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Friday, March 23, 2007


There are some rather ominous signs that appear to indicate that an attack on Iran may well be imminent. The Jerusalem Post is reporting that several embassies in Tehran are ‘updating their emergency evacuation plans’ in preparation for a possible attack on Iran from either Israel or the US or possibly both.

In other developments that also tend to suggest that there are some fears that an attack may be imminent, the International Herald Tribune reported that the Russians have pulled out a ‘large number’ of the some 2000 Russian nuclear workers working in or close to Irans nuclear site at Bushehr. Ostensibly the pullout is over a pay dispute between Iran and Russia. Others would like us to think that Russia for some reason has suddenly switched sides to back the US and Israel in getting Iran to drop its ‘nuclear plans’. The reality is that, if anyone knows what the Iranians are doing, it’s the Russians; after all, they’re the ones building it, and the Russians are very unlikely to allow the Iranians to have the bomb. And, of course, if they did, they’d simply sell them a few. They’ve got plenty of them.

A strike on Iran will prove disastrous for the region. Israel and the US are banking on Iran not striking back and hoping that the world, while being shocked at such a blatant pre-emptive strike, will accept the strike as fait accompli.

However, the Iranians have vowed that, if they are attacked, they will strike back and strike back immediately. Given that, the US and Israel would more than likely bring on a first strike not just against Irans nuclear facilities but also against its defences including known missile sites and air defences and other defence bases throughout the country.

Another scenario may be that, while a first strike attack is being launched against Irans nuclear facilities, the US will warn Iran that, in the event of any retaliatory attack against either Israel or US assets close to Iran, then nuclear force will immediately be used.

Any scenario is too frightening to contemplate. Thousands more are likely to die for the cause of right-wing Zionism and the pursuit of a Greater Israel.

The quicker the peoples of our world get rid of these warmongering lunatics the better.

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