However, they still won’t say what the purpose of the raid was and the Syrians aren’t helping by being quiet about what happened while Israeli aircraft were in their skies. Benjamin Netanyahu, by openly congratulating Prime Minister Olmert on the operation, has at least confirmed that the raid over Syria did take place.

Sol Salbe gives an interesting analysis of what he thinks it was all about but, until the Syrians open up and tell us their version, we are unlikely to know for sure what happened any time soon. Suffice to say that it no doubt has a great deal to do with Israel’s preparation for the Final Confrontation.


The death of Lebanese politician Antoine Ghanem of the Christian Phalange Party by a car bomb has raised tensions against Syria up another notch. While Ghanem was anti-Syrian, the Syrians would in no way have benefited by his death – especially in these times when Israel are just looking for every excuse to pounce on Syria – which, of course, begs the question; who does stand to benefit by Ghanem’s death? Who are the renowned experts in the use of car bombs having nigh-on invented them when they first used them in Palestine on 12 January 1947?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Israeli jets have again flown into Lebanese airspace this time at speeds faster than sound creating sonic booms designed to increase fear and to intimidate. These are the same tactics that were used prior to last years war against Hizbollah and the Lebanese people when Hizbollah retaliated by launching Katyusha rockets into Israel and capturing two of Israel’s soldiers thus giving Israel the casus belli it was looking for in order to launch a full scale attack against the Lebanese people. Now the Israelis are trying the same again in the hope that Hizbollah will once again give Israel cause to launch an all-out attack against them in yet another attempt to entice Syria and then Iran and the US into the ‘Final Confrontation’. It now seems clear that Israel’s foray into Syria some two weeks ago failed to ignite the war that they seek.

Historically Israel has always sought to find a casus belli before launching attacks against their Arab and Middle Eastern neighbours. They have always claimed that their actions have been in response to provocations made against them and that they are merely retaliating and defending themselves. This kind of deceit was practiced in 1947 when the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian peoples from their homes and lands began in earnest, and it continues today as they launch their raids into the West Bank, the Gaza and south Lebanon to kill and capture those that resist their expansionist aggression as they pursue their dreams of a Greater Israel.

Just as during the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians in 1947 onwards, the Zionists kept the Israeli people in constant fear by invoking the memories of the Holocaust and the prospect of another if they did not strike down their enemies, so today those same tactics of fear of a second Holocaust keeps the Israeli people in line to support the right-wing Zionists pursuit of a Greater Israel at the expense of the Palestinian people. This time it is the fear of an Iranian nuclear holocaust that motivates Israeli support for the Zionists dreams.

The reality is that Iran has no nuclear weapons and nor is there a skerrick of evidence to even suggest that they have or will have at anytime and, therefore, Iran is no threat to the Israelis nor anyone else. However, Iran does support the Palestinian, Lebanese and Syrian people’s right to reclaim that which is theirs and to defend themselves against Israeli aggression. The myth of Iranian nuclear weapons serves only to keep the ordinary Israeli people in fear so that the Zionists can continue to rely on their support and, at the same time, provide an excuse to eventually go to war against Iran.

It’s time the world woke up to the lies that are the propaganda and rhetoric of the neocons and Zionists and took note of the geo-political reality of the Zionists dreams of a Greater Israel and a Western hegemony over the resource-rich Middle East. The reality is that it is the US and Israel that are on ground that doesn’t belong to them and that it is the US and Israel that have nuclear weapons and that it is they who are the real threat to world peace.
Tell your government no matter where you are that you want no part of any more wars.

Monday, September 17, 2007


The long awaited and much heralded war between the Israeli-US alliance and Iran and Syria now seems imminent. It’s not a matter of ‘if’ but simply a matter of ‘when’.

The point that seems to have been missed by most observers is the fact that it was never a matter of ‘if’ and always a matter of ‘when’. The war has, ever since the fall of the Shah in 1979, been utterly inevitable and virtually unavoidable. It would seem, however, that most observers fell for the propaganda and rhetoric that war between Israel-US and Iran could have been avoided had Iran given up its nuclear weapons ambitions. This was never the case. The coming ‘final confrontation’ was never ever about ‘nuclear weapons’; it has always been about ‘regime change’. It was never anything else.

