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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


The quicker the ordinary Israeli people get control of their own nation and rid itself of the current government that has brought nothing but death, fear, war and corruption to both themselves and the Palestinian and Lebanese people, the better off all will be because the way things are going at the moment inside Israel it is just as likely to implode from within.

According to Professor Dror Wahrman of the Indiana University the collapse from within may well have already started. He writes:

“Foreign observers of Israel tend to focus so intently on the dangers the country faces from its Arab neighbours that they have largely missed an astonishing story that has been accelerating over the past few months: that of the Jewish state’s possible move toward internal collapse. If you consider this an exaggeration, just take note of what the past couple of weeks have brought about. A few days ago the chief of the Israeli police resigned after an investigation that found several of Israel’s highest police officers guilty of corruption and negligence. This came within a week of the forced resignation of Israel’s Chief of Staff from the military because of the fiascos of the second Lebanon war. It was also some ten days after Israel’s minister of justice was convicted of sexual assault while on duty, and a couple of weeks after Israel’s president – who holds a largely symbolic position – resigned temporarily following charges of rape and sexual misconduct. It was also the same day that the head of Israel’s tax authority resigned because of possible corruption charges. In the meantime, several other investigations are still pending, not least two or three directed at the Prime Minister himself, Ehud Olmert, concerning corruption and favoritism. And an appeal to the Supreme Court has already been filed against the minister of police’s choice for a new police chief – again, because of old charges of corruption of which the nominee had been acquitted only through a particularly narrow benefit of the doubt.”

It would be nice to think that this, as well as the other stirrings among the ordinary Israeli people and throughout the Jewish Diaspora, could be part of the glimmer of hope that the Palestinian, Lebanese and Israeli people need to bring about a just peace for the region and to allow the other nations through the broader region to find their own self-determination without the interference from corrupt Western ‘democracies’.


Anonymous said...

Is the "death, fear, war and corruption" you allege a recent phenomenom? It would have to be, wouldn't it, considering that the Israelis went to the polls in March last year and put the current government power. Is this how you see it - more a temporary issue than a long term one?

Further, you don't name the "currupt Western 'democracies'" you allude to in your closing line. Which Western states are you referring to, in which ways are they corrupt and why the punctuation around democracies?

If I was to guess - based on previous posts of yours - I would say that you are including the US, the UK and Australia as a result of their invasion of Iraq. In what ways are these corrupt and deserving of the title 'democracies' instead of democracy (the former implying that the description is misplaced)?

If I have guessed you wrong, apologies and please put me straight.

Damian Lataan said...

Figure it out for yourself anonymous; all the clues are either here or on the net.