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Friday, October 02, 2009


Yesterday Iran outlined as a conciliatory gesture plans to export its Uranium for processing as fuel for Iran’s nuclear power generators. At the same time, Iran has conceded to demands that the IAEA be allowed to inspect Iran’s recently revealed nuclear processing plant.

If the talks are successful, the moves will take the wind from Israel’s propaganda sails about Iran being an ‘existential threat’ to Israel’s survival and the Zionists will need to find some other means of affecting regime change in Iran if Israel wants to separate Iranian influence from Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Hezbollah in south Lebanon, and Syria.

Just as the US provides support to Israel, so Iran provides support to Hamas and also to Hezbollah via Syria. Without Iranian support, resistance from Hamas and Hezbollah to Israeli aggression would soon crumble and Israel would soon be able to dictate terms in the Gaza with a view to reintroducing settlers and pushing out Palestinians, same in the West Bank, and in Lebanon terms over access to the Litani waters can be discussed with a much weakened Lebanese government.

Up to now, Iranian intransigence has provided the Israelis with the opportunity of manipulating the rhetoric about Iran’s so-called ‘nuclear weapons program’ to culminate in a casus belli to launch a pre-emptive strike against Iran that would also trigger a ‘preventative’ attack against Hamas and Hezbollah which, so the Israelis would argue, would be needed to thwart any retaliatory attacks against Israel by Hamas and Hezbollah in support and defence of Iran.

These latest moves by Iran have now effectively removed the ‘Iran has a nuclear weapons program’ casus belli and Israel will now need to find some other way to remove Iran from the equation of resistance to Israel’s plans to create a Greater Israel.

There are two alternatives for Israel. First, Israel would need to provoke Hezbollah and/or Hamas into attacking Israel which would then provide Israel with an excuse to launch a massive attack against on or the other of preferably, from their point of view, both, and then hope that Iran could somehow be drawn into the conflict by, say, being seen to supply sophisticated weaponry to Hezbollah, which, in turn would finally draw in the US in a direct attack on Iran. The other alternative is some kind of major false flag attack against the US and/or Israel with the finger of guilt being pointed at Iran.

The first option has already been tried twice before; first in 2006 when Israel attacked Hezbollah and the Lebanese people, and then again in 2008/2009 when Israel attacked Hamas and the Palestinian people of the Gaza. On both occasions Israel failed to provoke Iran into any action that would have provided Israel or the US with a casus belli to launch a major attack against Iran.

How Israel handles this latest development remains yet to be seen but one can rest assured that the Zionist of Israel will never give up its dream of a Greater Israel and it is Hamas and Hezbollah with the support of Iran that is all that stands in the way of the Zionist’s dreams.


Anonymous said...

Chess game is nearly over and US and its dear pal Israel are losing. When will Americans wake-up to realize our friend is really the enemy. We (the US) will be receiving a gift from our sore losing compatriot for not doing enough - a nuke bomb with our name on it. Well, I'm safe living in NYC (take a guess why).

GLV said...

True human beings standing up for freedom & justice; Iran is eminently honest & full of integrity.

I hope more of us wake up quickly!

Anonymous said...

So far, Obama has kept his cards too close to the vest for me.

The Israeli papers say he's an anti semite... [a blessing if true]

but it's difficult to understand why they hate him so much... he hasn't really done anything to or for Israel.

What gives?

Anonymous said...

Effecting regime change. Not affecting. Effecting.

IDHolm said...

October surprise

.. no more "All options!" ...

  .. the Zs can 'take a walk' ...

    .. best: one right in Barker's eye - a *big* one


Consider a few 'way-points:'

The Zs sent one of their subs through the Suez canal - a 1st for the Zs, and upping the Z-attack threat against Iran.

The Zs are rumoured (by their own lying propaganda, one supposes), to have prevented the Arctic Star delivering S-300s to Iran.

The Zs announced that S.Arabia would allow Z-overflight rights, on the Z's way to bombing Iran.

The Zs have continuously urged the US to screech "All options!" at Iran.

The Zs continuously threaten to attack, again their via own lying propaganda.

Any and all such threats are *strictly illegal* under UN/international law. (Q: Why isn't legal action taken against the Zs? A: Continual US vetoes.)


Consider a few 'counter-points:'

The Russkies are now assisting US logistics vis-à-vis Afghanistan.

The US has cancelled the planned 1st strike capability aimed at the Russkies by not deploying the Czech radar site and the interceptor missiles to Poland.

S.Arabia has denied that they might allow Z-overflight rights.

Despite all Barker's rabid reports, some listed here; her eternal, unfounded allegations that Iran wants an A-bomb, her snide, unfounded allegations of "anti-Semitism," ditto that Iran was threatening to destroy Z-rael, that Iran is provoking 'the West,' we've just have a v.damp-squid experience - but an entirely positive one, i.e. the US-Iran meeting in Geneva:

Middle East
Oct 3, 2009
October surprise in US-Iran relations
By Kaveh L Afrasiabi
  «NEW YORK - Defying the onslaught of pessimistic predictions, the Geneva meeting on Thursday of Iran and the "Iran Six" nations did not end in failure, given the recent revelations of a second Iranian uranium-enrichment plant.
At this point, with the glass of US-Iran diplomacy now half full after an initial encounter that has opened the possibilities for future dialogue, there is sufficient ground for cautious optimism of a de-escalation of Iran's nuclear crisis.»

Me, a prediction: That Ramb-O-Bama is most serious about 'winning' in Afghanistan - he just *cannot afford* anything but. And so, he's getting the Russkies on board, and most important, both for Iran (big-time relief - and about time the US 'got over' its indecent, 30-year psychotic obsession) and for Z-rael (a real, biggest-time loss). Possible proof: A successful test-firing of a S-300 type defence by Iran. Countries should be allowed to mount a self-defence within their own borders; especially against bloody, 61+ year long murdering for land regimes.

.. no more "All options!" ...

  .. the Zs can 'take a walk' ...

    .. best: one right in Barker's eye - a *big* one


No more filthy, lying propaganda, please. We the sheople pay the AusBC wages - and will have fair value - or they can 'take a walk' too. Suffer, Barker. Emigrate. Aus doesn't need you or your ilk.