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Saturday, September 22, 2007


What with Syria being a de facto member of the ‘Axis of Evil’ because of its association with Iran, it was inevitable that sooner or later North Korea, a fully paid up member of the ‘Axis of Evil’, would be linked with Syria via its dabbling in nuclear stuff and that Israel would exploit that link to the hilt as it cranks up the propaganda and rhetoric in the lead up to an attack on both Iran and Syria in its push for the ‘Final Confrontation’.

The world should get to grips with reality here; Syria has not got nuclear weapons and there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to even suggest that it has even got any kind of nuclear program on paper let alone any facilities to store nuclear material coming in from North Korea. If it had Israel would have let the world know about it yonks ago.

Step back and take a look at the bigger picture. Apart from a small Chinese supplied facility that produces isotopes for medicine and research, there has, until now, been absolutely nothing connecting Syria in anyway whatsoever with anything ‘nuclear’ – absolutely nothing. For all the years Israel has been going on about ‘Syria this’ and ‘Syria that’ in Lebanon, there has never ever been any mention of Syria having anything to do with nuclear energy. Yet now, all of a sudden, Israel is leaking it that they bombed a Syrian nuclear facility that was being supplied by North Korea right at a time when the US and Israel are cranking up the rhetoric for a push against Iran – and the rest of the world is expected to believe this stuff . Punch out a few keywords like ‘nuclear’, ‘North Korea’, ‘Syria’, etc., and Voila! you have instant propaganda without admitting to anything. But all of a sudden we have a Syria that is in pursuit of nuclear weapons.

One wonders how the world would react if a few Syrian MiG29s flew down to Dimona in the Negev dessert in Israel and bombed Israel’s nuclear facilities there. They could fly there, do the deed and be back at their base within forty minutes.


In case anyone was wondering about how irresponsible it would be for the Israelis to bomb a facility containing nuclear material with the resultant likely to be the potential contamination of vast areas of the Middle East including possibly even Israel, a new story has been ‘leaked’ that Israeli special ground forces snuck in to the facility before the air raid and ran off with the nuclear material just prior to the facility being bombed.

We are expected to believe this garbage? Do they honestly believe that people don’t consider the logistics involved in pulling off a stunt like that.

How did these ‘special forces get into Syria (and right over on the other side of Syria)? How did they get into the facility? How did they get out of the facility? How did they get out of Syria? How did they remove the nuclear material? In what? How did they know what special containers were needed to transport the nuclear material? And last but not least, why didn’t these ’special ground forces’ set explosives to blow the facility up while they were there? And, of course, the big question that no one seems to have asked yet: Where is the nuclear material that was taken by the Israelis now?

Israel has gone overboard in trying to expose to the world the nuclear facilities that Iran has yet we’ve heard absolutely nothing from Israel about Syria’s so-called nuclear facilities.

Does anyone really believe this stuff?


Anonymous said...

It's a fact that Israel is a war monger and wants war with Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Iran, etc. Every day we can read in the world news how they provoke their neighbors and lie while doing so. I'm plain disgusted with the renegade state of Israel that shows why it should never be trusted. And Americans that trust Israel are fools.

Daniel said...

Israel and America are twins that have the same 'values'. They both believe that might is right, that if you want something just take it, that they were born to rule, that they are favored by some god, etc.

Their evil is destroying our world!

neurofiber said...

While I appreciate your schedule for a Syrian bombing run on Dimona I seriously doubt that the Syrian MiGs would a a base to return to 40 min. later.

Damian Lataan said...

You may well be right Neuro, but the destruction of a known nuclear bomb making facility is worth half a squadron of MiG29s any day...

Anonymous said...

No matter what the real story is, it is better to err on the side of caution. Syria and Iran are both rogue states. If anyone of them possesses nuclear technology, it will be a disaster to world peace. Therefore, preventing these states from achieving their objective in any means possible, including raids, bombings, full scale war, economic sanctions, etc.... must be supported by the world community.

takdog said...

Damian, i found your post at the timesonline and susequently your blog , i think you are too quick to dismiss the capabillities of IDF and in particular the "sayeret matkal"(no i dont believe the whole story but they are capable of it).Also those migs you mention would be ulikely to ever return to thier base let alone get even a glimpse of "damona" nuclear facility,... i reckon that even IF syria did not have nuke involvments with NK they DO HAVE scud missiles loaded with chemical weapons and this alone makes such a raid a worthy goal, none the less I beleive you have a good point about the propaganda aimed at preparing the world to accept an american led assault on Iran/Syria.cheers mate and i look forward to reading more from you.

