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Saturday, January 30, 2010


Retired Marine General James Jones, National Security Advisor to President Obama, seems to be deliberately encouraging Israel to use any attack against them by Hezbollah and/or Hamas as a casus belli to attack Iran.

Jones is cited as saying that Iran is likely to ‘lash’ out at Israel using what he termed as Iran’s ‘surrogates’, the Hezbollah and Hamas organisations in Lebanon and the Gaza respectively, saying that such attacks against Israel would be in response to increased pressure on Iran over its so-called nuclear weapons program.

This is tantamount to an open invitation to Israel to use any Hezbollah or Hamas action against Israel as an excuse to attack Iran. All that’s needed is either enough provocation from Israel against Hamas and Hezbollah to induce a response, or, if Hezbollah and Hamas resist and ignore any provocation, then a false flag attack against Israel by Mossad operatives or their Palestinian agents provocateurs in the Gaza or other agents in Lebanon, to provide the casus belli to attack Iran.

A statement such as this from a very senior Obama advisor indicates that the US is prepared to back Israel in any attack it launches against Iran in response to attacks, or apparent attacks, against Israel from Hezbollah and/or Hamas.

Such remarks from the Obama administration, coupled with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s remarks yesterday about China ‘risking isolation’ by not jumping on the West’s bandwagon for sanctions against Iran, have significantly upped the ante in the likelihood of an attack against Iran by Israel and the US.

Recent reports of Israeli military manoeuvres in northern Israel close to the Lebanese border together with increased Israeli military jet, helicopter and drone incursions into Lebanese airspace also tends to confirm suspicions about Israel’s intentions despite their recent denials.

The prospect of war between Israel together with their allies against Iran has run hot and cold many times before but these latest developments are the hottest it’s got yet. China is unlikely to be put off by Clinton’s remarks which mean sanctions via the UN simply will not happen. And Iran, having not been in the slightest bit intimidated in the past over the threat of sanctions, is hardly likely to back off this time around.

The Obama administration has effectively opened the door for Israel to attack Iran. All Israel needs is a viable excuse. If Hezbollah or Hamas don’t provide one, then Mossad are likely to provide one for them.

I hope, as usual, that I’m wrong.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


There’s been a lot of rhetoric from Israel and their neoconservative supporters over the years about ‘appeasing’ Iran in much the same way as Nazi Germany was appeased prior to the Second World War. The truth, however, is that it is not Iran that is being appeased at all, but Israel.

One needs only to compare the history and policies of Nazi Germany with the history and policies of Iran to see that the two have absolutely no parallels whatsoever. But, when one compares the history and policies of Nazi Germany with the history and policies of Zionist Israel, one sees clearly the striking parallels between the two.

Like Nazi Germany, Israel is an expansionist state. Just as Nazi Germany laid claim to the Rhineland, the Sudetenland, Austria, Poland, Russia, etc., in order to create a Greater Germany, so Zionist Israel lays claim to Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights, south Lebanon up to the Litani River, etc., in order to create a Greater Israel. Iran, on the other hand, makes no such claims against its neighbours.

Just as Nazi Germany armed itself to become militarily the most powerful nation in Europe in order to support its territorial claims, so Zionist Israel has armed itself to become militarily the most powerful nation in the Middle East in order to support its territorial claims. Any armament Iran has is for the defence of its borders and against attack.

Just as Nazi Germany ghettoised the Jews into a part of Warsaw in Poland as it invaded the nations it wished to become part of greater Germany, so Zionist Israel has ghettoised the Palestinian people into the Gaza Strip in Palestine as it invaded the land it wished to become part of Greater Israel; land which was not even part of the immoral deal that was made with the Zionists when Israel was created, but which the world, in appeasing the Zionists, let them keep anyway. Iran, on the other hand has not ghettoised any people nor claimed their land and property.

Just as Nazi Germany emptied homes in occupied eastern countries of Jews in order to give them to ethnic Germans as part of the creation of Greater Germany, so Zionist Israel has emptied homes in eastern Jerusalem and other parts of the West Bank in order to give them to ethnic Jews as part of the creation of Greater Israel. The Iranians haven’t turfed anyone out from their homes in conquered lands in order to create a Greater Iran – indeed, there are no conquered lands and there are no delusions of grandeur about creating a Greater Iran.

