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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Israeli jets have again flown into Lebanese airspace this time at speeds faster than sound creating sonic booms designed to increase fear and to intimidate. These are the same tactics that were used prior to last years war against Hizbollah and the Lebanese people when Hizbollah retaliated by launching Katyusha rockets into Israel and capturing two of Israel’s soldiers thus giving Israel the casus belli it was looking for in order to launch a full scale attack against the Lebanese people. Now the Israelis are trying the same again in the hope that Hizbollah will once again give Israel cause to launch an all-out attack against them in yet another attempt to entice Syria and then Iran and the US into the ‘Final Confrontation’. It now seems clear that Israel’s foray into Syria some two weeks ago failed to ignite the war that they seek.

Historically Israel has always sought to find a casus belli before launching attacks against their Arab and Middle Eastern neighbours. They have always claimed that their actions have been in response to provocations made against them and that they are merely retaliating and defending themselves. This kind of deceit was practiced in 1947 when the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian peoples from their homes and lands began in earnest, and it continues today as they launch their raids into the West Bank, the Gaza and south Lebanon to kill and capture those that resist their expansionist aggression as they pursue their dreams of a Greater Israel.

Just as during the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians in 1947 onwards, the Zionists kept the Israeli people in constant fear by invoking the memories of the Holocaust and the prospect of another if they did not strike down their enemies, so today those same tactics of fear of a second Holocaust keeps the Israeli people in line to support the right-wing Zionists pursuit of a Greater Israel at the expense of the Palestinian people. This time it is the fear of an Iranian nuclear holocaust that motivates Israeli support for the Zionists dreams.

The reality is that Iran has no nuclear weapons and nor is there a skerrick of evidence to even suggest that they have or will have at anytime and, therefore, Iran is no threat to the Israelis nor anyone else. However, Iran does support the Palestinian, Lebanese and Syrian people’s right to reclaim that which is theirs and to defend themselves against Israeli aggression. The myth of Iranian nuclear weapons serves only to keep the ordinary Israeli people in fear so that the Zionists can continue to rely on their support and, at the same time, provide an excuse to eventually go to war against Iran.

It’s time the world woke up to the lies that are the propaganda and rhetoric of the neocons and Zionists and took note of the geo-political reality of the Zionists dreams of a Greater Israel and a Western hegemony over the resource-rich Middle East. The reality is that it is the US and Israel that are on ground that doesn’t belong to them and that it is the US and Israel that have nuclear weapons and that it is they who are the real threat to world peace.
Tell your government no matter where you are that you want no part of any more wars.

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Anonymous said...

Outside al-Bureij refugee camp the IDF have used a military bulldozer to tear apart the body of a teenage Palestinian boy.

The boy's "crime" was to be of a group of boys throwing stones at the heavily armoured IDF unit invading the boys' homes and ripping up their fathers' farmlands.

Meanwhile in the West Bank, the IDF are shooting holes in rooftop water tanks as part of their illegal collective punishment of a Palestinian people.