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Friday, March 30, 2007


Twenty-two members of the Arab League, including Egypt and Jordan who already have peace agreements with and recognise Israel, have signed up to guarantee Israel’s security in return for Israel withdrawing entirely from the Gaza and the West Bank back to its pre-1967 lines, including withdrawing all settlements and also including withdrawal from the Golan Heights, recognising the sovereign state of Palestine and accepting a ‘just solution’ for all the Palestinians and their descendants that were displaced from Israel.

Naturally, the hard right-wing of Zionism is hardly likely to accept any aspect of the proposals and will make every effort to disrupt any discussion of them. There are others, however, who have at least expressed an interest in sitting down to talk despite their concerns about the proposals and their all but total rejection of the right of return part of the proposals which is by far the biggest sticking point as far as both sides are concerned. For the Israelis it simply won’t happen, and for the Palestinians there will be no peace unless it does.

Despite the fact that the Israeli government has rejected the entire proposal out of hand, the mere fact that the Arab League were prepared to go to so much trouble in arranging the meeting to thrash out this attempt at a peace plan says much about the current climate among the Arab peoples. It also makes a statement about the extent of Arab unity at a time when the US and Israel have been trying to wedge the differences that Sunni and Shia are currently having in Iraq by inferring that a fractured Iraq would have a detrimental effect on the relationships that each of the Arab nations have with each other implying that the Sunni/Shia differences could spread throughout the Middle East.

Despite the fact that Israel has rejected the proposal, the demand for peace should now be expanded to include not just the united voices of the Arab peoples, but the peoples of all the world including those moderate Jews throughout the Diaspora that want peace and the peoples of Israel who have also had enough of the wars and killing in the name of right-wing Zionism.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


David Hicks’ plea of guilty has exposed the right-wing propagandists of Australia’s mainstream press for the lunatic neoconservative-supporting simpletons that they have always been.

These people are so dumb and gullible that they actually believe that his plea of ‘guilty’ amounts to a confession to the ‘crimes’ that the US has created for him. Two of the mainstream media’s dumbest right-wing commentators are the Sydney Morning Herald’s Miranda Divine and, of course, SS-Rantenfuehrer Janet Albrechtsen of The Australian.

Devine seems to think that, “By pleading guilty to terrorism this week, David Hicks has plastered egg all over the faces of his supporters - the naive hysterics who believe he is a tortured innocent as well as those glory-seeking civil rights lawyers who have attached themselves to his case.” The only ‘naïve hysterics’ here is Ms. Devine indulging herself in some smug but totally misplaced ‘I told you so’ rant that does nothing except expose her own naivety as to the reasons that Hicks pleaded guilty – which, as everyone knows, was for the sole purpose of extricating himself from the hell hole that is Gitmo. The only one with egg on the face is Ms. Devine.

Meanwhile, over at The Australian, SS-Rantenfuehrer Albrechtsen predictably writes similarly naïve garbage for which she invites comments. Nigh on all the comments however, condemn her take on Hicks’ ‘guilty’ plea, which is much the same as Ms. Devine’s, and are supportive of Hicks, leaving Albrechtsen with much egg on her face too.

Greg Sheridan, wisely, has kept his mouth shut on the matter though, instead, has come out with some pot-stirring hypocrisy about how terrible the Iranians are for ‘kidnapping’ the 15 UK naval personnel while ignoring entirely the kidnappings of Iranian embassy personnel in Iraq by the US and the fact that the UK naval personnel are on waterways that do not belong to them, regardless of whether they were in Iraqi waters or Iranian waters, on account that the war they are waging against the Iraqi people is illegal.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


There is an interesting editorial in today’s UK Guardian where it is argued that, while the humanitarian crisis that is Darfur requires the immediate attention of and action by the UN, Tony Blair and George Bush are two of the world’s leaders that would be most inappropriate to be advocating such action given that both “…have been almost completely discredited as morally driven interveners after the experience of Iraq. If they fail to get the UN sanctions they need, establishing another coalition of the willing to bomb Sudan's airfields could falter on precisely these grounds.” In other words, nobody trusts these leaders any more and as a result, thousands more are likely to perish.

It is Tony Blair according to another UK Guardian report that is advocating that the UN intervene with the possible use of force to enforce a UN sanctioned ‘no-fly zone’. The US is supporting the UKs efforts to get military and other sanctions imposed.

The problem is; Blair simply cannot be trusted. Even as recently as yesterday, Blair was still saying that the invasion and occupation of Iraq was UN sanctioned, despite the recently departed Secretary-General of the UN, Koffi Anan, clearly stating that the war was in fact illegal. The international community is very much aware that it has been taken for a ride at the UN by the senior partners in the ‘Coalition of the Willing’ and is reluctant to support anything that the US and the UK propose because there is still the sense that, even when the proposal seems to be based purely on moral grounds, the US and the UK under the leadership of Bush and Blair respectively usually have some ulterior motive for their proposals. Certainly, historically, neither leader has ever done anything that has not in some way been in their interests either politically or economically.