Just as Nazi Germany used overwhelming and indiscriminate force to subdue and kill Jews herded into the Warsaw Ghetto depriving them of the basic essentials to life and who then revolted against the SS-Nazis in a heroic yet futile attempt to free themselves, so Zionist Israel used overwhelming and indiscriminate force to subdue and kill Palestinians who had revolted against the IDF-Zionists in a heroic yet futile attempt to free themselves after having been herded into the Gaza Strip and deprived of the basic essentials to life. Iran has not herded anyone into a ghetto and then attempted to slowly deprive them of the essentials of life let alone sent guided missiles and phosphorus bombs indiscriminately into the civilian population killing and wounding thousands.

Just as the SS-Nazis attempted to shut down the supply tunnels that Jews had created in order to smuggle food, supplies and weapons with which to resist their tormentors into the Warsaw Ghetto, so IDF-Zionists are attempting to shut down the supply tunnels that Palestinians have created in order to smuggle food, supplies and weapons with which to resist their tormentors into the Gaza Strip ghetto. Iran has no need to shut down supply tunnels anywhere.

Yet for all the obvious parallels, Israel, the US and their Western allies still insist that Iran wants to take over the Middle East and that the rest of the world and those on the left in the West are ‘appeasing’ Iran.

The true modern day appeasers are the US and their Western allies who are appeasing the expansionist apartheid state of Israel in its quest to create a Greater Israel. All Iran is doing is providing support to those who Israel and her allies wish to conquer and oppress while the US provides Zionist Israel with all the military wherewithal it needs to help create a Greater Israel at the expense of the Palestinian and Arab people.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Last Monday, George Monbiot, writer and commentator with the UKs Guardian newspaper, launched a website called which intends to raise money for a bounty to be paid to any one who attempts a citizen’s arrest of former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

So far, the appeal has raised some £8,830.00 in just a few days with Monbiot himself kicking it off with a donation of £100. Any one attempting a bona fide citizen’s arrest, successful or otherwise, will be entitled to one quarter of the kitty as it stood at the time of the arrest and providing the arrest is reported in a bona fide news reporting service and also providing no one is hurt in the process of the arrest – including Blair. All the details are available at Monbiot’s site.

Already the right-wing media blogs, especially the Murdoch press, are inadvertently promoting Monbiot’s venture. With a certain degree of irony, one of Murdoch’s most outrageous propagandists, Tim Blair of Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, has already written a column in his extreme right-wing opinion blog which provides a link directly to Monbiot’s site together with commentary of what it’s all about. Of course, while Tim Blair is attempting to ridicule rather than promote Monbiot’s endeavours in the delusional belief that all of those that visit Tim Blair’s blog are actually supporters of his right-wing garbage, he has actually done Monbiot a great favour since the vast majority of visitors to Tim Blair’s site go there merely to be entertained by his coterie of bloggies with their disgraceful racial slurs and blatant over the top extreme right-wing nonsense.

Monbiot has put his money where his mouth is and deserves all the support he can get. While Monbiot has no illusions about how successful any arrest is likely to be, he at least is bringing to the attention of the world the crimes that Tony Blair has committed and ensuring that Tony Blair will not be able to rest easily ever again until he has answered for his crimes.
Well done George Monbiot and all those that support him – including those like the ridiculous Tim Blair in Australia who, while he doesn’t realise it, is also doing his bit to ensure Monbiot’s cause is heard about!


In an interesting but probably predictable development, PayPal, the world-wide money shifting facilitator company founded by neoconservative Peter Thiel, has decided to withdraw its services to George Monbiot’s site. Fortunately, Monbiot has set up alternative facilities for people to donate through.

Monday, January 25, 2010


It seems Israel is becoming anxious about the American peoples commitment to Israeli Zionist dreams of creating a Greater Israel. They are so anxious that they have released a tape that they are claiming is the very dead Osama bin Laden threatening the US with acts of terrorism if they continue to support Israel.

This latest tape is the most blatantly transparent piece of nonsense that has ever emanated from the Israelis and their allies and demonstrates how fearful they are of losing the support of the American people and the West generally. The give-away for this particular piece of garbage is the way the Israelis have tried to link the al Qaeda cause to the Palestinian’s cause.

