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Friday, September 28, 2007


One year ago, not quite to the day but almost, C. Parsons wrote:
“Before the West's Marxists were reduced to being merely an ancillary movement of IslamoFascism, a common propaganda ploy they used was termed "mirror language" or "moral equivalence".” That was on 23 September 2006.

On 1 March 2007 C. Parsons wrote:
“The rhetoric of "moral equivalence" and "mirror speak" was 20th century Marxism's greatest and indeed only surviving gift to the architects of doom.”

Today, 28 September 2007, at 1.51pm, Eliot Ramsey wrote:
“In the good old days, when Commies were proud to be called such, one of the most tried and tested techniques they used to deflect criticism from Gulags, show trials, peasant massacres, bankrupt economic theories and other aspects of life under socialism, their stooges in the west were trained in the art of 'equivalence rhetoric' or 'mirror language'. This is coming back into fashion.”

So it would seem!

How much longer will this propagandising fraudster and liar be allowed to post his obfuscating garbage? Margo Kingston is beginning to look as much a fraud over her claim to ethics and transparency as Ramsey is a fraud over his claims of not being C. Parsons.


Anonymous said...

C. Parsons is Chris Parsons --Media Liason Officer at Manly Council, NSW.

The ratepayers of Manly are forced to fund his racist campaign of hate and calumny, most of it produced during business hours, Mon-Fri.

The staff at webdiary are aware that Chris produces his hate-screeds in the offices of Manly Council at the expense of ratepayers, but have clearly decided that the situation is kosher.

Damian Lataan said...

Time perhaps for a letter to Manly Council coupled with an open letter in their local rag...

I'm sure the good people of Manly will be delighted when they hear that that are paying the wages of an extreme right-wing fascist propagandist.

One also has to wonder why Margo Kingston tolerates this transparent fraud. And why do the staff respond to him? The best bet if Kingston wont bar this liar - yet is quite happy to bar the likes of compassionate and sincere commentators Phil Kendall and effectively bar Roos Roslyn - is to ignore the racist bigot. altogether.

Anonymous said...

If you're serious, Damian, then this vendetta of yours is getting pretty ugly.

And who's this gutless anonymous tipster, and why give its sayso any credibility?

Damian Lataan said...

There's no 'vendetta of mine' Jacob, just the exposure of liars and cheats. Anonymous is obviously just anonymous. I give his/her 'sayso' credence because I have other independent evidence that concurs.

So what's your problem with that?

Anonymous said...

I just think you're allowing this nonsense to possess you.

But whatever, Damian. Go in peace.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I see in the latest WD Management Update that Rowley is said to be involved in an 'identity theft'. Probably this pertains to the Moir business. Do you really want to be associated with that kind of off-the-scale hardball?

Wonder if Mr Anonymous is himself?

Just a couple of thoughts. Carry on, as I know you will...

Damian Lataan said...

At the moment, Jacob, there are only two thing that are ‘possessing’ me and that is writing up my PhD to get it out of the way so that I can become ‘possessed’ by other things, and, two, hoping that the weather will be fine enough for me to enjoy some flying next weekend. As for dealing with the liars and cheats that abound within the right-wing of the blogosphere I can assure you that it is a pleasure exposing them. You may think its ‘nonsense’ but I think it is important that these people are exposed. Once exposed these people require very little of my time to keep up the pressure on them and those that publish their garbage.

I can also assure you that I am always at peace with myself but thank you for your considerations nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Hello Damian and Jacob,

David Roffey has written and published his management update on Webdiary in which there are serious allegations/accusations as well as numerous material innaccuracies. He has engaged in malicious misrepresentation of what occured because I have evidence of him lying about something.

I send this to Webdiary Directors and Editors requesting that it be published as a fair 'right of reply':

The characterisation of my comments and communications by email as a "small blizzard" is a misrepresentation of what included a great many duplicate or copy comments caused by software problems, numerous simple syntax editing requests where editors had missed the mistakes in comments, several comments notifying the editors of formatting issues on the site caused by html mistakes by other people submitting comment, thank you notes, and so forth. The misrepresentation as a "small blizzard" also implies a motive to cause 'snow in' the editors or cause some 'damage'; a motive that I simply did not have.

The numbers of comments with the 'types' listed furthers that misrepresentation of the nature of my comments. Of those comments not published (26) the minority were 'ignoring' Margo's edict that "we do not publish debate on the identity of other webdiarists". In fact, I marked most, if not all, comment on the issue of identity (in general as well as in the specific) -- Not For Publication.

There were a number of comments, amongst those that I did seek to be published, which included questions about the application of Webdiary Ethics and the Editorial Policy. All of those comments were raised in a manner that was clearly within what is 'allowed' under the published Editorial Policy. For example, I submitted comments/questions about David Roffey claiming publicly to be unaware of the person registered as Paul Morrella submitting defamatory comments about the mental health of another person who'd been a Webdiary 'customer'. I asked such questions in the interests of ensuring that Webdiary was accountable and transparent. There is evidence of David Roffey having seen and added his own comment supportive of those defamatory comments by the person registered on Webdiary as Paul Morrella.