For the Israelis and the right-wing of US politics the need for ‘regime change’ is simple; Iran under the present regime is the major stumbling block to right-wing Israeli Zionist dreams of creating a Greater Israel. Iran supports Syria; Iran and Syria supports Hizbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza and West Bank. With Iran out of the equation Syria will quickly capitulate to Israeli demands of abandoning their support for Hamas and Hizbollah and any other anti-Israeli pro-Palestinian groups, and then, in turn, Hamas and Hizbollah resistance to Israeli expansionism in pursuit of their ‘Greater Israel’ dream will simply crumble then disappear.

Or at least so the Zionists hope.

There is a big problem with the Israeli-US plan. The people that are pushing the plan to knock Iran out of the picture via a massive blow to their ability to wage any kind of war, i.e., the Bush administration and their neocon cohorts in Washington and the Zionists in Jerusalem, are exactly the same people that came up with the plan to knock Iraq out of the picture. These are exactly the same people that told the world that victory in Iraq will be a ‘cakewalk’ and that the people of Iraq will welcome the US as ‘great liberators’ casting rose petals at the feet of US soldiers as they march up the road to Baghdad. These are exactly the same people who told us that ‘smart weapons’ will eliminate collateral damage and not harm the innocent people of Iraq. These are exactly the same people who, after over a million Iraqis have been killed and another four million pushed from their homes, are saying that ‘things are improving’ in Iraq.

Now these exact same people are telling us that a devastating blow against Iran is all it will take for the people of Iran to rise up against their government and, again, the world is expected to believe them.

The exact same people that bought us the catastrophic mess that is now Iraq now want the world to accept the inevitability of a Final Confrontation against Iran – and the most horrifying aspect of all this is; most of the world will do absolutely nothing to stop it.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Neoconservative warmonger, John Bolton, ex-unendorsed US ambassador to the UN and now ‘scholar’ at neocon HQ, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), has upped the ante against Syria who seem to be the hate targets by the Western right-wing media this month, right up there with Iran, by claiming that “North Korea may be using Syria and Iran as ‘safe havens’ for its nuclear activities”.

It was just a matter of time before the US-Neocon-Israeli propaganda machine started accusing Syria of being involved with the nuclear ambitions of the ‘Axis of Evil’. It has even been suggested in the ‘Washington Post’ that last weeks Israeli Air Force illegal foray into Syrian airspace was ‘nuclear’ related. The information used to make the accusation, according to the ‘Washington Post’ article, was unsurprisingly, sourced from Israeli intelligence.

Over the last few months there has been no let up on pressure from the extreme right-wing US-neocon-Israeli alliance to persuade the Bush administration to bomb Iran because of its so-called ‘nuclear program’. The accusation, however, that Syria somehow is also involved in Iran and North Koreas ‘nuclear ambitions’ brings a new dimension to the propaganda and rhetoric that the US-neocon-Israeli alliance are using in the build up to what can only be described as the ‘final confrontation’ between the US-Israel alliance and Iran and Syria, the last two hurdles that are preventing, because of their support to Hamas and Hizbollah, the Israeli dream of a Greater Israel at the expense of the Palestinian and south Lebanese peoples.

The recent activities of the Israeli Defence Forces has put a new perspective on the reasons for last months massive fuel order from Israel requesting some 90 million US gallons of JP-8 military jet fuel and some 42 million gallons of military diesel fuel. The last time Israel ordered anywhere near that amount of fuel was just prior to its invasion of south Lebanon last year.

Something big is in the air – and last weeks air ‘strike’ against Syria is just the start of it. It’s just a matter of time before the ‘Final Confrontation’ befalls the hapless peoples of the Middle East – Arab and Israeli.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


It was only a matter of time before the fraud Eliot Ramsey repeats words and phraseology that is peculiar almost exclusively to the C. Parsons syntax – yet again. Today at Webdiary he writes: “Well, they may need that aid at home soon, because looky here…”, while on 13 July 2006 he writes: “So, looky here…”.

