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Friday, September 28, 2007


Over these last few weeks one doesn’t need to be a journo with top of the range contacts in the Israeli military and political hierarchy to feel how palpable the mood is in the government and the defence forces of Israel as they pace the skies close to Syria itching to get a fight going. It seems as though every time Syria gets an aircraft off the ground Israel scrambles a few of their fighters heading straight toward the border.

As well as keeping a close eye on aircraft movements, especially those that drop off the radar, Israel are also keeping a beady eye on Syrian ground troop movements as well. Reading between the lines of the various reports one doesn’t need to be too astute to realise that Israel are looking for the slightest provocation to launch a ‘preemptive’ attack against Syria the moment they look any where near moving troops or tanks up toward the border, or moving their aircraft toward their more forward airbases.

It seems the 90 million gallons of JP-8 jet fuel and 42 million gallons of military diesel has finally arrived or at least is well on the way.

The Israelis are following typical Zionist tactics as they attempt to provoke and manipulate those that they are about attack. The Zionists have always, ever since getting their ethnic cleansing of Palestine underway, sought to find a casus belli to justify their attacks. They are usually based on lies and deceptions and, with the help of a compliant western mainstream media, are usually able to deceive the west into thinking that their actions are always reactive and that they are always the victim. They’ve managed to get away with it time and time again but this time the stakes are so high that the world should take note of what is going on.

If the Israelis attack Syria, which they would probably combine with an attack on both Hizbollah in south Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza and West Bank, Iran will be drawn in due to their mutual assistance treaty with Syria thus providing the casus belli for the US to attack Iran. Even if Iran held its ground as Syria was attacked the propaganda machine would shift into top gear and tell the world that Iran is preparing some kind of action against the west giving the Americans the excuse they need to bomb Iran.

The peoples of the world should be out on the streets – a Final Confrontation between the West and Iran will make what has happened in Iraq pale into insignificance.

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Saudis worried Iran nuclear issue headed to 'confrontation':

Wayne Madsen was interviewed about the following on the local news program for KPFK in Los Angeles last night (simply go to and click on the archives link in the left margin and scroll down to the KPFK news broadcast link for yesterday - September 27th, 2007 as Wayne's interview is near the beginning):

Air Force refused to fly weapons (nukes) to Middle East theater