Margo Kingstons emails to me do not convey the message that David Roffey says they did with the clarity in which he presents the message to have supposed to have been. I took it that Margo herself was busy and I did not contact her again for a number of weeks. I only contacted Margo again to raise an issue of application of the Editorial Policy and that was due to the Editorial Policy itself stating that issues should be escalated to Margo as part of the normal process.

At no point did Margo advise me that she had extended the 'suspension', which I had appealed in accordance with the process set out in the Editorial Policy. I can clarify this by publication of all correspondence by email between Margo and I dealing with this issue.

It is not true that in September I created a number of other identities, including identity theft of at least one other real person.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jacob,

I must add that I was not the person who submitted the anonymous comment about Chris Parsons.

Anonymous said...

Damian, Phil, if you signal that it is okay with you I'd be happy to submit copies of the correspondence between Margo Kingston and I for publication on your blog.

Sorry I can't offer this as an exclusive or anything, as for the truth to out I'll have to make the complete conversation record available to all outlets.

All through this my interest has been in seeing Webdiary stay true to these parts of its motto: Ethical, Accountable, Transparent.

That is why I am willing to put everything on the record.

Anonymous said...

Well Craig, you should meet with David and Margo if possible to sort it all out face-to-face. This cross-blog stuff is more destructive than anything else.

Flying, Damian?! Well, now you're talking! Here's hoping the weather window goes your way for the weekend. I have a yearning for clear vistas myself.

Damian Lataan said...

I have absolutely no problem at all with publishing your side of the story. Before I received your email I had an email exchange with David Roffey. I am going to publish this exchange at my blog later.
May I suggest that you write up your story as an article and send it to me in MSWord format. (I may edit slightly but it will only be for spelling and grammar.) I have no problem with your story being published at Phils blog - you know me; I'm not in the slightest bit interested in the accolades of exclusivity, what matters is that the truth is revealed.

Jacob, I fear Craig's situation has progressed somewhat beyond chatting with Roffey and Kingston and this 'cross-blogging' as you put it is quite healthy if it gets to the truth and exposes those that are liars and cheats. If it's 'destructive' in terms of ridding the blogosphere of these liars and fraudsters then so be it. I'm quite happy to expose these people here if the likes of Kingston and Roffey can't do it at Webdiary. One can only assume that they have become a part of this entrenched deceit in which case I'm quite happy to see them off in the hope that Webdiary can get back to discussing ways of making a better world for us all rather than pandering to the right-wing crap that is espoused there by the likes of Ramsey, Lyvers, Will Howard, Pahoff and the other warmongering lunatics peddling their garbage there.

The weekend is shaping up to be very flyable. Im looking forward to stooging along the Murray from the (almost empty) Lake Alexandrina up to Renmark and back to see for myself the effect of the drought on the river especially up to the first lock at Blanchetown.

Jacob A. Stam said...

Well okay then, I'm not going to make any raging protestations unlike some people I know.

I'd only add that publishing private correspondence without the consent of other parties ain't exactly conducive to fence mending.

Have a marvellous flight this weekend, Damian. Maybe I'll be "riding shotgun" with you, at least according to perhaps one of our more demented blogmates.

I can be so wrong sometimes! It really just keeps getting funnier...

Damian Lataan said...

I'm an historian Jacob, not a journalist. Nothing is off the record unless it is specifically asked to be.

The only fences I ever mend are the ones that need fixing in the paddock to keep the stock in; otherwise I'd prefer there to be no fences.

Like weeds in the paddock, liars and fraudsters need to be identified and eradicated ruthlessly before they take over completely.

Anonymous said...

I was the anonymous tipster,
and here is a tiptser of the Chris Parsons illegal activities iceberg:

ell, A. Thomas, as an subscriber, all i can say is;

* I suppose mistakes happen

* and, if you sup with the Devil, use a long spoon.

Perhaps you should post prominent disclaimers on your web pages. I went to
you web site and to me, too, it just looked like some frothing anti-Semitic
creep doing a bit of opportunistic Jew-baiting in cyber-space. Not an on
line libertarian committed to free (if somewhat naive) speech.

Suppose you were a victim of the baddies, too

Chris parsons

Disclaimer:- This email and any attached files are intended solely for the
use of the addressee(s) and may contain information that is confidential
and/or subject to legal privilege / copyright. If you receive this email
and you are not the intended addressee (or responsible for the delivery of
the email to the addressee), please note that any copying, distribution or
use of this email is prohibited and as such, please disregard the contents
of the email, delete the email, and notify the sender immediately.
Views expressed in this message are those of the individual sender and are
not necessarily the views
of Manly Council.
see for yourself:

kosher at webdiary, apparently.