Beats me why Margo Kingston allows this obvious fraudster to keep posting at Webdiary while banning other Webdiarists like Phil Kendall whose sincerity and compassion for what goes on in this world far outstrips the extreme right-wing patronising cynicism of fraudsters like Parsons/Ramsey…. unless, of course, Kingston is part of the fraud herself. Her hypocrisy about ‘ethical journalism’, etc., as demonstrated by her recent displays of nepotism and earlier deceits are now well known, so why not be party to the Parsons/Ramsey fraud as well!?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


A recent article in the UKs ‘New Statesman’ journal has highlighted the existence of a youth military training camp in Israel. The trainees are Jewish youths who come mainly from Europe and the America’s every summer to learn the basics of military life in the Israeli Defence Forces.

The existence of the camp once again highlights the hypocrisy of the West which constantly condemns the existence of similar camps run by Islamic nations for foreign Arab and Islamic fighters. Western propaganda and rhetoric decries the Islamic training camps as ‘terrorist’ training camps while Israel claim they are training Jewish fighters to ‘defend’ Israel. The reality is; it is Israelis that are on land that is not theirs. They are not ‘defending’ Israel at all but rather they are helping Israeli Zionists create a Greater Israel at the expense of the Palestinian people while the Arab and Islamic fighters are defending their lands from Israeli and US invasions, occupations and theft of their resources.

Hypocrisy and arrogance; just two of the values that ‘they’ hate about ‘us’.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


There is a certain irony, even hypocrisy, in the way that Israel’s leader of the opposition, the extreme right-wing Zionist Benjamin Netanyahu, uses the Hitler analogy when discussing Iran and the threat that Netanyahu proclaims Iran is to Israel. Speaking at a ‘counter terrorism’ conference yesterday he again told his audience that Iran was as much of a threat to the ‘Jewish population’ as Hitler was to the Jews of Europe in 1939 saying: “One year ago, I said we are in 1938, and Iran is Germany. It is 1939 now. Hitler first embarked on a world conflict, and then attempted to obtain weapons of mass death. Ahmadinejad is going about it in the reverse order”.

The reality, however, is completely the opposite; Ahmadinejad and Iran are doing nothing of the sort. In fact it is Israel that has succeeded in obtaining weapons of mass death and it is Israel, together with the US and their other allies, which have embarked on ‘world conflict’ against the peoples of Islam. It is the extreme right-wing Zionists that are behaving most like the Nazis of Europe that Netanyahu speaks of, and it is the Palestinians that are the people that the Ziononazis of Israel continue to persecute as they pursue their racist dream of a Greater Israel completing that which they set out to achieve in 1948 and that is to ethnically cleanse the Palestinian peoples from their lands just as the Nazis attempted, and in many places succeeded, in ethnically cleansing the Jews from Europe.

Just as the Nazis attempt to ethnically cleanse Jews from Europe ended in disaster for both Europe’s Jews and the German people then so the Ziononazis attempt at cleansing the Palestinian people from Palestine will also end in disaster for both the Palestinian and Israeli people.

It’s time the world stood up against the Ziononazis and the likes of Netanyahu and his Zionist thugs before it is too late – not just for the Palestinian people, but also for the ordinary people of Israel who just want to live in peace and security and in harmony with their neighbours.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


It’s amazing how seemingly ordinary intelligent people continue to believe what they feel they need to believe even when confronted with evidence that so glaringly contradicts those beliefs. Such is the case today among many people who continue to believe in the existence of Osama bin Laden and who continue to believe that he and Saddam Hussein were the perpetrators of the events of 11 September 2001; this despite the overwhelming body of evidence that says bin Laden is very unlikely to be alive, let alone continuing to organise terrorism, and that neither he nor Saddam Hussein had anything to do with 9/11 as demonstrated by the recent exposure of evidence regarding the events of 9/11.

