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Monday, January 25, 2010


It seems Israel is becoming anxious about the American peoples commitment to Israeli Zionist dreams of creating a Greater Israel. They are so anxious that they have released a tape that they are claiming is the very dead Osama bin Laden threatening the US with acts of terrorism if they continue to support Israel.

This latest tape is the most blatantly transparent piece of nonsense that has ever emanated from the Israelis and their allies and demonstrates how fearful they are of losing the support of the American people and the West generally. The give-away for this particular piece of garbage is the way the Israelis have tried to link the al Qaeda cause to the Palestinian’s cause.

American’s, and indeed, many in the West, are becoming rapidly disillusioned by Israel’s behaviour over the past few years. In particular, since the release of the Goldstone Report that showed Israel’s warcrimes in the Gaza during Operation Cast Lead in which over a thousand Gazans were brutally murdered, people have become alerted to Israeli skulduggery and attempted cover-ups for their crimes. And, in latest developments in the West Bank, people in the West are increasingly becoming aware that the Netanyahu Zionist government has no intention whatsoever of ever allowing a Palestinian state to exist despite all the talk of talks, negotiations, roadmaps, accords, etc. As recently as this last Sunday Netanyahu said that Jewish settlements in the West Bank will remain Israeli.

Israel, by linking the Palestinian cause with Osama bin Laden is attempting to undermine the Palestinians quest for a sovereign state and in the process claim that Israel’s enemies are America’s enemies and that the struggle against ‘terrorism’ intrinsically links Palestinian fighters with al Qaeda and, therefore, the US must continue to support Israel in their fight against the Palestinians seeking their own sovereign state.

Unfortunately for the Israeli Zionists and their supporters in the West, the vast majority of the peoples of the world are unlikely to fall for this nonsense. It is only the extreme right-wing Murdoch style press that are actually pushing this nonsense as a given fact while other more progressive and realistic media sources are feeding the news of bin Laden’s latest messages as ‘purportedly of Osama bin Laden’ or ‘claiming to be from bin Laden’.

Oddly, the Los Angeles Times takes the tack that bin Laden is claiming credit for the Christmas Day bombing plot but then states that US intelligence (and I use the word ‘intelligence’ advisedly) officials have raised doubts about bin Laden’s role in the plot and suggest that it was an “attempt to score propaganda points for a plot already claimed by an increasingly independent faction of his movement in Yemen”.

Bin Laden was allegedly responsible for the most successful terrorist attack ever perpetrated destroying three major buildings and severely damaging the hub of US defence, so, even if bin Laden were alive, why on earth would he put his hand up to admit to the miserable failure of some bloke failing to blow his groin to bits with not much more than a large fire cracker that turned out to be just a damp squib? And where’s the propaganda brownie points in that?

Desperation has truly set in.


Anonymous said...

Hang on, surely we need some proof that this is released from Israel?

Anyway, the world's attention has been diverted at present to the utter destruction in Haiti, with a catastrophe that is so devastating as to present us with a death toll in the vicinity of the Boxing Day tsunami.

Did everbody see the celebrity telethon across the US that resulted in all that aid money for Haiti. It was a wonderful example of man's kindness to one another.

The Israelis are pulling their weight on this one, too. Ten-fold:

I hope the Haitian population can get back on its feet soon.

traducteur said...

the Palestinians' quest for a sovereign state

It's looking increasingly as though the Palestinians' sovereign state is going to be all of Palestine. Jewish inhabitants will be allowed to remain, of course: the rule will be equality before the law for all citizens regardless of race (they'll treat their Jewish fellow-citizens a lot better than the Zionists have treated them!). It won't happen tomorrow, of course, but the long-term trend seems clear. Vive la Palestine !

Northerntruthseeker said...

Welcome to the real truth about world Zionism, and its threat to all of us, friend!

Anonymous said...

Sorry guy,but Bin Ladin or any Arab had nothing to do with the 911 attacks. you got it right about Israel firster hacks spuing dis- information. FYI: it's the same guys not dead Bin Ladin

David G. said...

It never ceases to amaze me that both Israel and the U.S. have been engaged in blatant imperialism for decades yet it has gone largely unnoticed.

Israel seriously crossed the red line when it levelled Gaza and that caused a few raised eyebrows even among the most rabid Israeli apologists.

But the U.S. is after more than expanding its power over bits of Lebanon and Jordan. It is seeking control of most of the world.

How come so few people notice? The U.S. is the major problem.

Anonymous said...

If people really believe that the world is as it is presented by the media & governments ... well then well excuse me for disturbing your sleep ! Bush & Clinton love Haiti fund ..erhh sorry that does not compute. More HAARP anyone ?

traducteur said...

From Xymphora's blog:

The Haiti earthquake is 'good for the Jews' as it provided a simultaneous hasbara opportunity and a huge source of free organs! I wonder how many Haitians might have lived if they had been treated by doctors from a country that doesn't steal organs.

james said...

All good points, David G, and well said. But can I get pedantic a bit on your last one?
You said, "The U.S. is the major problem.

I would expand it to say, the people who control the US are the problem. And then go on to note that the same people control israel.

Thanks for this article, Damian. This could be head scratching stuff if the obvious is missed. But you have highlighted it well, "Desperation has truly set in".

David G said...

James, the point you make is a fair one. But keep in mind that those who are running America rely on the fact that most Americans are completely ignorant and indifferent.

It's waking these 'sheeple' up that is the major issue facing the world!

james said...

No argument there from me, David!

Stee said...

Spot on David G and James, the people who control the U.S are surely a problem thats well known, but as David G points out its the rammed in your face sheeple lot l see as a major problem in the world, a highly entertainment driven and steered population on many levels stored within their inflated or botoxed egos, with the loudest repeater mouthtrap on a couch besides its TV set.