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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Until recently the extreme right-wing of Zionism and their supporters among the predominately Jewish-American neoconservatives in the US together with their other supporters throughout the world had held centre-stage as the events of the on-again-off-again Israeli-Arab conflict have unfolded. The right-wing Zionist propaganda machine has been going full bore ever since 9/11 pushing the right-wing Zionist cause.

Now, however, the machine seems to have run out of steam. Ever since the failures of the Israeli push into Lebanon and their disastrous war against Hizbollah, the peoples of the world have finally started to wake up to the idea that all is not what it seems in that part of the world. Both in the Gaza and in Lebanon, Israel were seen to be the aggressors and the capture of three Israeli soldiers seemed to be an extremely lame excuse for obliterating nations. But most importantly of all – and this may be the one glimmer of hope that the ordinary peoples of both Israel, Palestine and Lebanon have to grasp at a chance for a just peace – the Israeli people and the Jews of the Diaspora around the world are finally finding their voice and telling the right-wing Zionists that enough is enough.

Following the launch last month in the UK of Independent Jewish Voices, a similar organization, Independent Australian Jewish Voices, has recently been launched here in Australia. And in the US some of the smaller left-wing Jewish groups such as the Israel Policy Forum, Americans for Peace Now and Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace are taking steps to form an umbrella group that will be an alternative to the highly influential extreme right-wing pro-Zionist lobby group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

The peoples of the world, including the Israeli and Jewish peoples, have had enough of the extreme right-wing of the Western world taking sides with an extreme right-wing nationalist Israeli grouping that is intent on subduing the Islamic world just so that right-wing Zionists can have a Greater Israel at the expense of the peoples already on those lands.

The world has moved on from the anti-Islamic hysteria brought on by the events of 9/11. What is beginning to emerge nearly six years later is the reality of an extreme right-wing group having taken advantage of the earlier chaos and the resultant wars and who are now being exposed for the liars, warmongers, war profiteers and empire builders that they really are. Now the world is beginning to find a voice that may just end this nightmare.

Peoples around the world should give support to the Jewish Voices that speak out against war and oppression.


Anonymous said...

The Australian group is in an incredible minority.

The estimated number of Jewish Australians is around 120,000. The group has managed less than 300 signatures to its manifesto/petition. They are aiming for a total of 1000 signatures.

Even at 1000 signatures the group would enjoy the expressed support of less than 1% of the Australian Jewish population.

I am not sure this is the big turning point you seem to feel it is.

Damian Lataan said...

Anonymous, I think the phrase I used was 'glimmer of hope' rather than 'big turning point'.

Nonetheless, it is a start.

Anonymous said...

These guys have been one of the few lone voices on this issue. They have placed many advertisements in major newspapers over the years:

Damian Lataan said...

Thanks for that anonymous; a good useful link.