So, what to do? The US and UK can’t be trusted under their present leaders to do anything that may be driven by morality alone; China is out of the question because of its preference to remain isolationist; Russia still has human rights issues that it needs to sort out before it can claim any moral high ground to intervene in a humanitarian crisis; all of which really only leaves the EU being qualified to do anything about it. At least that way the UK can still be actively involved and play an important role – as long as it is under the leadership of the EU and not Blair.

The upshot of the problem is twofold; first there is the immediate problem of what to do for the people of Darfur given that they need help right this minute, and, second, what to do for the long term to restore faith in the UN to the point where it no longer is just another agency to be used and abused at the whim of the US and it’s right-wing allies in the Western world to start wars that are only in their interests.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Despite the efforts of the Arab countries around the Palestine/Israel region, particularly Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, to bring about another shot at peace between Palestine and Israel, Israel’s leaders continue to refuse to budge on the issue of full withdrawal to the 1967 lines and on the issue of right of return of Palestinian refugees to their original homes that are now in Israel. Initially they said they were open to maybe talking about these issues but only because the Arab nations proposal, basically yet another resurrection of the original 2002 land-for-peace proposal, was supported by both US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon. Now, however, the Israelis, quite predictably, have backed off from direct talks where right of return and complete withdrawal are likely to be the topic of discussions.

But all need not be entirely lost. Time and time again in the past Israel has shied away from the opportunity of peace because it has never been offered on the terms that the right-wing Israeli Zionists would accept. And, of course, the world now knows that what the right-wing Israeli Zionists actually want is a Greater Israel that includes the West Bank, the Gaza, the Golan Heights and southern Lebanon up to the Litani River. But today things are a little different and there is a glimmer of hope, albeit a rather small glimmer, but a glimmer nonetheless whereby the moderate Jewish people of both the Diaspora, particularly in the US, and the Israelis themselves can grasp the opportunity to gain the peace they have always craved. All they need to do is speak with one voice and demand the peace they and the Palestinian people deserve, and all of the moderate peoples of the world should give their support to these demands and not rest until these demands are met.

If there is any good at all that could come from the disaster that has so far been most of the first decade of the twenty-first century then it must be the opportunity for the world to demand that Israel makes a fair and just peace with its neighbours. The American people clearly are fed up with losing their youth for a cause that is increasingly being seen as not theirs. So too in the UK, the people are likewise unhappy that their leader has taken them into a war that seems to have no end and was based on lies that right-wing Zionists in the US had evolved to instigate a war against Iraq just as they are now trying to push for war against Iran. Around the world the right-wing Zionists and their supporters in the US, the UK and elsewhere have been exposed for the liars and warmongers that they are.

It is up to the peoples of the world now. They know the wars are based on lies and they know those lies were created to justify wars that are only in the interests of the right-wing Zionists. Now all we need to do is say loudly and clearly: ‘Enough is enough. It’s time for peace!’

Monday, March 26, 2007


The British seem to have got themselves into a bit of a tizz over fifteen of their service people that got caught by the Iranians in, so the Iranians say, Iranian waters. The headline in the UK ‘Telegraph’ was a gem. It said: ‘Blair: Iran must free naval prisoners in days’. The report went on: “Tony Blair warned Iran last night that it has only a few days to find a diplomatic solution to the escalating crisis over the 15 missing British sailors and Marines.” However, the article didn’t say what was going to happen in a few days time if they weren’t released.

The British are insisting that their people did not stray into Iranian waters while, of course, the Iranians are equally insistent that they did and that is the reason why they were arrested.

It’s difficult to imagine why the Iranians would arrest them unless they were inside Iranian waters. To do otherwise would mean that the Iranians deliberately went into Iraqi waters and then, just as deliberately, kidnapped the sailors and marines. There is absolutely no reason for the Iranians to do that. The last thing the Iranians want at the moment is to be upsetting the allies that are gunning for them anyway over Irans so-called nuclear ambitions. As for who’s lying… well, who was it that lied before when he wanted to start a war??!!

And, to top it off, Blair’s hypocrisy is also demonstrated here because, while he jumps up and down over the 15 captured sailors and marines, nothing is said about the 300-odd Iranians, mostly diplomats, which have been rounded up and arrested in Iraq by the allies.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


There is a certain irony in the fact that, during the course of recent history, it has been the extreme right-wing of some western governments, including those of the US, the UK and Australia, that have accused those not supporting their wars against the Islamic peoples of the world as being ‘appeasers’.[1]

The irony is in the fact that, just prior to the start of the Second World War, the appeasers were those that were quite happy to allow Hitler to invade and occupy the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia whereas in the lead up to the Coalition of the Willing’s invasion of the Iraq the people that are now somehow being cast as the appeasers are those that implored the COW not to invade Iraq.

