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Tuesday, October 02, 2007


While the world’s compliant mainstream media focuses on the propaganda and rhetoric about the reasons for their wars in the Middle East, the actual endgame for Israel and the US seems to have been all but forgotten.

As part of the propaganda and rhetoric, Israel and the US would like the world to believe that Iran’s nuclear ambitions are currently an immediate threat to the world and to Israel in particular. This propaganda includes the demonisation of Iran’s theocratic government and the belittling of Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It’s all aimed at getting public opinion on side to support an attack on Iran, or at least minimise objection to it when it does. So far the rhetoric about Iran’s nuclear ambitions hasn’t created the level of public support that the US government would feel comfortable with if it attacked now.

There are two reasons why the public hasn’t taken the bait with only some eight percent of Americans actually supporting an attack on Iran. First, they’ve heard it all before during the run-up to the invasion of Iraq and are thoroughly familiar with the extent to which that all turned out to be lies, and, secondly, the public are aware that the UN nuclear watchdog organisation, the International Atomic Energy Authority (IAEA) itself cannot find any evidence to support Israeli and US claims that Iran is enriching uranium beyond that required for generating energy and certainly nowhere near enough to make a bomb.

The US has succeeded in either frightening or cajoling or bribing some of the UN nations into calling for Iran to stop all uranium enrichment, despite the fact that Iran has a legal right to continue enriching uranium to a level where it can be used for power generation, and has even succeeded in convincing the UN to adopt minor sanctions against Iran. Taking it to the next stage, however, has been a little more difficult for the Americans and the Israelis since the Russians and Chinese are now insisting that the IAEA be able to complete their report to the UN under arrangements that the IAEA and Iran have agreed. Russia and China went along with the earlier sanctions simply to buy a little more time for the situation to be resolved in other ways knowing that the sanctions would have only a minimal effect on Iran. The alternative at the time could well have been an Israeli pre-emptive attack against Iran had Russia and China baulked at these minor sanctions. Russia and China again are playing the ‘buying time’ option as the US and Israel, who, as always, have the UK on board, and now also France as its new right-wing President Nicholas Sarkozy is staunchly pro-Zionist Israel, try, albeit unsuccessfully, to bring on tighter sanctions against Iran. Both Russia and China have far more to lose if sanctions against Iran are increased. The Russians and Chinese have managed to buy a little over a month before any more UN decisions are made regarding Iran but even then it may not be that the US, Israel and their allies get the desired result of no sanctions thus opening the way for a non-UN approved attack (again) on a sovereign nation, Iran.

For the US and Israel the diplomacy game is just that – a game which they need to play in order to satisfy public opinion and those nations like Russia and China that are aware of exactly what the geo-political reality actually is and what the US and Israeli endgame really is.

Israel and the US have, ever since Ahmadinejad was elected President of Iran, used his well-known radical views as propaganda to push the idea that Iran is intent on building nuclear weapons and using them to destroy Israel and possibly even use them against the US. Against those that argue that Iran would not do such a thing because it knows that both the US and Israel would use their nuclear weapons against Iran, the US and Israel’s propaganda response is that Iran has some kind of fanatical death wish whereby it would use its nuclear weapons even knowing that itself would be destroyed.

In light of the Bush regime realising that the American people aren’t going to bite fully on Iran’s so-called ‘nuclear ambitions’, due mainly to the Bush administrations now totally discredited claims with regard to Iraq’s so-called ‘nuclear ambitions’, they have over the last few months began to change their rhetoric. The emphasis now for American consumers, and for the people of those other nations that still have a military presence in Iraq such as the UK and Australia, is that Iran is now supplying and aiding the Iraqi insurgency with training and weapons and killing US and allied service personnel. For Israeli consumers the ‘nuclear threat’ remains and is used consistently by both the current Olmert government and the especially by the extreme right-wing Zionist Likud party headed by Benjamin Netanyahu. As is usual for the extreme right-wing Israeli Zionists and their neoconservative supporters in the US, the spectre of a second Holocaust is invoked to provide the necessary fear levels among ordinary Israelis that in turn give support to the Zionist extremists policies of regime change via attacking Iran.

Iran being a threat to Israel because Iran seeks nuclear weapons, and Iran being a threat to the US because it is supplying insurgents in Iraq with training and weapons is the propaganda and rhetoric that the US and Israel wants the world to hear about via a compliant mainstream media. The geo-political reality, however, is something entirely different.

The US and Israel are very much aware that Iran has no nuclear bomb and does not have the facilities to make one. The US and Israel are also very much aware of what Ahmadinejad actually said with regard to ‘wiping Israel off the map’, a quote that has been deliberately mistranslated by the neoconservative Middle East Media Research Institute.

The geo-political reality is simple; the US and Israel require regime change in Iran and Syria in order to crush resistance to Israeli expansionist dreams in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and south Lebanon, and also to retain without further threat from Syria the Golan Heights and the Shebaa Farms. The issue of Iranian nuclear ambitions and Iran’s ties with insurgents in Iraq is merely a propaganda ploy used to create a casus belli to attack Iran to effect that regime change.

The US and the ‘Coalition of the Willing’ attack on Iraq has created the conditions the US and Israel needed to go forward with the next stage of their Middle East program – an attack on Iran. The propaganda and rhetoric are designed purely to cover the US and Israel’s endgame – for the right-wing Israel Zionists that is the creation of a Greater Israel and for the US it is control and hegemony of the world’s richest resource region. Such an outcome also satisfies the endgame outcomes of various other groups with an interest in what happens in the Middle East and Israel; the Christian Zionists get to realise their dream of a Greater Israel, a pre-requisite apparently for Armageddon; the US oil companies get the pick of the Middle Eastern oil contracts; the so-called US ‘reconstruction’ companies get the massive contracts and dollars that go with it; and the big private US security companies also continue to make billions out of other peoples misery, misery that is often created by them in the first place.

And that is the geo-political endgame that the US and Israel are seeking; regime change in Iran and Syria giving Israel and the US control of the Middle East.

Forget the propaganda and rhetoric of Iranian nuclear bombs, Iran attacking Israel and Iran helping the insurgents in Iraq. Israeli and US domination of the Middle East is all it is all about.

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