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Friday, January 08, 2010


It’s always a worry when an Israeli envoy to the US, in this case a neoconservative Straussian like Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, makes a categorical statement of denial such as this. Even if they aren’t actually going to attack right now, one just knows that an Iran strike has been discussed between the two countries and to deny that an Iran strike has not been discussed is a straight out lie.

Oren insists that both the US and Israel are focussing on sanctions against Iran, despite China’s recent refusal to support further sanctions in the UN, leaving only low level economic impact sanctions capability by the US and Israel and a handful of other nations they are able to influence. Russia and China, however, are likely to fill any void left by such sanctions thus rendering US/Israel sanctions ineffective – as, indeed, they have so far.

Ambassador Oren’s words mean nothing. Israel for years have been pleading with the US to hit Iran for the purpose of regime change thus giving Israel an advantage in their fight against Hezbollah and Hamas who are supported by Iran. While George W. Bush was president the opportunity existed for such a strike if Israel could have only have provoked a suitable casus belli. They were unable to but it wasn’t through the lack of trying. The 2006 wars against both Hamas in the Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon, then again against Gaza in 2008/2009 were direct attempts to provoke Iran into confrontation. Iran, wisely, did not oblige despite the provocations. Now, with Obama as president, Israel needs to tread far more carefully if it is to have any chance of having US support when an opportunity arises for Israel to once again attempt a confrontation with Iran.

And, of course, the last thing Israel wants is for Iran to actually concede to their demands over nuclear energy. It leaves the regime in place and, most importantly of all as far as the Israelis are concerned, it means Hamas and Hezbollah will continue to be supported by Iran.
The Israelis are simply playing for time while they orchestrate an opportunity to create a casus belli to attack with the full support of the US.


A. Peasant said...

according to this he is mossad

also, jpost is floating a may timeframe, which seems awfully far out nothing to worry about if you know what i mean. and i'm thinking in fact they have their eye on lebanon real soon.

Damian Lataan said...

Greetings fellow Peasant. I have little doubt that Oren is Mossad.

Once the US/Israel have made up their mind to go to war against Iran, they will very quickly escalate their attacks to include Hamas in the Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon or, alternatively, even attack all their enemies simultaneously.

Events in the region are quickly heating now as the Israelis search for a casus belli to start their war. One big spark and its on.

What's most upsetting, apart from the prospect of great carnage resulting from such a confrontation, is the fact that the people of the world seem not to care despite all the signs being the same as the lead up to the attack on Iraq. Why are we not out in the streets in our millions like before? Is it because the last time we protested the governments of the world didn't listen to their peoples?

james said...

"Why are we not out in the streets in our millions like before? Is it because the last time we protested the governments of the world didn't listen to their peoples?

In a word? Yep!

A. Peasant said...

if only i knew the answer...
all the same, some of us will continue to witness.

David G. said...

Damian, it's easy to get caught up with the vile ambitions of Israel and miss the real villain of the show which is the U.S.

Sure, Israel has plans to create Greater Israel but the U.S. has plans to control the world, plans which are well advanced!

The world has to take America out of the equation. When and if that happens, Israel will vanish into the sand!

Damian Lataan said...

I agree David, but I wonder if not America is slowly taking itself out of the equation. Despite its plans to dominate the world - and, of course, it does have the wherewithal to do so militarily - one needs to ask; is it actually capable? Does it have the even the will?

Sure, the adminstration and the right-wing have, but do the American people? Eight years in Afghanistan against a rag-tag enemy armed with nothing better than AK-47s, RPGs, IEDs and explosives to attach to themselves and all the US has succeeded in doing is alienating many of those that were originally against the Taliban but now fight with them, and spreading the war into Pakistan where they are now alienating the Pakistani people by killing them.

And after seven years in Iraq, have they still achieved anything.

And then there is their own home which is in a disgusting state. 30 million Americans living solely on food stamps; thousands losing their jobs every day; hundreds losing their homes every day; health care in an aging population becoming non-existent; body bags being flown home daily; billions of dollars they don't have being spent on endless wars; an up and coming superpower, China, that could overtake the US within a decade or two at the rate it's growing and the US is deteriorating; and, above all, a world that no longer has any faith in America and its ideals or its abilities anymore.

Israel cannot attack Iran without US support. The US will only attack Iran if Israel is genuinely threatened. Israel will only be genuinely threatened if it opens up the war by attacking Iran.

When that happens, well... who knows how it will end.

The American people must be convinced themselves that they should not be in the equation.

America will survive without Israel; Israel cannot survive without America. When America's power has vanished then so will Israel as we know it today.

David G said...

'The American people must be convinced themselves that they should not be in the equation.'

Damian, have you ever tried to change an American's mind about the glaring faults their country has?

Their indoctrination is so profound, it leaves me breathless!

traducteur said...


A. Peasant said...

david g, it is pointless to talk about the US without looking at who controls the US, the US congress, the US media.

how indeed did americans come under such "profound" indoctrination in the first place?

David G said...

A Peasant, it is an interesting question as to how Americans came to be so indoctrinated. When you look at the migration from Europe to the New World, it's hard to believe that such a homogenous group of mindless, violent people could have eventuated.

The problem for the world is that the leaders of America seek world control and the citizens of America are, in the main, brain dead but don't mind a good war as long as they aren't the ones dying!

How the monster that is America is to be knocked off its perch is a perplexing question. It's not a nation that is capable of broad vision and it never learns from its mistakes.

To bankrupt it is the only solution that I see.