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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The ‘Jerusalem Post’ is reporting that traces of enriched uranium has been found by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) at the site Israelis bombed in Syria back in September 2007.

The problem with this story is that by claiming traces of enriched uranium have been found at the site infers that the site wasn’t new and that the Syrians, far from just beginning to build a clandestine nuclear facility, were actually well advanced having either enriched uranium themselves, (though the report does not reveal to what extent the uranium discovered had been enriched or if the Syrians had enriched it), or being in a position where enriched uranium could be accepted into the facility for some purpose. Either way, the presence of enriched uranium can only suggest the Syrians were well advanced in some nuclear project or another and, if that was the case, it is very difficult to believe that the Israelis and the US did not know about it, and do something about it, much earlier.

The Israelis have been very cagey about the whole episode from the beginning neither confirming nor denying that they had even bombed the facility. Now, it seems, we may have a reason for why they have been so cagey.

The reality is that, if Israel had admitted that it was responsible for the raid, Israel would then open itself up to claims by the Syrians themselves to the very assertion that I am making now that Israel could have used traces of enriched uranium (which the world knows the Israelis do have) on the weapons they used to bomb the facility so that they may be found sometime later by the IAEA to confirm the rumours started by Israel and the US that it was indeed a nuclear facility, in turn sparking a ‘see, we told you so’ moment and a propaganda victory for Israel and the US.

It’s now clear that the destruction of the facility was not the essential outcome of the raid but, rather, the raid provided an opportunity to ‘plant’ enriched uranium at the site in order to further demonise Syria and to put Western public opinion on side for any future action Israel may take against Syria or, more likely, its allies, Hezbollah in Lebanon.
The window of opportunity for Israel to kick start the Final Confrontation with Iran via another war with Hezbollah and Hamas is still open. Bush is still President, he is still Commander in Chief and still has the powers Congress gave him to wage war without prior Congressional approval.

13 November 2008

It now seems that Syria too thinks that Israel may have dosed their bombs with enriched uranium which they then used to bomb the ‘nuclear plant’ in Syria back in September 2007.

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