The belief that Saddam Hussein had a hand in the 9/11 is now diminishing even among the mainstream media, though there are still some around who would insist that he did play a part. However, the mainstream media are still insisting that Osama bin Laden is both alive and well and also still at the helm of ‘al Qaeda’ as his recent ‘resurrection’ on video demonstrates.

As I have noted many times before, bin Laden’s death was well reported at the time, though not widely, in the mainstream media but they since seem to have very conveniently forgotten it. Fortunately, thanks to the wonders of the computer age, those original reports still exist and cannot be denied. The reports, however, were never conclusive; there was never any body shown or found and little is known about where he was buried. The reports were based on eye-witness accounts and circumstantial evidence with regards to his health, which is well documented, and his inability to receive the kind of sophisticated treatment he would need in order to survive his ill-health.

The mainstream media have clearly decided that because his death was not totally verifiable that it is safe to continue to perpetuate the myth of his existence at the behest of the US government and its agencies. In order to support the claims of bin Laden’s continued existence and active leadership of ‘al Qaeda’ there occasionally ‘surfaces’ an audio or video recording of him. Over the years there have been several of both. ‘Experts’, so we are told, proclaim that these tapes, audio and video, are indeed of bin Laden, but when we examine who these ‘experts’ are we find that they are ‘government experts’. No names and qualifications are attached to the statements about the tapes alleged authenticity; we are simply expected to believe what we are told without any evidence to support these statements. Questions about their authenticity are then dismissed as being ‘conspiratorial’ or simply ignored.

But, while the questions can be ignored, the reality of the evidence cannot. In the latest video that has emerged the most obvious question is regarding bin Ladens somewhat wooden and sterile appearance. While there is a resemblance to bin Laden, there are some physical detail features which do not correspond with his known physical features, the most obvious of which is his beard. Naturally, those that defend his existence would argue that he has merely trimmed and dyed his beard. The counter-argument to that would simply be ‘Why?’ If it were for the sake of vanity, why had he not tidied himself up before allowing himself to be filmed in the past? Besides, is vanity really part of bin Laden’s purported creed? But no amount of trimming and dying the beard can mask the fact that the real bin Laden’s facial hair growth is thin and wispy in places particularly in those areas where the beard has whitened. In the latest video purported to be of him, his beard is shown as being of consistent growth and density. But the real giveaway is the physical facial features. They are not immediately discernable and can only be seen upon close examination and become obvious when pointed out. The real bin Laden’s nose has a relatively medium but constant thickness ridge from top to tip, apart from where it flares gently to his nostrils. In the latest film the top of the nose of the person purported to be him is markedly much thinner. While a change in health could change many features, only surgery could change this one. Despite the compelling evidence to the contrary there are still those that continue to go along with what they are told by the mainstream media.

One needs to ask why it is that people, even when presented with all the evidence, continue and persist to believe in things that the evidence says are wrong. The propagandists behind the latest presentation of ‘bin Laden’ rely on the vast majority of people simply accepting that which is presented to them. They hope that most will not question it and not delve into the details or examine too closely the questions raised by those that do scrutinise them.

For some apparently ordinary and intelligent people there seems to be a psychological barrier that goes up that prevents them from even taking a look at the evidence presented to them. There seems to be a steadfast refusal to accept the reality of that which is contrary to their entrenched belief system and, no matter how strong the evidence, they will still refuse to accept the glaringly obvious simply and solely because they find it so totally disruptive of their belief system and faith in the political and social construct of the society they live in. For them to accept the simple reality of the evidence of a fake bin Laden and a 9/11 that so obviously was not as the government said it was would mean that all that they had ever believed in all of their lives about democratic government ‘for the people and by the people’ would be destroyed. The illusion of ‘freedom and democracy’ would be shattered.

The release of the latest ‘bin Laden’ tape is designed to perpetuate the myth of the ‘Global War on Terror’ and to remind the West of who the ‘enemy’ is but, while the majority of western people will continue to accept the myth as a reality, the numbers of people around the world that no longer accept the myth as reality are growing daily. It is imperative that we shatter the myths and illusions because, until we do, we are doomed to live in a world that will slowly end up destroying itself.