It seems that the only people doing the appeasing based on the logic of the western right-wing’s analogy of appeasers being those that appeased Hitler prior to occupying a sovereign nation, are those that support the COW that ended up invading Iraq. All, in the end, were appeasing Israel. The real appeasers therefore, are Bush, Blair and Downer and all the others that supported the invasion, occupation and pillaging of Iraq.

Smoke and mirrors. And some people actually fall for this garbage.

[1] In Australia, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer has referred to the Australian Labor Party (ALP) as appeasers. In the US Rumsfeld famously referred to those that opposed Bush’s war against Iraq as ‘appeasers’, and in the UK British right-wing commentators like John Keegan were exhorting Blair to ‘ignore the appeasers’.

Friday, March 23, 2007


There are some rather ominous signs that appear to indicate that an attack on Iran may well be imminent. The Jerusalem Post is reporting that several embassies in Tehran are ‘updating their emergency evacuation plans’ in preparation for a possible attack on Iran from either Israel or the US or possibly both.

In other developments that also tend to suggest that there are some fears that an attack may be imminent, the International Herald Tribune reported that the Russians have pulled out a ‘large number’ of the some 2000 Russian nuclear workers working in or close to Irans nuclear site at Bushehr. Ostensibly the pullout is over a pay dispute between Iran and Russia. Others would like us to think that Russia for some reason has suddenly switched sides to back the US and Israel in getting Iran to drop its ‘nuclear plans’. The reality is that, if anyone knows what the Iranians are doing, it’s the Russians; after all, they’re the ones building it, and the Russians are very unlikely to allow the Iranians to have the bomb. And, of course, if they did, they’d simply sell them a few. They’ve got plenty of them.

A strike on Iran will prove disastrous for the region. Israel and the US are banking on Iran not striking back and hoping that the world, while being shocked at such a blatant pre-emptive strike, will accept the strike as fait accompli.

However, the Iranians have vowed that, if they are attacked, they will strike back and strike back immediately. Given that, the US and Israel would more than likely bring on a first strike not just against Irans nuclear facilities but also against its defences including known missile sites and air defences and other defence bases throughout the country.

Another scenario may be that, while a first strike attack is being launched against Irans nuclear facilities, the US will warn Iran that, in the event of any retaliatory attack against either Israel or US assets close to Iran, then nuclear force will immediately be used.

Any scenario is too frightening to contemplate. Thousands more are likely to die for the cause of right-wing Zionism and the pursuit of a Greater Israel.

The quicker the peoples of our world get rid of these warmongering lunatics the better.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


In an address to the government funded right-wing think-tank organisation, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute in Canberra yesterday, John Howard, arguing for Australia’s continued presence in Iraq, told his audience that: “The stakes are extraordinarily high - for Iraq, for the wider Middle East, for American power and prestige and, ultimately, for our region and our own national security,” adding that: “I believe strongly that to signal our departure now would be against Australia's national interest”.

These remarks demonstrate Howard’s continued penchant for lying and promoting deceit. He ignores entirely the interests of the Iraqi people themselves who have had their nation destroyed by a war started by a Coalition of the Willing, of which Howard was and is a major partner. He ignores entirely the fact that the continued presence of occupation troops in Iraq is achieving nothing except even more death and destruction. He ignores entirely the 600,000 plus people that have already perished in a war that he was part instigator of and he ignores entirely the growing humanitarian disaster as the numbers of refugees displaced by the war reaches two million and continues to grow as displaced Iraqis pour westward hoping to find refuge in Syria and Jordan.

He arrogantly blusters about ‘American power and prestige’ as though America actually has any ‘prestige’ left after the way it has abused its power against so many peoples of the world. He continues to display his arrogance and belief in his own national self-importance by talking of ‘Australia’s national interest’ ignoring altogether the fact that the vast majority of Australians never wanted to be part of the criminal invasion of Iraq in the first place and even more Australian’s are now demanding that enough is enough and that we should leave immediately.

Howard continues to perpetuate the myth of ‘al Qaeda’ in Iraq whereas in reality there are only those that are either fighting to rid the country of the invader or criminals that have used the chaos of war as an excuse to commit murder and mayhem in grabs for political and economic power in a nation that has slid into anarchy as a result of that war.

The Iraqi people have rejected ‘democracy’ enforced upon them via a nation that has invaded, occupied, destroyed and, together with its puppet government, pillaged its resources. The Iraqi people demand that the invaders leave their country and that they confront the future via their own self-determination.

For Howard to presume that he knows what is best for the Iraqi people is both delusional and arrogant, characteristics which took Australia into war against the Iraqi people in the first place four years ago and which Howard continues to display as the Iraqi people endure even greater hardships.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Last night on the ABCs 7.30 Report John Howard was asked by Kerry O’Brien: “You've just come from Afghanistan, too, where the Taliban and Al Qaeda have been able not only to survive but, it seems, rebuild strength, in the case of the Taliban. In the case of Al Qaeda, its ongoing strength is clear for all to see, it would seem. You must have pondered what might have been if America and its coalition partners had focused on that primary battle front in Afghanistan after September 11 rather than the disastrous four year distractions in Iraq?”

