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Thursday, March 29, 2007


David Hicks’ plea of guilty has exposed the right-wing propagandists of Australia’s mainstream press for the lunatic neoconservative-supporting simpletons that they have always been.

These people are so dumb and gullible that they actually believe that his plea of ‘guilty’ amounts to a confession to the ‘crimes’ that the US has created for him. Two of the mainstream media’s dumbest right-wing commentators are the Sydney Morning Herald’s Miranda Divine and, of course, SS-Rantenfuehrer Janet Albrechtsen of The Australian.

Devine seems to think that, “By pleading guilty to terrorism this week, David Hicks has plastered egg all over the faces of his supporters - the naive hysterics who believe he is a tortured innocent as well as those glory-seeking civil rights lawyers who have attached themselves to his case.” The only ‘naïve hysterics’ here is Ms. Devine indulging herself in some smug but totally misplaced ‘I told you so’ rant that does nothing except expose her own naivety as to the reasons that Hicks pleaded guilty – which, as everyone knows, was for the sole purpose of extricating himself from the hell hole that is Gitmo. The only one with egg on the face is Ms. Devine.

Meanwhile, over at The Australian, SS-Rantenfuehrer Albrechtsen predictably writes similarly naïve garbage for which she invites comments. Nigh on all the comments however, condemn her take on Hicks’ ‘guilty’ plea, which is much the same as Ms. Devine’s, and are supportive of Hicks, leaving Albrechtsen with much egg on her face too.

Greg Sheridan, wisely, has kept his mouth shut on the matter though, instead, has come out with some pot-stirring hypocrisy about how terrible the Iranians are for ‘kidnapping’ the 15 UK naval personnel while ignoring entirely the kidnappings of Iranian embassy personnel in Iraq by the US and the fact that the UK naval personnel are on waterways that do not belong to them, regardless of whether they were in Iraqi waters or Iranian waters, on account that the war they are waging against the Iraqi people is illegal.

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