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Monday, March 19, 2007


According to John Howard, recently returned from his trip to Iraq where he spoke with US forces commander General David Petraeus and Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, there is “…a cautious but new sense of hope”. One needs to ask what it is that gives one a new ‘sense of hope’ because, the way things are going in Baghdad at the moment, things are going from bad to worse rather than giving cause for a new ‘sense of hope’.

When Howard met with Australian troops serving in Iraq the reality of the reasons foreign troops were in Iraq was touched upon when he said: “…we have a job to create a situation where the Iraqis can grab hold of a reasonably democratic future and our mission is to create the situation where we see in the future an Iraq that can provide its own security”, which means American and Australian troops won’t be leaving Iraq any time soon, at least while Howard has any say in it as far as the Australians are concerned, and since the Americans have said they will have a continued presence in the Middle East to protect their interests, i.e., the oil, ‘for decades’, one can assume that they will be there until either they are kicked out by the Iraqi people, pulled out by the demands of the American people or when the oil has all been taken out of the ground.

Whatever way one looks at it, Howard is lying, as usual, through his teeth. The bottom line is; the vast majority of Australians want to have our troops out of Iraq but while Howard remains Prime Minister and the Americans remain in Iraq, the wishes of the Australian people will not be considered. Still, what else can one expect from a man who is the son of a man who was suspected of being a member of the Australian fascist organisation, the New Guard, in the 1930s and whose own fascist leanings and tendencies are already well known?

And in news just to hand, it turns out that the ‘incident’ that Howard was involved in when he was ushered hurriedly out of a smoke-filled C-130 Hercules was all a put up job just to make him look like a hero.


Anonymous said...

In 2003 Howard was asked if the Iraq war could take months, he replied he thought that would be stretching it a bit.

This man has terrible judgement, why should we listen to him again. Most of his domestic policies have come unstuck.

The list of muckups is very long, just select a department and you'll find a failed policy.

Immigration - Cornelia Rau, Vivien Solon, Children overboard etc
Defence - Iraq, Kovco
Ageing- His dreadful policy where a candidate for a nursing home has to pay over a quarter of million in a bond.
Health - The unsustainable 30% rebate, where even expensive gym shoes for the rich are subsidised by the taxpayer.

Damian Lataan said...

Terrence, perhaps, from his point of view, his most costly misjudgement has been that of the Australian people themselves who, if recent polls are anything to go by, have finally woken up to his lies and deceit.

The sooner the likes of Howard, together with Bush and Blair, have departed from the world's political stage, the better off our planet will be. We may even be able to begin to hope for a peace for the peoples of the Middle East - certainly there has been no hope of peace for them while these criminals have been 'leading' our world.

Damian Lataan said...

Incidently Terrence, I've just added a bit more to the main commentry. Apparently the most recent escapade involving the Little Digger being evacuated out the back of a Hercules C-130 was a put up job!