Damian Lataan said...

Anonymous at 5.16pm, just as an interesting exercise in showing how ridiculous the propaganda that you are espousing is I’ll rewrite what you have written but taking a diametrically opposed view, i.e., how Middle Easterners see things. Try this for size:

“No matter what the real story is, it is better to err on the side of caution. Israel and the US are both rogue states. Both of them do possess nuclear technology and it has been a disaster to world peace. Therefore, preventing these states from further achieving their objective by any means possible, including raids, bombings, full scale war, economic sanctions, etc.... must be supported by the world’s Islamic community.”

Do you see how ridiculous it sounds? If you reread what you wrote objectively it would sound just as ridiculous. It’s unfortunate that so man of the Western world’s leaders have the same polarising word view that you have. While it exists, there will never be peace.

You should perhaps be reminded that both the US and Israel do have nuclear weapons, that both the US and Israel are currently occupying real estate that is not theirs and both the US and Israel are killing those that are resisting occupation.

Forget the propaganda and rhetoric; become aware of the geo-political realities.

Takdog, the bit about the MiGs popping down to Dimona was purely analogous as you no doubt are aware. The point was to demonstrate the one sidedness of the present situation inasmuch that the western world seems to accept that it is OK for Israel to bomb Syrian facilities but is likely to react completely differently if Syria did to Israel what Israel likes the rest of the world to think it did to Syria. Anonymous above is jumping up and down thinking the Israelis are heroes but would he think the same had it been the Syrians attacking Israel?

You reckon “…that even IF Syria did not have nuke involvements with NK they DO HAVE scud missiles loaded with chemical weapons and this alone makes such a raid a worthy goal.” Israel too has missiles loaded with chemical weapons. Why should not a raid by Syria against these facilities be any less worthy? Remember, it is Israel that occupies Syrian territory and it is Israel that is a threat to Syria; not the other way round. It is also the extreme right-wing of Israel and the US that is threatening Iran and their threats are not propaganda or rhetoric but very real unlike Iran’s threats which are purely propaganda and rhetoric.

All I’m asking folk to do as an historian is to take an objective look at what is going on and don’t allow yourself to be swayed by the propaganda and rhetoric. As I said, the bottom line is this: It is Israel and the US that are currently on dirt that is not theirs and all the Syrians, Hizbollah, the Palestinians, the Iraqis and Iranians are trying to to is get these foreign troops off of Arab and Central Asian real estate.

Anonymous said...


You've only proven your stupidity. There is general agreement among world nations that Syria and Iran are rogue states. For example, how many friends Syria and Iran have on the world arena? Besides they have not achieved nuclear deterrence so that they can be looked at as equal to the US and/or Israel. Given the current state of belligerence the one who possesses such deterrence has the full right to prevent those who do not have it. Otherwise it will be total chaos. Therefore, it is better to err on the side of caution and prevent the real rogue states from possessing a nuclear device. Yes, the US has the full right to pre-emptively decapitate Iran and/or Syria.

Damian Lataan said...

Anonymous, there is not agreement among world’s nations that Syria and Iran are rogue states; there is only agreement among many of the world’s leaders for purely political and diplomatic purposes, that Syria and Iran are rogue states. The vast majority of the population of the world believe that the biggest threat to world peace is not Syria or Iran but the US.

You say: “…the US has the full right to pre-emptively decapitate Iran and/or Syria.” If that’s the case then Syria and Iran, by the same virtue, have the full right to defend themselves against such actions. So where’s it going to end?

I remind you and other readers again that there is no evidence at all that either Iran or Syria are producing or have programs for producing weapons grade nuclear material – none at all. If you know something different to that then I’m sure the IAEA will be pleased to hear from you. I should also mention that Iran and Syria’s so-called ‘nuclear ambitions’ are merely a part of US and Israeli propaganda and rhetoric; they are simply looking for an excuse for regime change in those two countries so that the Israelis can deal with Hizbollah and Hamas which, in turn, will allow Israel to realise its dream of a Greater Israel that includes the West Bank, the Gaza, the Golan Heights and, so the more extremist among them hope, the south of Lebanon up to the Litani River.

The only people that prove their stupidity, Anonymous, are the self-righteous warmongering lunatics like yourself that are dumb and gullible enough to believe everything that they are told.

vlad said...

Anonymous, there is only agreement among Zionist controlled nations that Iran and Syria are "rogue".