Friday, September 07, 2007


Neoconservative war crazies Rita Katz and Josh Devon of the SITE Group in the US claim that a new tape of Osama bin Laden will be aired on 11 September (next Tuesday). The picture of bin Laden that they have published, inferring that it is a still grab from the tape, while resembling bin Laden, when compared with other known pictures of bin Laden, is in fact nothing like him. Basically the nose is all wrong.

Apart from that of course, there is also the small matter of bin Laden’s death which was well reported at the time but has since been conveniently forgotten.

Let the two-minute hate session begin. Watch out for pictures of Osama bin Emmanuel Goldstein Laden in a newspaper and TV station near you any day now – just in case you’d forgotten what he looked like (in fact, they’re banking on it!)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


In the months prior to the invasion of Iraq by the US, Britain, Australia and their allies, millions of people all over the world took to the streets to implore their respective governments not to support the war the people knew for sure was coming. But with total disregard to the voices of the peoples of the world the US and their allies pressed ahead with their invasion anyway.

Today, some four and a half years later, with nigh on a million Iraqis dead and another four million unable to live in their homes, the world is bracing itself for yet another unprovoked war against yet another nation that stands in the way of Israeli Zionist dreams of a Greater Israel; a Greater Israel that they hope will consist of the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, the Golan Heights and south Lebanon up to the Litani River, a dream which Iraq once stood in the way of.

The US and Israel are now desperate for ‘regime change’ in Iran and do not care about the cost in terms of human life just so long as the US end up with hegemony over the supply of the regions oil and gas resources and Israel is able to achieve its aspirations for a Greater Israel.

But as the inevitability of war against Iran now approaches, one has to ask; where are the masses in the streets as there were before the invasion of Iraq? Has the fact that Bush, Blair and Howard and their allies ignored the voice of the peoples of the world last time they wanted ‘regime change’ made protest against war seem futile? The need for the peoples of the world to protest war is even more imperative now than ever it has been before.






According to a report in Israel’s Ha’aretz newspaper today the IDF are considering cutting off water and electricity supplies to the civilian population in the Gaza Strip as a measure against the Palestinian launching of Qassam rocket attacks on Israel.

For the IDF to counter Qassam attacks by firing at those that are launching the rocket attacks is one thing; however, to counter the rocket attacks by punishing an entire civilian population is a war crime. The crime that is about to be committed on the Gazan people by the Israelis is a crime that the people of the world should be outraged about.

This is the next stage in Israel’s war against the Palestinian people whereby, as I predicted in my 19 June post on this blog, the Israelis will bring such pressure to bear on the Gazan people that they will be forced to leave if provided an opportunity. The ethnic cleansing of the Gaza Strip continues. I can only repeat what I wrote before; the world needs to act and act now before disaster strikes the Palestinian people of the Gaza.

Monday, September 03, 2007


Clear away the Israeli, US and western mainstream media’s propaganda and rhetoric about Hamas and the Gaza Strip and the geo-political reality of Israeli Zionist intentions and aspirations, not just for the Gaza but for the entire region, are quickly revealed.

When Ariel Sharon decided to evacuate the 21 Israeli settlements that were on the Gaza Strip in August 2005 he didn’t do so because he suddenly felt generous and believed that the Palestinians should have their lands back. The reality, predictably, is far more prosaic; it was simply costing too much to maintain the security needed to look after just 8000 settlers living right next door to very hostile Palestinians whose lands they had settled on.

In May of 2000 Israel’s then Prime Minister, Ehud Barak, who today is Israel’s Defense Minister, pulled Israel out of south Lebanon after some 22 years of occupation for the same reason that Sharon pulled the settlers out of the Gaza. Barak’s withdrawal was ostensibly to comply with UN resolution 425 which had called for Israel’s withdrawal from Lebanon back in 1978 shortly after Israel had invaded. Despite withdrawing from Lebanon, however, Israel continued to hang on to the Shebaa Farms – which the UN has deemed belongs to Lebanon – claiming this land was part of the Golan Heights which Israel had conquered when it invaded Syria in 1967.

