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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The Western world should be quite clear about this; Benjamin Netanyahu will never ever allow a Palestinian state to exist in the West Bank, Gaza Strip or any where else that the Israeli right-wing Zionists considers to be part of an eventual Greater Israel.

The West should not be fooled by Netanyahu’s recent remarks about wanting to ‘seek an alternative to current peace talks’ if he becomes Prime Minister of Israel at their elections next February. Netanyahu is seeking only to play for time. He has absolutely no interest whatsoever in making peace with the Palestinian people and even less interest in allowing the Palestinians to have any kind of sovereign state of their own.

The question of the right of return of the refugees is a Palestinian demand that is not negotiable with any Israeli leader. The question of East Jerusalem is also not negotiable as far as the Palestinians are concerned. There is, therefore, only deadlock since Netanyahu is equally steadfast in his refusal to even consider the right of return of the refugees and handing over any part of Jerusalem to the Palestinians.

Instead, the Likud Party leader who could well be Israel’s next PM prefers to talk about subduing Palestinian fervour for a Palestinian state by offering what he calls ‘economic growth’. Nowhere in Netanyahu’s rhetoric is their any talk of Palestinian nationhood. Netanyahu wants to buy peace and security for Israel rather than allow the Palestinian people a sovereign peaceful independent state of their own. And even less likely under a Netanyahu regime in Israel will there any consideration given to a binational single state which Jews and Arabs can share as equals despite the fact that ultimately the one-state solution can be the only solution.

Netanyahu has an agenda that serves only the Zionist cause. He, together with his neoconservative supporters both within the Republican and Democrat ranks of US politics, seek only a final confrontation with their enemies Hezbollah, Fatah, Hamas, Syria and Iran in order to create their long-held dream of a Greater Israel at the expense of the Palestinian, south Lebanese and Syrian peoples.

The future President of the United States must not be conned by Netanyahu’s web of deceit and lies designed to detract the incoming President into giving away the last and no matter how remote opportunity to at least continue to talk of peace and Palestinian statehood. Once Obama accedes to Netanyahu’s ploy designed to stop any further talks of peace and statehood there will be little or no chance of ever turning back.

It is essential that concerned people write straightaway to President-elect Obama’s website demanding that, no matter what Netanyahu says, the talks on peace and nationhood for Palestinians not under any circumstances be halted.

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