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Saturday, August 11, 2007


The Lying Little Tyrant has really got the Iraqi government in a tizz! He’s sent them a letter that has threatened them with leaving Iraq if they don’t get their act together. Wow, I bet that'll stop the fighting in its tracks! Australia’s Prime Minister, John Howard, is feigning anxiety over the distribution of Iraq’s oil wealth.

Apparently, the letter, sent last week, “…warns that if the Iraqis fail to make progress, the public support for Australia's military deployment to Iraq may not be sustainable”. Naturally, one needs to ask; what public support is John Howard talking about? There never was any public support for military deployment in Iraq. Australians never wanted Australia to go in to Iraq in the first place.

Howard’s real concern, of course, is Australia’s up-coming election. Howard actually couldn’t care less who gets Iraq’s oil wealth as long as it’s the big US oil companies that profit and that the oil continues to flow westward. Of course, he wants to keep in with his mate George W. Bush but, with the election coming up, Howard is seeing the writing on the wall and has figured that he may get a few brownie points from voters if he back-pedals a bit on Iraq – hence the threat to withdraw. Mind you, they are only threats. Howard wouldn’t dream of actually pulling out of Iraq unless Bush gave him permission to.

It’s just more illusory garbage from a desperate Australian Prime Minister.


Anonymous said...

There never was any public support for military deployment in Iraq? Australians never wanted Australia to go in to Iraq in the first place?

April 15 2003:

Do you support or oppose military action against Iraq?

Support 57%
Oppose 37%

April 6 2004:

In your opinion, should Australia have a military presence in Iraq

Yes 50%
No 46%

The support has eroded but it was there at the start.

Daniel said...

Donny, I don't know which planet you inhabit but, like the Americans and the British, we Australian were fed a bucket full of bullshit by Howard prior to the Iraq invasion.

Your figures reflect this!

Anonymous said...

A quote from this article;
Despite the ethnic bloodshed in Iraq, majorities of Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds are united in their disapproval of the proposed oil laws that Washington and Big Oil are pushing.

Looks like the Iraqis have finally found their common enemy.
Sick'em Rex!!

Anonymous said...

Whatever they were fed, Daniel, the polling reflects the support that howard enjoyed in the opening months and year of the war in Iraq.

Damian Lataan said...

The dumb and gullible love invading other peoples countries. However, before the war got off the ground, the majority of Australians were against the war; indeed, the majority of the peoples of the world were against the war. Once it started the dumb and gullible were quite happy to support the crap that Howard fed them - you, Donny, were no doubt among them,

Now they don't.

Damian Lataan said...

There was no broad support for war when it started.

Once Australia was committed by the lunatic Howard there was support for the troops but...

Now there isn't:

You're not a warmonger are you Donny? You're not for war are you? I suppose you're looking forward to war with Iran Donny!

You're the sort of idiot that thinks because a lot of Australians think it was OK to go to war it then it must have been OK to go to to war. How dumb and gullible is that? 700,000 dead later and some 4 million rendered homeless and you think it's OK because Australians were stupid enough to support Howard?

Donny, don't visit this site again. Warmongers aren't welcome.

Anonymous said...

Donny, what Damian really means is that he doesnt like you asking him awkward questions. Thats why he will probably delete any more comments you make

Damian Lataan said...

What Damian means is; 'warmongers aren't welcome here'. Nor do I tolerate time wasters. The questions were answered; now go away.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. DONNY STFU!

Fungus the Photo! said...

Howard is a politician (boo!) and to an extent a statesman (hurrah!) He is Australian above all.

He has sabotaged the federal election. He could not do so until Labour had ditched Big Kim. He was too much in the thrall of one faction of TPTB in Wash DC.
Johnny nearly cracks a smile as he goes about business! Iraq is nothing to what is to come. They did volunteer. They are only a small fraction of US forces. Keep your eyes on Singapore.
USA sells arms to both sides.....If some progress is not made then an attack is made to destabilize.....
Bali was bad enough....
We haven't forgotten that either!!!
Never Forget. Never Forgive. Never Give Up.