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Wednesday, January 06, 2010


The US and Israel will be frustrated by China’s move to block further sanctions against Iran. The move may just be enough for Israel and the US to consider an attack against Iran.

Relentless Western rhetoric and propaganda, particularly out of the US and Israel, has attempted to posit Iran as a pursuer of a nuclear weapons program. The US and Israel have for some years been trying to build public opinion against Iran in order to pave the way for a war which they hope will result in ‘regime change’. Recent internal events in Iran, namely the 12 June 2009 elections and the resultant ‘protests’ instigated by agents provocateurs acting for US and Israeli interests, have not resulted in the desired outcome of popular revolution that would bring about the downfall of the ruling Mullahs.

Most Iranians on the streets protesting the Ahmadinejad government are doing so, not because they don’t support the Mullahs regime, but because they are angered over issues such as unemployment and the economy. However, if one were to believe the Western rhetoric, one might think that Iranians en masse now support Israeli Zionism and are ready to wholeheartedly embrace the US. In fact, the opposite is true. Some Iranians are indeed fed up with the way the economy is going but are hardly going to support the US and Israel because of it. A measure of Iranian support for the theocratic regime is their support for the regimes stand against the US and Israel over their nuclear ambitions with the vast majority of Iranians supporting their governments drive to nuclear energy independence. Polls conducted after the June 2009 elections have shown that, not only do Iranians support their country’s pursuit of nuclear energy, but they also support their president.

For all of US and Israeli propaganda about Iran’s ‘nuclear weapons program’, neither country has been able to produce any evidence whatsoever to support their claims. Nor has the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) ever been able to provide any evidence to support the US and Israeli assertions.

The reason why the US and Israel – Israel in particular – are so adamant on regime change is because of Iran’s support of Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Without support from Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah resistance to Israel would quickly crumble. With both organisations no longer able to resist Israeli aggression, Israel would soon be able to dominate the Gaza and south Lebanon up to the Litani River thus fulfilling the Zionist dream of a Greater Israel.

In some ways, the Chinese decision not to support further sanctions against Iran could be just the excuse the US and Israel are looking for to attack Iran for the purposes of effecting regime change using the accusation that Iran has bought extra time with which to produce a bomb as a casus belli for such an attack.


Anonymous said...

It's something to bet on, that's for sure. But I bet they will not.

The Russians would have to stand down and permit an actual campaign - and because the Russian oil and gas, and the pipe-lines and routes that carry it and Caspian petro supplies, are the strategic goal with respect to Iran, the Russian will object.

I do not mean object simply by mooting some legal objection. No. I mean they will, if possible, make trouble for the O-man and his folks elsewhere - perhaps in South America. If the Russians can't do that - can't take an indirect method, then they'll make the campaign prohibitivly 'spensive in some direct manner.

How much is a fleet carrier worth? Ok, how much for three?

And the Ruskie bear can supply shoulder fired heat-seekers in trade fopr dope, then sell the dope in the US. Choppers and pilots are in short supply already.

Being as they're the real target, they will not simply wait for their destruction quietly.

Anonymous said...

of course, but with Obombaton firmly committed to slaughtering Yemeni's like cordwood, based on the AL-CIA-DA set up of the alleged Yemeni DEPENDS bomber, the most likely scenario is that they have to stage one hell of another 9/11 magnitude FALSE FLAG attack to give the gutless scum in the U.S.S.A. the need to hide under their beds while their ROTHSCHILDS controlled thru the Knesset, Israeli operated AIPAC government is getting ready to mass murder tens of thousands, and perhaps ultimately more than a MILLION people in Iran just to ensure the U.S.S.A. controls the Yemeni 'choke point' for petro energy out of the region. This is so predictable now, I can almost predict the nature of the FALSE FLAG and how 'outraged' the U.S.S.A. and Britain's parallel puppet, Gordon 'BLAIR BITCH II' Brown will join farces and help the Israeli's strike Iran.

They'll get away with it because, like I said, the gutless, totally ball-less masses in the U.S.S.A. won't object to yet one more act of WORLD TERRORISM by use of the MOSSAD controlled AL-CIA-DA.