Both of these apparent ‘concessions’ were in fact part of a cynical ruse. It has always been the belief of Israeli Zionists that a Greater Israel could realistically be created that would include the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, the Golan Heights and south Lebanon up to the Litani River. While the dream of the biblical Greater Israel extending from the ‘Nile to the Euphrates’ was always the ideal, most Zionists realised that it would remain but a dream. However, a Greater Israel extending from the Mediterranean to the River Jordan and from the Sinai to the Litani River is an ambition that many Zionists consider realistic today.

Over the last 40 years the realisation of that goal has been plagued with problems, not least of which is the Palestinian reluctance to surrender to the Zionists dreams. Ever since 1967 when Israel set out to conquer the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights and the Sinai Peninsula, the peoples they conquered fought back, with the exception of the Golan Heights. Today they continue to fight back. Various Palestinian groups, including Hamas, have dedicated themselves to retrieving all the lands they have lost to the Zionists. For Hamas that has, until very recently, included all of what is now Israel. However, of late Hamas have modified their demands demanding now that Israel withdraws entirely, including all settlements in the West Bank, back to the 1967 line. But it also demands a full right of return of all of the Palestinian refugees including their descendants back to their original lands in what is now Israel.

But therein lays the problem for Israel. The Palestinian’s demands are supported by Hizbollah in Lebanon. Hizbollah, in turn are supported by Iran and Syria. Israel, however, has spent years trying to turn this to their advantage. Using their close alliance with the US and the West, Israel have been promoting Iran and Syria, just as they did Iraq, as an enemy of the US and the West, and, of course, Israel. Once the West accept Iran and Syria as their enemies, as Israel hopes, so the Palestinian organisations that are supported by Iran and Syria, directly or indirectly, will also be seen as enemies of the West by association. Once the West accepts Palestinian resistance fighters as enemies in alliance with Iran and Syria it will provide Israel with the opportunity to deal with them in a way that will finally give them the excuse they need to transfer the Palestinians from the Gaza. The Israelis will then take over and occupy the Gaza and eventually annex it to Israel. Israel may then also exercise the so-called Jordan option whereby all Palestinians are transferred to Jordan, and the West Bank then also gets annexed to Israel.

The one thing that will not happen, regardless of what the Israelis are telling the world, is Palestine will never be a free independent sovereign state while the Israelis have anything to do with it. The current talks between Israel and their Palestinian puppet Abbas about ‘peace’ and a ‘Palestinian State’ are merely a tactic by the Israeli government to bide their time while Iran and Syria are set up as enemies of the West waiting to be attacked. Meanwhile the hype against Hamas, particularly in the Gaza, and Hizbollah in Lebanon will continue as the Israelis attempt to paint them with the same brush they are using to paint Iran and Syria with. Tensions in the Gaza, and the West Bank, between Hamas and Fatah elements are useful to Israel; it allows Israel to accuse Hamas of not wanting peace. This, of course, is nonsense; Hamas are fully aware of what Israel is up to and are simply not prepared to accept giving up their lands.

In order to alienate Hamas in the eyes of the Western world, Israel and the US, with the help of a compliant Western mainstream media, have attempted to show Hamas as an extremist and terrorist organisation and one that has ‘seized’ power in the Gaza. Forgotten entirely is the fact that Hamas never needed to ‘seize’ power; they were given it by the Palestinian people in the democratic elections of January 2006 and the only people that were attempting to seize power were Abbas and his Fatah supporters which they did in the West Bank with the support of the US and Israel. The old colonial tactic of divide and rule has proved successful. Israel now have Hamas exactly were they want them in the Gaza; ready to be taken out at any time by a more than capable Israeli military just as soon as they’ve been demonised enough in the eyes of the western world and when Israel and the US are ready to take on Iran and Syria in what is hoped to be the final showdown. It is in this context that the Gaza is essential to the Zionists plans for a Greater Israel.