Caught on the hop Howard attempted to side step the question with a question. Howard replied: “Well, I've pondered two things about Afghanistan. I pondered, firstly, why is it important to defeat the terrorists in Afghanistan, but it doesn't matter in Iraq?”

Kerry O’Brien persisted: “Well, what was the evidence that Al Qaeda was a terrorist force in Iraq when you invaded?”

As we now all know, and many of us have always known, there never was any evidence that Al Qaeda was a terrorist force in Iraq when the allies invaded. Howard, of course, is well aware of that and, furthermore, was as much aware of that then as he is now.

So how did Howard respond? It went like this: “But I am talking of the present, Kerry. The great disconnect for the Government's critics is, why is it important to defeat the terrorists in Afghanistan, but it's okay to let them win in Iraq? Now, going back to your central question, the military situation at the time our forces were taken out in 2001 and also the American forces were wound down, justified that, and I think the argument that the Taliban are only resurgent because of those withdrawals is not necessarily verified by the facts, if you go back to that time.”

This is pure garbage from Howard. The fact that the Taliban are resurgent is because they were not entirely defeated and they weren’t entirely defeated because forces were pulled out in order to invade Iraq; it’s as simple as that.

The reality is; the Taliban will never be entirely defeated in Afghanistan. They will wear down western forces long before western forces get anywhere near wearing down the Taliban.

The other reality Howard is unable to accept is that there is no ‘Al Qaeda’ in Iraq. There are a few non- Iraqi Jihadists that are in Iraq to help the Iraqi people rid their country of the western invaders in much the same way as non-Spanish fighters from around the world went to fight for the Republicans during the Spanish Civil War. And, by the same virtue, just as the non-Iraqi Jihadists are in Iraq fighting for one side, there are many non-Iraqi pro-westerners there fighting for the Americans and their puppet Iraqi government (Israelis, Australians, British), just as there were many non-Spanish fighters from around the world that went to fight for the Nationalists during the Spanish Civil War. But there is no ‘Al Qaeda’; it exists only in the imagination of western propagandists. ‘Al Qaeda’ is a simple but effective catchall designed solely to perpetuate the myth of a ‘War against Terrorism’.

Howard is unable to confront the realities of the wars against the Afghan and Iraqi peoples because he knows that the people now know that the wars were based on lies.

President Bush, however, is ignoring reality all together. Speaking yesterday on the fourth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq he perpetuated the blatant lie that has so far caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. He told the small gathering in the Roosevelt Room of the White House: “Four years ago today, coalition forces launched Operation Iraqi Freedom to remove Saddam Hussein from power. They did so to eliminate the threat his regime posed to the Middle East and to the world.”
The peoples of the world now think that the only threat to the Middle East and to the world is Israel and the US.


William Kristol, one of the neoconservative’s most hawkish commentators, seems to think that the ‘surge’, recently started in Baghdad, is having a positive effect. Whether or not it is having a positive effect in reality is impossible to tell. All that is happening at the moment is this; US and Iraqi puppet troops are moving into neighbourhoods where the insurgents were and the insurgents simply melt away and, instead of fighting and killing each other for control of the streets, they concentrate their efforts on bombings. The ‘surge’ has slowed the inter-factional killing but hasn’t stopped the bombing of civilians and occupying forces. And, since the ‘surge’ can’t last forever, just as soon as the US troops move out, the violence will simply carry on as before. However, despite the ‘surge’, this is a sample of what is still going on; from today’s New York Times we are told: “While no single event stood out Monday, the day was in many ways emblematic of the violence that Iraqis suffer daily — two car bombs, several assassinations, at least one kidnapping and a number of roadside bombs. Each attack claimed only a few lives, but the pervasiveness of the violence is part of what has eroded Iraqi hopes for the future.”

“Thirty bodies were found in Baghdad, more than in recent days, raising the possibility that there is a renewal of the sectarian killings that people hoped were diminishing.”

“In the violence on Monday, a bomb exploded at a Shiite mosque near the Shorja market, one of Baghdad’s busiest. In a measure of how inured residents here have become to mayhem, within two hours the market area was again so crowded that it was difficult to walk around.”

And the delusional warmongering William Kristol and his lunatic neocon cohorts are trying to tell us things are getting better??!!

Monday, March 19, 2007


According to John Howard, recently returned from his trip to Iraq where he spoke with US forces commander General David Petraeus and Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, there is “…a cautious but new sense of hope”. One needs to ask what it is that gives one a new ‘sense of hope’ because, the way things are going in Baghdad at the moment, things are going from bad to worse rather than giving cause for a new ‘sense of hope’.