What would you call a nation whose brave soldiers view the murder of 12 year old rock throwers as sport!?

And what would you call a nation that contaminates a neighbouring countrys drinking water with deadly poison!?

How about stopping the supply of urgent medical equipment needed to keep some of the horrendously treated prisoners alive in what has been quoted as "the worlds biggest concentration camp" known as Gaza?

Never mind rogue.......i would call it a fucking abomination!

By the way Damian, what time those Migs taking off........might try and email my best wishes!

Damian Lataan said...

Some people just don't learn do they Abraham? Insult me once and I'll insult you back. If you don't learn after that then I'll just delete your comments.

Damian Lataan said...

As soon as I get the word Vlad, I'll let you know. Be sure to tell me if you get the word before I do.

Anonymous said...


You've only proven your stupidity.

Let's look at the political equation in a more relevant manner. Taken together, Israel and the US have more enemies combined than Syria and Iran combined.

If we went by popular opinion, by which it has been shown that most people of the world despise both Israel and the US for their horrid policies, in fact Israel and the US would be each other's only ally.

That's a pretty damning indictment.

The only thing that prevents the world's nations from collectively taking action against both Israel and the US are the unelected kings and the unresponsive elected officials that have been bought with US promises of power and prosperity, who have otherwise ignored the overwhelmingly popular will of their own people and have chosen to back the US government in its doomed plan of global hegemony.

The majority of the world's people are not morons. They are at least intelligent enough to know right from wrong, despite the billion dollar propaganda campaigns aimed at shoring up support for endless wars, brutal occupation, and US and Israeli state terrorism.

5.5 billion people can't be wrong.

Syria and Iran are only considered "rogue nations" by imperialistic Western standards, and of course by Israel because they are regional power rivals. Syria and Iran collectively do not occupy one square centimeter of any other country, while Israel and the US currently occupy parts or the entirety of 5 sovereign nations.

So why don't you kindly go fuck yourself as you reconsider who are the "rogue nations" in this equation.

One last thing to consider: since Syria lost its cold war patron (the USSR) they've struggled considerably against a much stronger opponent, but the fact is they are not only survivng but thriving, and this against a backdrop of ever-increasing Western isolation and financial sanction. I'm sure that infuriates the zionists but good.

The US is one bad quarter from a full-blown depression, and quite possibly a financial unravelling that would make the great depression of 1929 seem like a mild recession in comparison. Once the US economy falls and the financial sponsorshop dries up, Israel is gone...eliminated from the pages of history, as one might say.

It would behoove Israel to spare no effort to make peace with all of its neighbors as quickly as it can get started (i.e. last week), because I guarantee you this: when the chips are down, all of Israel's bluffing and bluster will not be able to save them from the ultimate bust.

You'll be lucky if you get to wander in the desert for another 40 years to consider what assholes you've been for the last 60.

Anonymous said...


I'm not quite sure what you're referring to. I previously posted the above comment and only that comment. If a message subsequently was posted under my name that was insulting to you then I assure you it was not me but someone who took advantage of Blogger's "other identity" posting option, where one is simply able to fill in whatever name and URL they want.

I am in total agreeance with your blog posting. You said exactly what I would say.

I hope there wasn't a mix-up here. If so, please re-read my posting.

Damian Lataan said...

My mix up Abraham. I hope you will accept my apologies. I did indeed misread your post somehow since it came in shortly after another which was insulting. It wasn't until after I had deleted your post that I realised that you too were in fact refering to the same 'Anonymous' that had previously insulted me. It's been a busy day. I do hope you'll forgive me.


Anonymous said...


No worries. I suspected it was a simple mix-up ;)

Besides, how could I be mad at someone that knows how to reason so exquisitely? You're an island of integrity is a sea of crass jingoism.

vlad said...

"Once the US economy falls and the financial sponsorshop dries up, Israel is gone...eliminated from the pages of history, as one might say".

Love the reference to Uncle Ahmadinejad but sadly i dont think anything to do with finance will spell the end of that pariah state. Since gaining control of most nations reserve banks way back when, i would guess they have a fair bet stashed in the cookie jar.
That little matter of 200 to 300 nuclear warheads scares the crap out of me Abraham, especially when some wack job from the Knesset is quoted as saying something along the lines of "we will take the world down with us before you see the end of Israel". Truly scary shit!

"consider what assholes you've been for the last 60".

Can i assume that was a typo and was meant to read 2000?