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Thursday, August 02, 2007


In an astonishingly transparent and pathetically patronising effort to distance herself from accusations of being racist, Jenny Hume at Webdiary has now told Webdiarists:

“And it is not racism that drives me here. I actually have quite an affinity with the Indian people, with a large double dash of Indian blood of my own, of which I am rather proud. A couple of my cousins could pass as Indian. Maybe I should not admit that at the moment!”

Jenny Hume seems painfully unaware of the fact that there is far more to ‘racism’ than simple blood and biology; today’s racism is about religion and culture. Jenny Hume’s claim to have Indian blood has absolutely nothing to do with her outrageous phobias about ‘foreign’ religions and cultures; phobias that conflict with her ridiculous notions of Australian ‘squattocracy’ and of a nation born not 60,000 or whenever years ago, but in 1915 at Gallipoli, notions that demand that ‘they’ be like ‘us’ if they want to come and live in this country ignoring entirely that when her ancestors arrived here their demands were that the natives become like ‘us’ – how could ‘we’ possibly live like ‘them’. Pure arrogance; an arrogance that doesn’t detract one iota from Jenny Hume’s hate and racism.

The blatant Islamophobic racist garbage that flows from the keyboards of the likes of Geoff Pahoff and the liar Eliot Ramsey/C. Parsons, etc., can be simply pointed out and then ignored for what it is, but the kind of deceit that Jenny Hume oozes is far more insidious than simple propaganda – it’s a subtle kind of propaganda that poses as apparent consensus but is in reality far more dangerous than the simplistic racist garbage. It is the kind of propaganda that Australians searching for a more egalitarian society should be aware of.

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