When Howard met with Australian troops serving in Iraq the reality of the reasons foreign troops were in Iraq was touched upon when he said: “…we have a job to create a situation where the Iraqis can grab hold of a reasonably democratic future and our mission is to create the situation where we see in the future an Iraq that can provide its own security”, which means American and Australian troops won’t be leaving Iraq any time soon, at least while Howard has any say in it as far as the Australians are concerned, and since the Americans have said they will have a continued presence in the Middle East to protect their interests, i.e., the oil, ‘for decades’, one can assume that they will be there until either they are kicked out by the Iraqi people, pulled out by the demands of the American people or when the oil has all been taken out of the ground.

Whatever way one looks at it, Howard is lying, as usual, through his teeth. The bottom line is; the vast majority of Australians want to have our troops out of Iraq but while Howard remains Prime Minister and the Americans remain in Iraq, the wishes of the Australian people will not be considered. Still, what else can one expect from a man who is the son of a man who was suspected of being a member of the Australian fascist organisation, the New Guard, in the 1930s and whose own fascist leanings and tendencies are already well known?

And in news just to hand, it turns out that the ‘incident’ that Howard was involved in when he was ushered hurriedly out of a smoke-filled C-130 Hercules was all a put up job just to make him look like a hero.

Friday, March 16, 2007


The ‘confessions’ of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed have shown the world that the US government cannot be trusted. The ordinary everyday peoples of the world have woken up to the reality of the US government’s lies and deceit. One needs only to see the readers comments in mainstream newspapers such as the UK Guardian or even Australia’s Murdoch owned The Australian to witness a world realising that for the last six years it has been taken for a ride – a ride that has cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children, not to mention the trillions of dollars of taxpayers money that could have been used to build a better world rather than attempting to destroy it.

The US government’s intentions in announcing these ridiculous ‘confessions’ have monumentally backfired on them because, far from pointing the finger of blame conclusively to al Qaeda and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed for all the worlds ‘terrorist’ disasters over the last couple of decades as was hoped, they have finally succeeded only in destroying what tiny bit of credibility they did have left – and that wasn’t much!

They’ve already been exposed as political fraudsters and warmongers over the lies they told to get the war against the people of Iraq going. Turns out there were no WMDs and, compounding the lie and making it worse still, the government knew that at the time. It also turns out that Saddam didn’t have anything to do with 9/11 after all and nor was he looking for uranium from Niger. These are all things that the peoples of the world now already know.

And, since we now know that all that has turned out to be lies, the US government can’t really blame the peoples of the world for turning to the myriad of unanswered questions about the events of 9/11 itself and demanding answers.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Director of operations of al Qaeda Inc., has finally confessed to being responsible for nigh on every act of terrorism blamed on militant Islam. These range from, the previous attack on the WTC in 1993, the Bali bombings, assassination attempts on Presidents Carter and Clinton and on Pope John II during a trip to the Philippines and even includes planning and organising 9/11; in fact just about everything that the US government haven’t been able to conclusively solve over the last decade or two – until now.

Are we really expected to actually believe this nonsense??!! Mind you, he has been in Gitmo for the last 3 or 4 years. That has to tell you something. What’s really disappointing is that they do expect us to believe it. These people just haven’t woken up yet to their own transparency.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


As I’ve said many, many times before, I don’t know what actually happened on 11 September 2001, but I do know what didn’t happen.

Here is a collection of video stuff from that, while still not telling you what did happen, will give you cause to realize that there are just too many unanswered questions for any reasonable thinking person to blindly accept the government’s story of the events of 9/11.

Here’s Rumsfeld making a classic Freudian slip about Flight 93 that was supposed to have come down over Pennsylvania after those brave all-American heroes took over from the bad guys and deliberately crashed it harmlessly in a field thus saving the President from almost certain death. It’s just the sort stuff Hollywood could make a film of! Waddayamean they did!!?? This piece of video shows that there is virtually no wreckage from Flight 93, an aircraft that weighs in at around 115 tonnes, yet, despite its mass and impact velocity, only manages to create a hole in the ground that is about 20 feet long and 10 feet wide!

This one ponders the reasons for the WTC buildings collapse – all three of them. It also tells of some rather suspicious building evacuations and power-downs prior to the attacks.

And talking of buildings falling down, there is the classic bit of tape showing Larry Silverstein, the WTC owner, saying the building should be ‘pulled’, and, contrary to what the loony right-wing says, he wasn’t talking about the fire-fighters that were in the building – there weren’t any – he is talking about ‘pulling’ the building as in demolition jargon for demolishing it. The question here is; how come it was already wired up ready to ‘pull’? It takes days, if not weeks, to wire a building like that ready to ‘pull’. Not hours. This footage shows exactly how WTC7 fell – straight down at free fall speed. Then there is the collapse of WTC 1 & 2 and the questions that are raised by both experts and firefighters that were on the scene as shown in this footage.