American’s, and indeed, many in the West, are becoming rapidly disillusioned by Israel’s behaviour over the past few years. In particular, since the release of the Goldstone Report that showed Israel’s warcrimes in the Gaza during Operation Cast Lead in which over a thousand Gazans were brutally murdered, people have become alerted to Israeli skulduggery and attempted cover-ups for their crimes. And, in latest developments in the West Bank, people in the West are increasingly becoming aware that the Netanyahu Zionist government has no intention whatsoever of ever allowing a Palestinian state to exist despite all the talk of talks, negotiations, roadmaps, accords, etc. As recently as this last Sunday Netanyahu said that Jewish settlements in the West Bank will remain Israeli.

Israel, by linking the Palestinian cause with Osama bin Laden is attempting to undermine the Palestinians quest for a sovereign state and in the process claim that Israel’s enemies are America’s enemies and that the struggle against ‘terrorism’ intrinsically links Palestinian fighters with al Qaeda and, therefore, the US must continue to support Israel in their fight against the Palestinians seeking their own sovereign state.

Unfortunately for the Israeli Zionists and their supporters in the West, the vast majority of the peoples of the world are unlikely to fall for this nonsense. It is only the extreme right-wing Murdoch style press that are actually pushing this nonsense as a given fact while other more progressive and realistic media sources are feeding the news of bin Laden’s latest messages as ‘purportedly of Osama bin Laden’ or ‘claiming to be from bin Laden’.

Oddly, the Los Angeles Times takes the tack that bin Laden is claiming credit for the Christmas Day bombing plot but then states that US intelligence (and I use the word ‘intelligence’ advisedly) officials have raised doubts about bin Laden’s role in the plot and suggest that it was an “attempt to score propaganda points for a plot already claimed by an increasingly independent faction of his movement in Yemen”.

Bin Laden was allegedly responsible for the most successful terrorist attack ever perpetrated destroying three major buildings and severely damaging the hub of US defence, so, even if bin Laden were alive, why on earth would he put his hand up to admit to the miserable failure of some bloke failing to blow his groin to bits with not much more than a large fire cracker that turned out to be just a damp squib? And where’s the propaganda brownie points in that?

Desperation has truly set in.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Iran yesterday defied the US and its allies by rejecting their plan for Iran to send its low-enriched material overseas for further enrichment by a foreign facility which would then return the material to Iran for use. This follows close on the heels last weekend of China, a permanent member of the UN Security Council with full veto powers, to refuse to consider any further sanctions against Iran via the UN.

The US and their allies are left now with two options: one, to unilaterally apply sanctions against Iran, an option which will have little effect since Russia and China will take up the slack caused by any such sanctions by the West, or two, the option that the Israeli Zionists and their neoconservative allies really want since it has all along been about nothing else; to attack Iran with the aim of ‘regime change’.

War against Iran has been brewing for many years now with the propaganda from Israeli Zionists and neoconservatives having made it quite clear that they wish nothing else but regime change in Iran. With regime change in Iran the Israeli Zionists believe that resistance to the Israeli dream of a Greater Israel by Hezbollah and Hamas will crumble as Iran is no longer able to support them.

Iran’s so-called ‘nuclear weapons program’ has only ever been an excuse for Israel and their allies to effect regime change. Despite years of intense and relentless propaganda accusing Iran of seeking nuclear weapons, there has not been one skerrick of evidence found to even suggest that Iran has a ‘nuclear weapons program’. However, Israel and the US and their allies will disregard the lack of evidence and continue on their march toward the inevitable final confrontation with Iran as the options quickly run out.

The world needs to prepare itself for the coming onslaught against Israel’s enemies. When Iran is attacked, Israel will launch an attack against Hamas in the Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon and possibly Syria as well.

It’s just a matter of time.

Friday, January 15, 2010


The rapidly increasing activity in remotely piloted aircraft attack operations over both Afghanistan and Pakistan is an indication of America’s increasing interest in achieving a war-fighting ability whereby ultimately no Americans need be anywhere near the actual war zone.

In a recent incident last week a Predator drone aircraft fired a Hellfire missile into a crowd of Afghans that military authorities said were suspected insurgents. Despite the fact that they were only ‘suspected’ of being insurgents, the armchair-bound Predator pilots in Washington nonetheless decided to launch an attack against them that resulted in the deaths of thirteen of them and wounding three others. In another attack earlier this week, a Predator fired a Hellfire missile that killed three other fighters in Afghanistan.

With the recently announced ‘surge’ into Afghanistan likely to drive fighters over the borders into Pakistan, there is likely to be an increased use of drones over Pakistan which has already experienced a high level of drone attacks. As the ‘surge’ was announced, drone production programs were upgraded to bring more of them into operation.

