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Friday, September 07, 2007


Neoconservative war crazies Rita Katz and Josh Devon of the SITE Group in the US claim that a new tape of Osama bin Laden will be aired on 11 September (next Tuesday). The picture of bin Laden that they have published, inferring that it is a still grab from the tape, while resembling bin Laden, when compared with other known pictures of bin Laden, is in fact nothing like him. Basically the nose is all wrong.

Apart from that of course, there is also the small matter of bin Laden’s death which was well reported at the time but has since been conveniently forgotten.

Let the two-minute hate session begin. Watch out for pictures of Osama bin Emmanuel Goldstein Laden in a newspaper and TV station near you any day now – just in case you’d forgotten what he looked like (in fact, they’re banking on it!)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

DId You hear presidential candidate Edwards this morning?

1.Does he really believe the lies or he manipulating the spin to his own interests? "I will not rest ,if i am Pres,.until he is gone" well, that might be easy.

If 1, then we another dbya dilly, if 2 then it is more interesting but he is cleraly more interested,even then in perpetuating lies and deceit to the American people for political benefit and is just as dangerous to democracy as the Neocon.

I also heard that US pollsters are ringing people up and the first question is "do you use the internet?" If yes,they hang up and ask no more queations. Isn't that interesting? Pollsters are usually paid to find out real data to help whtever organisation that is paying them,but when this happens again their is deceit planned-either of the group paying them or of those for whom the information is published to-the Public usually.

interesting this little webs of deceit entangling our lands of the Free.

Eternal vig. , jefferson was right.

annie sourris- yeah sorry it is a pen name. :)