Meanwhile, at the Pentagon, this well known piece of footage slowed right down reveals a rather interesting sight. Stop the film at 1 min. and 26 secs. and you’ll see an object that appears from the right hand edge of the screen in line with what becomes the impact point just an instant before the actual impact. A jet airliner? I think not.

All food for thought, though the loony right, who really want to believe that the government story is the real McCoy, will be tearing their hair out in despair and will be putting in blog overtime in order to try and debunk the footage and push the original government conspiracy theory.


It’s amazing how Greg Sheridan of The Australian can make mountains out of Howard’s mole hill-like creations. Sheridan’s latest garbage, ‘Former foe now close ally’, attempts to paint Howard as the great Australian statesman that has mended the fence that was destroyed during the Second World War if we are to believe this patronizing rubbish: “It is a tribute to the pragmatism and vision of both leaders that the two nations, bitter enemies in the Pacific war, have grown so close since the end of World War II.”

The war ended over 60 years ago in the first half of the last century! We’ve been trading and dealing with Japan for yonks and the Australian military have been working with the Japanese military in Iraq for a year or so now. What’s the big deal now that we have a treaty with the Japanese? Would Sheridan have come out with same nonsense had Australia signed a treaty with modern Germany?

I guess Sheridan is just big-noting his lying mate Howard with a few accolades in order to help him along in the lead-up to the next election when the Lying Little Tyrant is going to need all the help he can get just to hang on to his own seat let alone government.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007



The western right-wing mainstream press that have been vigorously supporting the right-wing Zionist extremists seem to be getting concerned that the popularity of the recently launched Independent Jewish Voices organizations in the UK, Australia, Germany and the US, as well as elsewhere, and other moderate Israeli and Jewish Diaspora organizations is at last having a detrimental effect on the right-wing extremists agenda; at least enough for the right-wig mainstream press to write op-eds voicing concern.

One extremist commentator, Melanie Phillips, who has written an article in the right-wing Zionist The Jewish Chronicle which in turn was partly re-published in The Australian, has gone as far as to say that these critics of right-wing Zionism could actually be ‘paving the way for a new Holocaust’! Fortunately, this kind of fear-mongering, which worked up until the lies of the right-wing Zionists and their supporters in the US were revealed for the sham that they are, is now quite transparent and tell us more about the right-wing Zionists intentions than they do about how the Islamic world really thinks about Israel or, more importantly, how the right-wing Zionists lie about the intentions of Islam.

On the plus side, it seems that the voice of moderation even within America’s biggest Israeli Lobby group, AIPAC, is now beginning to be heard – or at least the voices of the extremists are a bit quieter – judging by the reaction to the tone of Cheney’s speech to their conference compared with last years warmongering.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Apparently the US is going to send in assassination teams to knock off bin Laden. First, of course, they have to find him. Some, including President Musharraf of Pakistan, believe that he has been hiding very quietly for the last six years in a small whole in the ground measuring approximately two meters long by two meters deep and about 900mm wide from whence he has not once stirred.

Back in December 2001 even the Bush administration thought that bin Laden was dead. The Afghan leader, President Hamid Karzai, is another that thinks bin Laden is dead. And the FBI thinks he’s dead. By around 2003 however, the Bush administration realized that the myth of a living bin Laden is of more use to them than the legacy of his death so all talk of him being dead all but ceased as though the idea of him being dead had never crossed anybody’s minds. Three years later the administration is hoping that everyone had forgotten that they had said that they thought he was dead. Now they are after him again.

And they actually expect people to fall for this garbage. They really are getting desperate.


This new racist site, created to counter the Independent Australian Jewish Voices site created last month by Antony Loewenstein to cater for the moderate voice of Australian Jews, clearly demonstrates the lunatic views of extreme right-wing Zionists and their hate-mongering ideas. So far the hate site has collected a measly 40-odd signatures reflecting the miniscule following of the noisy Israeli Loony Lobbyists whose names can be found appearing regularly at various other hate sites run and frequented by the same people who have signed up to this garbage, most notably the Tim Blair hate site, the pseudo-intellectual Islamophobic Dylan Kissane whose lunatic ravings mirror the ideas of the likes of neocon warmongers Daniel Pipes and Joshua Muravchik, and the delusionally paranoid Geoff Pahoff.

Meanwhile, the voice of moderate Jews throughout the Diaspora and within Israel grows stronger.

Friday, March 09, 2007


It seems the extreme right-wing Israeli Loony Lobby are more than a bit worried about the extent of influence the newly formed Independent Australian Jewish Voices is likely to have on the right-wing Zionist Israeli agenda to create a Greater Israel at the expense of the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples.

Judging by the amount of noise and frothing at the mouth being created by the Islamophobic lunatics that gather like vultures at the fascist Tim Blair hate blog, they really do seem to be more than a little worried that the silent majority of Jews throughout the Australian Jewish Diaspora and the world are actually getting more than a little bit of traction in terms of both attention from the press and grass roots support.