It seems that operations in southern Afghanistan and the borderlands of Pakistan are likely to become the first real testing ground of this latest mode of war-fighting where only small on the ground specialised units need to be in place to interface the intelligence they gain with the intelligence gained by the drones.

Drone pilots are being quickly as well as more efficiently trained in the US to meet the increased demand for the use of drone weapon platforms.

Drone attacks on Pakistan are increasingly alienating the Pakistani government who have called on the US to stop. However the call for a cessation of the attacks has fallen on deaf ears as the US continues to use drones against targets inside Pakistan.

With the art of remote war-fighting being rapidly advanced and with the expectation that it is likely to be used in the upcoming war against the people of Yemen, one can only imagine the renewed sense of power that the US must have which, when coupled with its sense of moral exceptionalism, will no doubt only spur them on to greater things in the Middle East for their allies Israel.


Israel and its Western allies are now so determined to convince the world that Iran has a nuclear weapons program that it is prepared to murder Iran’s nuclear scientists in order to create the illusion that they fear for the security of Israel and the West to such an extent that they are prepared to go to these extremes. They hope that the West, while condemning the murders, will nonetheless become convinced that Iran does have a nuclear weapons program and that the only way ultimately that Iran can be deterred from building a nuclear weapon is for the West to attack Iran in order to affect regime change.

The assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists has become another part of Israel’s elaborate and relentless propaganda program designed to build Western public opinion against the Iranian regime and to prepare the West for a devastating attack against Iran using Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons as the excuse for such an attack.

With regard to the reports about the assassinations and who has been responsible for them, what has been highly unusual is the way the Western mainstream media for almost a year now have actually supported the claims that Israel and the West have been responsible for them and the lack of reporting of any denials from official sources. Ha’aretz report that one of the reasons for the West taking covert action against Iran by assassinating its nuclear scientists is because the Israelis do not believe that the US is ready to attack Iran and so, therefore, the Israelis and the West are removing the threat by other means. This is a furphy that has become part of the propaganda. The reality is far different.

Despite the deafening daily roar of the ‘Iran seeks nuclear weapons’ propaganda, there is still not one skerrick of evidence to prove that Iran actually is seeking nuclear weapons. What has become lost in the hysteria over Iran and its so-called ‘nuclear weapons program’ is any analytical reasoning as to why Iran would want to build and use a nuclear weapon against the West knowing that to do so would mean the end of Iran as a result of an instant nuclear reprisal. There is absolutely no evidence at all to suggest that Iran has any such death wish. While the war between Iraq and Iran demonstrated that Iran is prepared to make enormous sacrifices to defend its own soil and sovereignty, there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that Iran is prepared to sacrifice the entire nation for the sake of defending another that is on the other side of the Middle Eastern continent.

So what is going on?

If there were regime change tomorrow to a regime that was friendly toward Israel and the West, the notion that Iran is seeking nuclear weapons would disappear overnight never to be heard of again. The reason for that is because disappearing with it would be Iran’s support of Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. And this is what all the fuss is really all about.

It’s has absolutely nothing to do with nuclear weapons; it has absolutely everything to do with depriving Hamas and Hezbollah of Iranian support which would then allow Israel a free hand in the Gaza and Lebanon in order to advance their eventual dream of a Greater Israel.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Largely unreported in the Western media has been a recent telephone talk between Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Pakistan’s president Asif Ali Zardari in which the Peace pipeline project was discussed as well as the need for regional stability and the need to keep Western forces out of regional affairs. Ahmadinejad condemned the terrorist operations of ‘foreign forces and arrogant powers’ in Pakistan.

The Peace pipeline is a project which plans to take Iran’s natural gas to Pakistan and India and which Ahmadinejad is now anxious to expedite in the light of the possibility of further threats of sanctions by the West.

A close relationship between Iran and Pakistan is likely to be an anathema to the Western allies and particularly the US and Israel who is currently hoping to destabilise Iran with a view to regime change that in turn will cut off Iranian support to Hezbollah and Hamas, the two major stumbling blocks to Israeli aspirations for a Greater Israel.

Of greatest concern to the West is the fact that Pakistan has nuclear weapons, some of which the West may fear will be handed to Iran in the event of a tough military alliance forming between the two neighbours especially as the US and NATO pursue their war in Afghanistan against the Taliban into Pakistan.

The renewed talks between the presidents of Iran and Pakistan about an alliance designed to counter the West’s hegemony in the region may well be all the trigger the US and Israel need to kick off an attack against Iran designed to affect regime change.

