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Monday, October 29, 2007


The Gaza Strip is already geographically entirely isolated from what remains of Palestine in the West Bank. Now the Israeli stranglehold on the Gazan people is being tightened even further as the Israelis commit a deliberate war crime by collectively punishing the Gazan people because of the actions of a few Palestinian fighters who are resisting Israeli aggression and occupation of Palestinian lands.

As well as depriving the Gazan people of essential power, some Gazans are also being denied access to urgent medical treatment that is only available to them in the West Bank. In one case a man with a heart problem and in need of surgery has been refused permission to leave the Gaza to travel to the West Bank for treatment because he refuses to tell Israeli authorities about his brother who is wanted by the Israelis. Because of the Gaza Strips isolation, all travel to the West Bank by Gazan Palestinians involves Palestinians having to pass through Israel. Conversely, Gazans wishing to return from the West Bank to Gaza must also travel through Israel. This presents a problem however, since the Israelis are making it extremely difficult for Gazans to enter the Strip often forcing them to wait many days before being allowed through.

So why are the Israelis causing the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip to suffer so? What’s their endgame?

The long-term endgame is simple and obvious; the Israeli right-wing Zionists wish to have the Gaza Strip annexed to Israel and the Palestinian people of the Gaza removed, in the first instance to the West Bank, but ultimately out of Palestine altogether as the West Bank too later becomes part of Greater Israel later on. The strategy has been simple. Geographically the Gaza had already been isolated from the West Bank; the next step was to politically isolate the Gaza from the West Bank by wedging Hamas against Fatah.

Fatah corruption in the Gaza became so intolerable to Hamas that Hamas took action to stop it. They needed to do this by taking control of the Gaza which meant eliminating Fatah control and influence.

It is now becoming apparent, however, that, despite the heavy fighting and violence between the two sides in the Gaza, Fatah deliberately ceded the fight to Hamas there in order that the Gaza be isolated even further from the West Bank. In doing so the Israelis supported Abbas, the West Banks Fatah leader, in the suppression of Hamas in the West Bank. This support, in turn, was supported by the US via Elliot Abrams, the deputy National Security Advisor for Global Democracy Strategy’s office. The end result is a West Bank ‘Fatah-land’ and a ‘Hamastan’ in the Gaza; classic divide and rule strategy that was just what the Israelis intended.

Knowing that Hamas and their allies in the Gaza would continue to launch rocket attacks against Israel to deter the Israelis from making incursions into the Gaza and in retaliation for Israeli killings inside the Gaza, the Israelis have used this as an excuse to continue their oppression and persecution of the Palestinians in the Gaza as they move toward the next stage of their plan to destroy the Gaza Strip as a Palestinian territory. In order to substantially up-grade their offensive against the Gazan people, the Israelis are, rather than hoping that the rocket attacks by Gazan fighters diminish or stop, will actually increase in retaliation against increased Israeli sanctions. In other words, the Israelis are deliberately provoking the Gazan fighters to continue attacking Israel with rockets in order to provide a casus belli for ultimately invading the Gaza in a full-on attack similar to that which the Israelis launched against Hizbollah and the Lebanese people last year. Gazans seeking refuge in their thousands would then be allowed to flood into the West Bank never to be allowed to return to the Gaza. Meanwhile the Israelis will then mop up Hamas in the Gaza.

For the Israelis it is then hoped that the scenario would follow what was planned for last year, but failed, when the Israelis provoked Hizbollah in south Lebanon. This time it is the other way around – Israel attack Hamas in the Gaza, Hizbollah attacks Israel to relieve pressure on Hamas in the Gaza, Israel launches massive counter-attack against Hizbollah, Syria aids Hizbollah, Iran aids Syria, US attacks Iran.

Voila! Endgame!

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Anonymous said...

Together the neocons and Likudniks been planting the political equivalent of IEDs all over the place these past few years. Aside from the Gaza trap you've mentioned, don't forget that the PKK and its sister organisation, PEJAK, have been receiving support from the US and Israel.