Just to top it off, some mischievous toe-rag had even added my name to the IAJV list! I’m quite happy to leave my name there; thank you for saving my time whoever it was that did it.

Thursday, March 08, 2007



Of course, the last thing the right-wing Zionist government of Israel really wants is peace with the Palestinians. Peace will deprive the Israelis of the continued opportunities hostilities provide for the Israelis to accomplish their dream of a Greater Israel which includes the Gaza and the West Bank. While the Palestinians continue to defend their homelands against the Isreali occupier, the Israelis can continue their program of extreme oppression and persecution against the Palestinians as they continue their ethnic cleansing agenda in the Gaza and West Bank. The right-wing Zionist government of Israel doesn’t want peace with the Palestinians; it wants the land that the Palestinians live on.


The neocons are demanding that Libby gets a Presidential pardon. They reckon he’s just a victim of politics or, as the editors at National Review Online put it: “…became the target of a politicized prosecution set in motion by bureaucratic infighting and political cowardice.” Pure garbage. The fact is a jury has found him guilty of lying. Not only that, but the lies he told were in support of the lies that were told by his boss, Dick Cheney, that were used to kick off the war against the Iraqi people that has subsequently caused the deaths of some 650,000 people. Time to impeach Cheney as well as Bush and throw Libby in Guatanamo!


The Jerusalem Post reported that the Australia Israel Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) has said that the newly formed Independent Australian Jewish Voices (IAJV) are just “…a fringe, anti-Zionist minority in Australian Jewry”. Not quite ‘fringe’ enough however, to fail to be noticed by Israel’s leading right-wing national rag. The reality, of course, is that the only Australian Jews out on the fringe are the rather noisy neoconservative warmongering types that are themselves, despite the noise they make, the ones that are in a minority. The vast majority of Jews throughout the worldwide Jewish Diaspora simply want a just peace for Israelis as well as Palestinians without wanting to take Palestinian lands.


The Jerusalem Post is reporting that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert had indeed planned the attack on Lebanon months before two Israeli terrorists were caught inside the Lebanese border. The newspaper says: “Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told the Winograd Commission that his decision to respond to the abduction of soldiers with a broad military operation was made as early as March 2006, four months before last summer's Lebanon war broke out.” And also four months before the Israeli soldiers were captured.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


The quicker the ordinary Israeli people get control of their own nation and rid itself of the current government that has brought nothing but death, fear, war and corruption to both themselves and the Palestinian and Lebanese people, the better off all will be because the way things are going at the moment inside Israel it is just as likely to implode from within.

According to Professor Dror Wahrman of the Indiana University the collapse from within may well have already started. He writes:

“Foreign observers of Israel tend to focus so intently on the dangers the country faces from its Arab neighbours that they have largely missed an astonishing story that has been accelerating over the past few months: that of the Jewish state’s possible move toward internal collapse. If you consider this an exaggeration, just take note of what the past couple of weeks have brought about. A few days ago the chief of the Israeli police resigned after an investigation that found several of Israel’s highest police officers guilty of corruption and negligence. This came within a week of the forced resignation of Israel’s Chief of Staff from the military because of the fiascos of the second Lebanon war. It was also some ten days after Israel’s minister of justice was convicted of sexual assault while on duty, and a couple of weeks after Israel’s president – who holds a largely symbolic position – resigned temporarily following charges of rape and sexual misconduct. It was also the same day that the head of Israel’s tax authority resigned because of possible corruption charges. In the meantime, several other investigations are still pending, not least two or three directed at the Prime Minister himself, Ehud Olmert, concerning corruption and favoritism. And an appeal to the Supreme Court has already been filed against the minister of police’s choice for a new police chief – again, because of old charges of corruption of which the nominee had been acquitted only through a particularly narrow benefit of the doubt.”

It would be nice to think that this, as well as the other stirrings among the ordinary Israeli people and throughout the Jewish Diaspora, could be part of the glimmer of hope that the Palestinian, Lebanese and Israeli people need to bring about a just peace for the region and to allow the other nations through the broader region to find their own self-determination without the interference from corrupt Western ‘democracies’.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Until recently the extreme right-wing of Zionism and their supporters among the predominately Jewish-American neoconservatives in the US together with their other supporters throughout the world had held centre-stage as the events of the on-again-off-again Israeli-Arab conflict have unfolded. The right-wing Zionist propaganda machine has been going full bore ever since 9/11 pushing the right-wing Zionist cause.

Now, however, the machine seems to have run out of steam. Ever since the failures of the Israeli push into Lebanon and their disastrous war against Hizbollah, the peoples of the world have finally started to wake up to the idea that all is not what it seems in that part of the world. Both in the Gaza and in Lebanon, Israel were seen to be the aggressors and the capture of three Israeli soldiers seemed to be an extremely lame excuse for obliterating nations. But most importantly of all – and this may be the one glimmer of hope that the ordinary peoples of both Israel, Palestine and Lebanon have to grasp at a chance for a just peace – the Israeli people and the Jews of the Diaspora around the world are finally finding their voice and telling the right-wing Zionists that enough is enough.