In the light of the prospect of an alliance between Iran and Pakistan, regime change is now once again just as much in America’s interest as it is Israel’s.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Normally, Murdoch’s racists on his newspapers in Sydney and Melbourne, Tim Blair and Piers Akerman at Sydney’s Daily Telegraph and Andrew Bolt at Melbourne’s Herald Sun, wouldn’t be able to resist making some comment about the recent spate of attacks on Indian in Melbourne. But, while it is true that Bolt is on leave, both Blair and Akerman are very active with their blogs in Sydney yet both have been strangely silent on the issue.

Last Saturday four unidentified men set fire to 29-year-old Jaspreet Singh in Melbourne while a little over a week ago 21-year-old Nitin Garg, a student also in Melbourne, was stabbed to death by an unknown assailant or assailants.

Police were very quick to insist that the attacks were not racially motivated despite the fact that none of the culprits have yet been caught. Police offered no evidence to support their assertion. The Victorian government, anxious to keep relations sweet with the Indian government in order to protect a very lucrative education industry offered to overseas students, likewise have insisted that the attacks were not racially motivated. Julia Gillard, Australia’s deputy prime minister, has also denied any racial motivation for the attacks.

Clearly, the attacks have created a massive diplomatic problem which, just as clearly, the Australian government wants to maintain control of. While here in Australia we like to think we have a ‘free’ press, there are times when it is in the government’s interest to ask the media to limit discussion of sensitive issues like this to simply the facts without proffering too much opinion and certainly not to aggravate the problem by allowing it to be discussed on the mainstream newspaper’s blogs – particularly the right-wing racist ones run by Blair, Akerman and Bolt, et al.

These people have done enough damage to Australia with their racist outbursts over the years. Perhaps it’s time they should be silenced for good. The world would be a far better place without these people shoving the hate on the rest of us.

This article is also posted at Murdoch’s Propagandists.

Friday, January 08, 2010


It’s always a worry when an Israeli envoy to the US, in this case a neoconservative Straussian like Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, makes a categorical statement of denial such as this. Even if they aren’t actually going to attack right now, one just knows that an Iran strike has been discussed between the two countries and to deny that an Iran strike has not been discussed is a straight out lie.

Oren insists that both the US and Israel are focussing on sanctions against Iran, despite China’s recent refusal to support further sanctions in the UN, leaving only low level economic impact sanctions capability by the US and Israel and a handful of other nations they are able to influence. Russia and China, however, are likely to fill any void left by such sanctions thus rendering US/Israel sanctions ineffective – as, indeed, they have so far.

Ambassador Oren’s words mean nothing. Israel for years have been pleading with the US to hit Iran for the purpose of regime change thus giving Israel an advantage in their fight against Hezbollah and Hamas who are supported by Iran. While George W. Bush was president the opportunity existed for such a strike if Israel could have only have provoked a suitable casus belli. They were unable to but it wasn’t through the lack of trying. The 2006 wars against both Hamas in the Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon, then again against Gaza in 2008/2009 were direct attempts to provoke Iran into confrontation. Iran, wisely, did not oblige despite the provocations. Now, with Obama as president, Israel needs to tread far more carefully if it is to have any chance of having US support when an opportunity arises for Israel to once again attempt a confrontation with Iran.

And, of course, the last thing Israel wants is for Iran to actually concede to their demands over nuclear energy. It leaves the regime in place and, most importantly of all as far as the Israelis are concerned, it means Hamas and Hezbollah will continue to be supported by Iran.
The Israelis are simply playing for time while they orchestrate an opportunity to create a casus belli to attack with the full support of the US.

Thursday, January 07, 2010


An interesting but alarming article appeared and then quickly disappeared from the front page of the online Jerusalem Post yesterday. Short and to the point, it said simply that Syria would back Hezbollah in Lebanon if attacked by Israel adding that ‘Damascus considered any threat to Lebanon’s security as a threat to Syria’s security’. The report also noted, quoting the Qatari newspaper Al Watan, that Damascus was concerned about ‘Israeli deployment and manoeuvres along the northern border’. The report then went on to further quote Al Watan saying that a US official had told the Lebanese government that Israel planned to invade Lebanon up to Beirut if the Lebanese government did not disarm Hezbollah, something the Lebanese government is definitely not going to be doing.

