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Saturday, February 23, 2008


It’s really simple; but somehow, though, the Americans and the Israelis just don’t get it. Both countries are accusing Iran of having a nuclear weapons program but if they have evidence that Iran is producing, or planning to produce, nuclear weapons then WHY DON’T THEY HAND OVER THE EVIDENCE TO EL BARADEI?

Answer: Because there is no evidence!

There exists only wild and baseless accusations which are not based on any evidence whatsoever. Time and time again the IAEA have come back to the UN and told them they have absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Iran has anything like a nuclear weapons program, yet time and time again the US and the Israelis continue to insist they have. The reason, of course, is painfully obvious; the US and the Israelis wish to use the propaganda and rhetoric to justify an attack against the Iranians in order to affect regime change. The US and the Israelis know full well the Iranians don’t have a nuclear weapons program, just as they knew full Iraq didn’t before they destroyed that country, but they need a casus belli to attack Iran and what better than accusing Iran of having a nuclear weapons program.

In the latest IAEA report El Baradei has said that Iran is continuing to defy the UN Security Council’s demand for Iran to suspend its low grade uranium enrichment program designed to produce fuel for electrical generation. Iran, however, is quite entitled to enrich uranium for such purposes and the UN has no right under international law to enforce its demands. The only nations interested in sanctions are allies of the US and Israel with China and Russia only endorsing such sanctions in order to buy time and keep the peace.

But, hey, how many UNSC resolutions are the Israelis defying? There are actually thirty of them, but where are the sanctions against Israel?


jgarbuz said...

Talk about international law, the League of Nations in the 1922 Mandate specifically ruled that Palestine was to be restored as the Jewish National Home. The Arabs rejected this international ruling. In 1937, the Royal Peel commission recommended partition of Palestine into a tiny Jewish and a large Arab state. The Arabs rejected it. In 1947, the General Assembly in res. 181 recommended the establishment of a Jewish state and an Arab state in Palestine. The Arabs rejected and made war on the Jewish state instead to try to destroy it, and the UN did not intervene to stop or condemn the Arab aggression. In 1967, Nasser demanded the removal of UN Emergency Forces in the Sinai. The UN complied. He then started the war by blockading Israel's port of Eilat forcing Israel to react.
Because the UN is dominated by 56 Muslim states hostile to Israel, it has managed to pass a plethora of General Assembly resolutions against Israel, none of which has Chapter 7 authority. The Arabs have cynically used their dominance in the GA to harass Israel while refusing to recognize it and make peace. The charges laid against Israel are bogus. The Iranian statements to remove a UN state "from the pages of history" is a blatant threat against a UN authorized member state. Iran is the rogue, not Israel. Israel has always acted within the bounds of international law.

Anonymous said...

The correct translation of the Iranian statement was "wipe the zionist regime from the pages of history" as any normal Persian speaking person heard.

Similarly, we can say the same of aipacs 'cynical' dominance over America and its policies. Americans want to vote what is good for America and it's citizens rather than what is good for Israel miles away.

Damian Lataan said...

jgarbuz, I refer you to this;

Scroll down to the text of the speech by Paul Haeywood-Smith QC. It will explain to you exactly why you are talking crap with regard to the creation of Israel and its wars against the Arab peoples.

The Israeli Zionists ethnically cleansed the Palestinians from Palestine.

The only rogue nation in the Middle East is Israel. Collective punishment, such as bulldozing homes and depriving civilians of the means to survive as is happening in the Gaza is a war crime. Targetted killings are totally immoral. You'd be the first to jump up and down if Hezbollah or Hamas began killing targetted Israeli leaders.

Your arguments do not have a moral or legal leg to stand on.

You are also a liar. You know perfectly well that you are perpetuating the lie that Iran threatened to remove a UN state 'from the pages of history'. However, most of the world would be more than happy to see the right-Zionist warmongering lunatics that run Israel wiped from the pages of history - including many Israelis!

Anonymous said...

For you Damian,

-Iranian thug-in-chief Ahmadinejad says Israel "will be destroyed by ONE STORM".

What do you think he means?


-Here's a great speech to watch. From Ahmadinejad. You'll love it:

"Death to Israel!"

What on earth do you think he means?

How can we deconstruct this?


Anonymous said...


he means regime change. if you think he is threatening to kill jews you couldn't be more off the mark. the 2nd highest jewish population in the mideast, behind israel, reside in iran. persian jews have a long and storied history there, they love their homeland and do not want to leave. if they felt a threat you can be sure they would take the next flight to israel. in fact, israel has been begging these persian jews to leave iran immediately because they are in grave danger! and even offering them tens of thousands of dollars each to leave!

now, let me ask you, why is it that these people don't want to leave iran? why is it that they are there in the first place? if the president of iran was as he is portrayed in the media, they would have been long gone