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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


An almost unnoticed quote by the Israeli defence Minister, Ehud Barak, and reported yesterday in the Jerusalem Post is significant; “The next war,” he says, “needs to be decided in enemy territory, with minimal damage to the home front.”

This was the last line in a report that more than likely will disappear from the pages of the world’s newspapers by the time you are reading this.

Of course, the first thing one needs to ask is: Which particular ‘enemy’s territory’ is Barak referring to? Israel has so many enemies. They are already in the West Bank and they are already constantly making incursions into the Gaza Strip where any actual ‘war’ as such is likely to be very one-sided, so that only leaves Lebanon or Syria. Barak’s remark about ‘minimal damage to the home front’ could be construed as a reference to the damage that Hizbollah inflicted on Israel as a result of its rocket bombardment of northern Israel during last years war. Some observers have commented that it was Hizbollah’s continued attacks against civilian targets in northern Israel that finally forced Israel to the seek a ceasefire via the US and the UN after Israel failed to stop such attacks with their own bombardments of Lebanon and even its costly invasion.

We now know that, while Hizbollah did attack Israel with rockets, the Israelis were actually planning to attack Hizbollah and Lebanon long before Hizbollah began using rockets against Israel. Indeed, the rocket attacks against Israel, together with the capture by Hizbollah of two IDF soldiers, were just the casus belli Israel were looking for in order to start their war. As always, the Israelis claimed it was their enemies that had cast the first stone but, as always, this is a lie. In fact Israel had spent months planning their attack and weeks deliberately trying to provoke Hizbollah by making low-level supersonic mock attacks over Lebanon. Not only did these flights infringe Lebanese sovereign airspace but they were designed to be both aggressive and intimidating. One could only surmise what Israel’s reaction would be if, say, a flight of Syrian air force MiG-29s made a series of low level supersonic passes over Tel Aviv.

Today, the Israeli air force continues to fly inside Lebanese airspace and, indeed, have come close to having their aircraft shot down by French peace-keeping anti-aircraft missiles. In the last few months the IDF have completed several exercises in the northern Israel region close to both the Lebanese border and the Syrian border. The new Israeli Chief of Staff, General Gabi Ashkenazi, has fully settled into his new role and the new Israeli Defence Minister, Ehud Barak, apart from wanting to raise another couple of divisions for the Israeli army, seems about ready to go.

All that remains now is for the Israeli government to find a casus belli and there well then be a strong likelihood of the world witnessing yet another war which this time could see Israel attacking both south Lebanon and Syria simultaneously. Again, the hope is that Iran will come to Syria’s aid thus providing a casus belli for the US to attack Iran.

And that’s the bottom line for the Israelis and the US – regime change in Iran and Syria thus leaving Israel with a free hand to deal with Hamas and Hizbollah as the Zionists take another step toward their dream of a Greater Israel.


Daniel said...

Great post, Damian, very clear, very direct! The machinations of Israel and its Big Brother America are complex and shadowy. Their outcome will throw the whole of the M.E. into chaos.

Greater Israel is a malignant cancer. American hegemony is worse!

Anonymous said...

Hi Damiaan,
just wondered if you've visited wd lately.Have in the last few days had a lot of trouble downloading from there,very slow and interupted server issues.Yet ,all the other sites are still fast. There was no access at all this afternoon for my computer link.
wonder if they have had a server attack etc.
Anyway,still awaiting your opus magnus. 911. we need it before our own 69 or whatever humourous date is chosen.

annie sourris

Damian Lataan said...

Annie, I think WD were having some big problems yesterday (Wed) but things seem to be better today though still a bit slow.

As for the 9/11 thing; it's still being worked on but I do have other priorities at the moment. Every time I think I've got a bit of time to work on it somethiing else comes up. Anyway, it's slowly getting there. Sorry to have to keep people waiting. Now I just hope it's worth the wait!

Daniel, I'm not sure what's going to happen in the ME at the moment. I certainly hope that the US don't try anything stupid like attack Iran - that really will shove things up to the edge, if not beyond. Problem is the lunatics that run the US government are so full of themselves they think they can do anything - they never learn; they just delude themselves into thinking everything's going well. Even as it turns into mush before their eyes they still can't see it.

Daniel said...

The American blogs are filled with misgivings, Damian. Perhaps Howard will declare war on Fiji at the same time, have war on two fronts so that the news can be spread!

WD has had major problems but, in common with other problems they have, they simply pretend they don't exist!