Following the launch last month in the UK of Independent Jewish Voices, a similar organization, Independent Australian Jewish Voices, has recently been launched here in Australia. And in the US some of the smaller left-wing Jewish groups such as the Israel Policy Forum, Americans for Peace Now and Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace are taking steps to form an umbrella group that will be an alternative to the highly influential extreme right-wing pro-Zionist lobby group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

The peoples of the world, including the Israeli and Jewish peoples, have had enough of the extreme right-wing of the Western world taking sides with an extreme right-wing nationalist Israeli grouping that is intent on subduing the Islamic world just so that right-wing Zionists can have a Greater Israel at the expense of the peoples already on those lands.

The world has moved on from the anti-Islamic hysteria brought on by the events of 9/11. What is beginning to emerge nearly six years later is the reality of an extreme right-wing group having taken advantage of the earlier chaos and the resultant wars and who are now being exposed for the liars, warmongers, war profiteers and empire builders that they really are. Now the world is beginning to find a voice that may just end this nightmare.

Peoples around the world should give support to the Jewish Voices that speak out against war and oppression.

Monday, March 05, 2007


In recent months the US and Israelis have made a big deal out of the problems Sunni and Shiites in Iraq are having with each trying to project the differences the two Iraqi groups have with each other on to the wider Middle East Sunni and Shia communities. The aim, of course, is to simply isolate one nation that has a predominately Shia population, Iran, from other Middle East nations that have a predominately Sunni population – which is just about most of the Middle East – apart from Iraq. The US and the Israelis seem to think that they can exploit the differences that Iraqi Sunni and Shia have for propaganda purposes in their warm-up to war with Iran.

What the US and the Israelis fail to understand though, is that, despite the differences Sunni and Shia have had over hundreds of years, they have over that time developed an ability to be able to live quite happily with each other throughout the region both at basic community level and at national level. The differences that Sunni and Shia have in Iraq are simply the animosities that have been left over after having been built up over many years in Iraq by the policies of Saddam Hussein. It would be a big mistake to consider that those animosities can be projected over the entire region.

The alliances and understandings that Sunni and Shia have with each other throughout the region are very complex. Yes, they certainly do have differences and those differences have indeed come to a head in Iraq, but elsewhere, even where there are differences, those differences are put aside when the need to unite against a common enemy emerges. This has been demonstrated many times in Iraq where both Sunni and Shiite forces have operated together to attack American and allied soldiers in Iraq. And at national levels Syria and Iran have treaties that look after each others interest despite Iran being predominately Shia and Syria being predominately Sunni. And the fact that Israel’s declared enemies, the Hizbollah to the north in Lebanon, a predominately Shia organization, and Hamas in the Gaza and the West Bank, predominately Sunni, are in an alliance with each other is just another reason why the US and Israel are trying so hard to wedge the two groupings. The reality, however, is that the two major players in the game, Saudi Arabia and Iran, are very much aware of the game that the US and Israel are trying to play and, consequently, are not really interested in getting up each others nose just to stroke the whims of US and Israeli fancifulness.

Saudi Arabia knows Iran hasn’t got, nor wants, a bomb and Iran knows Saudi Arabia knows. Saudi Arabia may well be funding insurgents in Iraq, insurgents that are fighting to rid Iraq of the occupiers, but they know better than to fund Sunnis that simply want a turf war and a bit of bloody payback against the Shiites there and the recent pledge of friendship between Saudi Arabia and Iran only strengthens the ties between Sunnis and Shia making even more forlorn the US and Israeli hope of wedging them.

Thursday, March 01, 2007



It seems Israeli terrorists have been at it again. Dressed in plain clothes they have murdered three Palestinians in Jenin. One has to wonder about many of the other murders that have occurred in both the Gaza and the West Bank over the last few months, including many of those that were considered to be as a result of the factional in-fighting between elements of Hamas and the Fatah.


The BBC telling the world live on TV on 11 September 2001 that the World Trade Centre 7 Building had collapsed when in fact it was clearly being shown still standing right behind the reporter as she was claiming it had collapsed is a major, major boo-boo by the government conspiracy continuity directors that were part of the governments live performance of 9/11. Something was just bound to go wrong on the night as it were. I guess the government producers of the 9/11 blockbuster show were hoping the audience wouldn’t notice. And it’s not just the BBC that seems to have got their story out of line with actual events; CNN apparently had the same problem. One wonders how the relatives and friends of the victims are going to react when the truth finally is revealed.


This piece from the Israel News Agency demonstrates the extent to which the Israeli propaganda machine is willing to go in order to spread their lies and deceit. It looks like the Iranians are going to take on the world – with the nukes they haven’t got. Didn’t we hear all this stuff about Iraq a few years ago? They must think the entire world is stupid.