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Thursday, January 07, 2010


An interesting but alarming article appeared and then quickly disappeared from the front page of the online Jerusalem Post yesterday. Short and to the point, it said simply that Syria would back Hezbollah in Lebanon if attacked by Israel adding that ‘Damascus considered any threat to Lebanon’s security as a threat to Syria’s security’. The report also noted, quoting the Qatari newspaper Al Watan, that Damascus was concerned about ‘Israeli deployment and manoeuvres along the northern border’. The report then went on to further quote Al Watan saying that a US official had told the Lebanese government that Israel planned to invade Lebanon up to Beirut if the Lebanese government did not disarm Hezbollah, something the Lebanese government is definitely not going to be doing.

Yesterday on this blog, I pondered the notion that the US and/or Israel may be frustrated enough at China’s refusal to consider further sanctions against Iran to think about launching an attack. In the event of doing so, Israel is well aware of the consequences of such an attack. Both Hezbollah and Hamas in the Gaza Strip are both likely to launch rocket attacks against Israel in retaliation. Israel, therefore, is likely to pre-empt such a retaliatory strike by simply launching a massive assault simultaneously against Hezbollah and Hamas at the same time as launching an air attack against Iran with possibly the help of the US.

In the Gaza, the Palestinian people being held captive there are becoming frustrated at the continuing stranglehold put on them by both the Israelis and the Egyptians. The Israelis are still refusing to allow anywhere near enough aid into the besieged Strip while the Egyptian government, at the beckoning of the Israelis and the US, are tightening their grip on control of the Gaza/Egyptian border by blocking the tunnels that are the lifeline of supply to the Gaza. The Gazan’s frustration boiled over yesterday when a demonstration turned violent and Egyptian border guards opened fire on Palestinians after Palestinian police fired shots into the air in an attempt to control the crowds. Several Palestinians were shot and wounded while one Egyptian guard was killed.

As yet, there is absolutely no endgame in sight for the Gaza crisis. Israeli Zionist intentions, however, have always been clear as far as the Gaza is concerned; nothing less than transfer of the Palestinians that are there and then settlement again by Israelis, and ultimately annexation into Israel. Clearly, Israel is allowing the situation in the Gaza to deteriorate to such a point that it will reach a flashpoint – and that flashpoint will be coordinated with a provoked flashpoint with Hezbollah at which time the Israelis will take the punt and attack Iran knowing that the US will not be able to stand by and watch Israel put itself at such risk without helping it.

The situation in the entire region is deteriorating rapidly and, while Israel is trying desperately to make it seem that it is all the fault of Hezbollah, Hamas, the Syrians and, most of all, Iran, the reality is; it is Israel that is manipulating and orchestrating the entire state of affairs in a bid to induce a final confrontation with Iran.

When America and its Western allies confronted Iraq the world could see it coming and protested vigorously even though it made no difference. But now, for some reason, an even greater explosion is about to blow up in the world’s face, yet we seem totally uninterested.

Everything is in place. All it needs is one spark.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Israel loose it's last tango with Lebanon and Hezbolla? Israel should stick to the kind of heroics it does best - sniping half starved preschoolers in Gaza! How Homeric.

It's tough being a loss leader for the War Factories in the US. It's difficult for a pretend nation to trade it sovereignty and the well being of it's people to be toadies and lap poodles to keep the registers ringing in US Daddy War Buck's blood bazaar. Israel could have been a contender - but is now just a banana republic pretender that no one likes. Soon the drained dry US treasury will not be able to plug the dikes and the soulless arrogance of Big Poppa US's favorite and chosen mullet will sieve into the great nothingness and never spoke of again.

I've said before - and now I'll say it again - when Mohesl at a Zionist Madrassa suggest to their students that they are the chosen people, a wise student should ask, "Chosen for what?" A wild horse can be chosen to stud out at a breeding ranch - but - that same horse could be chosen to manufacture glue and dog food. Being chosen is not necessarily a good thing, unless one knows precisely what they are chosen for.

A Zionist is not a Jew. A Zionist is a Zionist, period. Don't feed the Mohels!

Word to your mother brother.

michael mazur said...

Iran and Syria have a mutual defence pact, affirmed a number of times already, and it is this which is being aimed at by the Jewish State having tried to get it activated in Jul/Aug 06 by their mass murderous assault on Lebanon. The Syrians didn't budge then, nor will they now, as i suspect that if the sources in the Damascus govt are not named, and as the JP article disappeared as quickly as it appeared, it could be a media stunt by the Jewish State to keep the rhetoric up while waiting for something to turn up.

`Several Palestinians were shot and wounded while one Egyptian guard was killed.`

This afternoon the oz abc news was that 5 Palestinians were unconscious from head wounds.(!) Head wounds ? All of them ? Not dead outright, just unconscious ?

Scenario: Israeli sniper concealed well within a open window building using .22cal sub sonic low velocity low power ammo out of a silenced scoped target rifle at a distance of 200mtr.

Range practice weeks before hand would have enabled determination of adjustment for bullet drop to effect placement of bullet on a Palestinian's skull, punching through one side of it into the brain matter, rapidly inducing unconsciousness.

These five unfortunates will never quite be the same again, should any recover consciousness.

Some ten years ago the Jews there had the exact same Palestinian crowd control technique except that they shot at the chest, but abandoned the practice altogether when to their surprise too many of them died !

If the 5.56x45 standard military round is used then the head just explodes. Instant spectacular death, and not just someone clutching his head and falling down - that's why think .22cal.

The additional reason for choosing the .22cal, as described, is not only that the closer range affords better accuracy, but that the sound of bullet travel is not heard, nor is the muzzle report.

I posit the Israeli sniper thought because we should consider the possibility that the report of Egyptian border guards firing on the crowd could be a Zionist media lie to cover for their own side having unleashed the shots. Also, the Egyptian guard being killed could well be another Israeli long range - like 600mtr, sniper using appropriate military ammunition, with, of course, the blame put on the Palestinians.

Last point to make is that for the Jewish State to initiate simultaneously a multi directional assault with the pre eminent thrust being against Iran will not sell in America, as Americans might not see the cassus belli, and so actually be strongly opposed to providing assistance to the Jewish State. Obama is entering the mid term year, and it would be totally unsaleable to the public with US forces mired in Iraq, Afghanistan, mismanaging Pakistan, poised to seriously assault Yemen - and now, go all out on Iran, risking ww3 with Russia, just because the Jewish State, without just cause, is making trouble for itself - again ??

traducteur said...

I'm hoping the Zionist vermin will overreach. The curtain is coming down on their genocidal venture in any case. Here's an encouraging article by Gabriel Kolko: