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Sunday, December 27, 2009


It seems the recent execution-style killings of Palestinian fighters in the Gaza and the West Bank together with the car-bombing (an Israeli speciality) in Beirut aimed at killing a Hamas official but ending up killing two Hezbollah men, were deliberate acts of barbarity designed to provoke a reaction from Palestinian fighters that, in turn, would provide a casus belli for Israel to renew their attacks against Hamas in the Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon in the hope that such a war would escalate to include Iran and the US.

Three West Bank Palestinian fighters were executed unnecessarily yesterday while three fighters in the Gaza were callously killed in a helicopter attack without being given the opportunity to surrender. Two Hezbollah officials were also killed when a car-bomb designed to assassinate a Hamas official exploded as the two Hezbollah men were trying to diffuse it. The attempt had all the hallmarks of a Mossad operation. Of particular interest is the design of the bomb; packaged as three linked bombs that look as though they are easily diffused with exposed wires and timer/trigger etc., except one of the packages usually has a well hidden trigger device embedded in it which is then set off remotely by cell-phone or some other radio signal – all classic Mossad stuff.

It’s been a year since the Israelis attacked the Gaza deliberately killing hundreds of innocent civilians including women and children. Now the word is the Israelis are again preparing to attempt to destroy Hamas in the Gaza but are simply waiting for an appropriate opportunity in the shape of some casus belli that will provide them with the excuse they need to attack. Once underway, such a war, they hope, will quickly escalate to include Hezbollah who will use Iranian-supplied rockets to attack Israel which will then provide Israel with an excuse to attack Iran.

Israel’s ultimate endgame has not changed. They want regime change in Iran so that they can deal with Hamas in the Gaza and West Bank and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Israel can then freely move in and takeover while the rest of the world is distracted by war with Iran.

They’ve tried several times before without success and sooner or later they’re going to try again.


RafySelles said...

thanks for share

David G. said...

Yes, the U.S.-Israeli thirst for blood grows by the day. It will never be satiated while either country exists!

Neither country requires a casus belli to spill blood. They both do whatever they want and ignore International Laws and Conventions.

It is time the rest of the world joined together to isolate and control both of these rogue nations.

If it doesn't, nuclear war will result, one that will destroy the earth!

Anonymous said...

There may not be any need to attack Iran.

Looks like the theocratic Iranian regime is no longer going to exist after the short/medium term. Front page of The Age today:

Freedom never dies.

Damian Lataan said...

There's never was a need to attack Iran anyway.

As I said before, many people in the West seem to be confused about what’s going on in Iran at the moment. The neocons and their supporters are raising their hopes that what they think is ‘turmoil’ in Iran is somehow going to lead to ‘regime change’. It’s not. If it does anything, it may lead to a change in government, but that’s about all. The theocratic regime will remain in place. The turmoil is only as a result of domestic politics relating to unemployment levels, fiscal policy, etc. While the West thinks that Mir Hussein Mousavi is pro-US and pro-Israel, he is not; he is a politician and is merely anti-Ahmadinejad – simple as that.

It’s a bit like Rudd being anti-Howard at the last election. Just because he was anti-Howard it doesn’t make him pro-Taliban. Rudds foreign policy is not unlike Howards. By the same virtue, Mousavi’s foreign policy, especially when it comes to support of the Palestinian people and Hezbollah defending Lebanon against Israel, is not too different from Ahmadinejad’s. While the Iranian people are looking for a more secularised input and role in the functioning of government, they are looking at doing that in equal partnership with the theocracy that currently has the final say in governmental matters rather than abandoning theocratic principles entirely.

Public opinion in Iran overwhelmingly remains anti-US policy and Israeli zionism and supportive of Hamas and Hezbollah.

Anonymous said...

I personally wonder just how authentic the 'demonstrations' in Iran really are.
Since '79 (new policy) the yanks have been meddling in Iranian affairs in many ways, always trying to topple the government and get control back as they did by their proxy (the Shah and SAVIC).

I did hear that before Bush departed, some $400 million for the CIA etc was allotted for programmes in Iran.
Even a portion of that, buys a lot of 'rent a crowd', SMS/email fixing etc.

My simple question is; Just how do we know the argy bargy of late there isn't part of some CIA meddling and deception?.
I'd appreciate any clarification.
Happy new year

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Damian Lataan said...

Nylon Shirt, you may find this article will answer many of your questions:

Anonymous said...

The Iranians have just seen one of their agents, Amir Ardebili, jailed in the USA for 5 years for violating international sanctions re the attempt to acquire banned weapons for Iran under current binding UN Security Council Resolutions.

The surveillance tape has just been released:


Damian Lataan said...

Amir Ardebili was arrested in 2007 following investigations that began in 2005. The arrest had nothing to do with UN sanctions against Iran, nor did it have anything to do with Iran’s alleged pursuit of a ‘nuclear weapons program’. The arrest came as a result of Ardebili attempting to obtain American military aircraft parts which is in contravention of US law, namely the Iran Sanctions Act. Ardebili’s arrest and conviction had nothing whatsoever to do with any UN Resolutions nor was it at all related to anything nuclear.

Which begs the question Anonymous: what’s your point?