Yesterday on this blog, I pondered the notion that the US and/or Israel may be frustrated enough at China’s refusal to consider further sanctions against Iran to think about launching an attack. In the event of doing so, Israel is well aware of the consequences of such an attack. Both Hezbollah and Hamas in the Gaza Strip are both likely to launch rocket attacks against Israel in retaliation. Israel, therefore, is likely to pre-empt such a retaliatory strike by simply launching a massive assault simultaneously against Hezbollah and Hamas at the same time as launching an air attack against Iran with possibly the help of the US.

In the Gaza, the Palestinian people being held captive there are becoming frustrated at the continuing stranglehold put on them by both the Israelis and the Egyptians. The Israelis are still refusing to allow anywhere near enough aid into the besieged Strip while the Egyptian government, at the beckoning of the Israelis and the US, are tightening their grip on control of the Gaza/Egyptian border by blocking the tunnels that are the lifeline of supply to the Gaza. The Gazan’s frustration boiled over yesterday when a demonstration turned violent and Egyptian border guards opened fire on Palestinians after Palestinian police fired shots into the air in an attempt to control the crowds. Several Palestinians were shot and wounded while one Egyptian guard was killed.

As yet, there is absolutely no endgame in sight for the Gaza crisis. Israeli Zionist intentions, however, have always been clear as far as the Gaza is concerned; nothing less than transfer of the Palestinians that are there and then settlement again by Israelis, and ultimately annexation into Israel. Clearly, Israel is allowing the situation in the Gaza to deteriorate to such a point that it will reach a flashpoint – and that flashpoint will be coordinated with a provoked flashpoint with Hezbollah at which time the Israelis will take the punt and attack Iran knowing that the US will not be able to stand by and watch Israel put itself at such risk without helping it.

The situation in the entire region is deteriorating rapidly and, while Israel is trying desperately to make it seem that it is all the fault of Hezbollah, Hamas, the Syrians and, most of all, Iran, the reality is; it is Israel that is manipulating and orchestrating the entire state of affairs in a bid to induce a final confrontation with Iran.

When America and its Western allies confronted Iraq the world could see it coming and protested vigorously even though it made no difference. But now, for some reason, an even greater explosion is about to blow up in the world’s face, yet we seem totally uninterested.

Everything is in place. All it needs is one spark.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


The US and Israel will be frustrated by China’s move to block further sanctions against Iran. The move may just be enough for Israel and the US to consider an attack against Iran.

Relentless Western rhetoric and propaganda, particularly out of the US and Israel, has attempted to posit Iran as a pursuer of a nuclear weapons program. The US and Israel have for some years been trying to build public opinion against Iran in order to pave the way for a war which they hope will result in ‘regime change’. Recent internal events in Iran, namely the 12 June 2009 elections and the resultant ‘protests’ instigated by agents provocateurs acting for US and Israeli interests, have not resulted in the desired outcome of popular revolution that would bring about the downfall of the ruling Mullahs.

Most Iranians on the streets protesting the Ahmadinejad government are doing so, not because they don’t support the Mullahs regime, but because they are angered over issues such as unemployment and the economy. However, if one were to believe the Western rhetoric, one might think that Iranians en masse now support Israeli Zionism and are ready to wholeheartedly embrace the US. In fact, the opposite is true. Some Iranians are indeed fed up with the way the economy is going but are hardly going to support the US and Israel because of it. A measure of Iranian support for the theocratic regime is their support for the regimes stand against the US and Israel over their nuclear ambitions with the vast majority of Iranians supporting their governments drive to nuclear energy independence. Polls conducted after the June 2009 elections have shown that, not only do Iranians support their country’s pursuit of nuclear energy, but they also support their president.

For all of US and Israeli propaganda about Iran’s ‘nuclear weapons program’, neither country has been able to produce any evidence whatsoever to support their claims. Nor has the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) ever been able to provide any evidence to support the US and Israeli assertions.

The reason why the US and Israel – Israel in particular – are so adamant on regime change is because of Iran’s support of Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Without support from Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah resistance to Israel would quickly crumble. With both organisations no longer able to resist Israeli aggression, Israel would soon be able to dominate the Gaza and south Lebanon up to the Litani River thus fulfilling the Zionist dream of a Greater Israel.

In some ways, the Chinese decision not to support further sanctions against Iran could be just the excuse the US and Israel are looking for to attack Iran for the purposes of effecting regime change using the accusation that Iran has bought extra time with which to produce a bomb as a casus belli for such an attack.