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Monday, January 05, 2009



It seems, at last, that some elements of the mainstream press are slowly beginning to realise that the attack against the Gazan people was much less about Hamas rockets and mortars being launched into Israel and much more about Israel destroying Hamas. Paul McGeough of the Sydney Morning Herald today goes part way in the mainstream press to say what many bloggers and independent journalists have been saying for months, even years, and that is; Israel’s war against the Palestinian people was never about rockets and mortars landing ineffectually on southern Israel from Gaza but about ultimately Israel having the Gaza and the West Bank occupied and settled with Israelis as part of the Zionist dream of a Greater Israel.

Getting rid of Hamas is only part of the Israeli plan. Israel knows that while any Palestinian remains in the Gaza it will never know peace. Even if Hamas is seemingly totally destroyed in this war then it will arise again in the same form or some other form within months and Israel will need to start its war all over again with the Palestinian people.

As has now been revealed by the Sydney Morning Herald, the claim by Israel that it merely wants to stop the rockets and mortars from being launched from the Gaza is simple propaganda providing the excuse Israel needed to launch their attack.

Since the attack started all of Israel’s propaganda lies have been exposed. The claim that it was Hamas that broke the ceasefire dashed all Israeli credibility when it was seen as a blatant lie by the rest of the world who were well aware of Israel’s unprovoked attack on the Gaza on 4 November 2008 which resulted in the deaths of six Palestinians.

Unfortunately, McGeough has only touched on the full geo-political reality of Israel’s intentions for the Gaza.

He asks: “But how would Israel fill a post-Hamas vacuum?”

He infers that the West Bank President Abbas may be considered since it is the current Israeli government and Washington that is propping up his regime in the West Bank. However, McGeough is well aware of Abbas’s shortcomings and suggests that the suffering Palestinians will blame the Israelis for their suffering and not Hamas and that the Gazan people are not likely to turn to Abbas and his Fatah faction for a way out of their suffering. Besides, while Abbas may be on friendly terms with the current Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, it should be remembered that Abbas is as much despised by the right-wing Zionists as Hamas is and it would seem that the right-wing Zionists of Israel stand quite a reasonable chance of gaining power at the next Israeli elections scheduled for February this year. In the event of a Likud win at the elections and Netanyahu becoming the next Israeli Prime Minister, Palestinians can kiss any notion of a full and proper sovereign Palestinian state goodbye as Netanyahu has made quite clear both in the past and recently.

While some in the mainstream media are slowly chipping away at the Israeli propaganda and rhetoric to reveal the truth about the geo-political reality of Israel’s intentions, there is still along way to go before those intentions become entirely revealed to the people of the Western world.

The Zionists of Israel are astute enough to realise that they are unable to move too quickly toward their goal of a Greater Israel that includes all of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. In the past they have always needed to have a casus belli, real or otherwise, before moving forward. Today their lies have become increasingly transparent but for the Israelis it is not so much a matter of convincing the people of the world that what they are doing is justified but convincing the Western governments that what they are doing is justified. So far, the peoples of the world have seen through their lies; now the governments of those peoples must also be shown that they are indeed lies and that Israel again has hoodwinked the governments of the world.


For some insight into the extent of Islamaphobia, racism and ability to lie and deceive on behalf of Israel that exists in other sections of Australian mainstream media, not unsurprisingly, that owned by Rupert Murdoch, one needs only to take a look at the blog of Australia’s foremost racist and purveyor of hate, the columnist Piers Akerman of Sydney’s Daily Telegraph. This frothing at the mouth neoconservative hate and warmongering lunatic actually believes that there is a Fifth Column of Islamic extremists in Australia bent on ousting the Australian government and installing an Islamic government with Shria law! If it wasn't for the fact that he works in the Australian mainstream media he'd be a joke. But then, he does work for Murdoch.

Here you’ll find the same old lies and propaganda that he’s been instructed to publish and that we’ve already heard about from the Israelis and you’ll also find his faithful racist bloggies responding in chorus with very little dissent to his views being published.


South Australian readers should know that there will be a protest rally in Adelaide at 1.00pm outside Parliament House in the city this coming Sunday, 11 January, 2009. The protest is being organised by the Australian Friends of Palestine. All concerned people are urged to make their voice heard at this or other rallies being held around the world. Please come along and show your support for the people of the Gaza.


Anonymous said...

The Israels are still trying to maintain the fiction that Hamas broke the cease fire at their Consulate site here.

They are refusing to publish my comments which debunk their lies.

Ivan Eland's analysis is not bad:

"Even the best outcome for Israel is grim. If the Israeli military invades Gaza on the ground to wipe out Hamas and its military infrastructure and Egypt does not allow Hamas fighters to escape to its territory, the Arab grievance will likely merely morph into a more angry and virulent form after the almost certain eventual Israeli withdrawal. Alternatively, if Hamas is not completely wiped out – either because some fighters successfully melt back into Gaza’s population or because Israel merely threatens a ground invasion but doesn’t follow through – Hamas’s stature will grow in Gaza and the Arab world for successfully withstanding the Israeli goliath – as Hezbollah’s did after the Israeli onslaught against and withdrawal from Lebanon in 2006.

Instead of making peace with the Palestinians and Syrians by eliminating the underlying grievance and giving back their land, or at least answering minor provocations with limited tit-for-tat responses, Israel will likely continue flailing disproportionately against its enemies. This Israeli government policy will make the long-term security situation worse for the Israeli people – with the United States subsidizing and giving the green light to such irresponsible behavior. Same stuff, different year."

Anonymous said...

just one word: distraught ...

G'day Damian,

  .. distraught at the filthy, criminal Israeli depredations in Gaza, and the total lack of any (visible, effective) opposition.

It is utterly disgusting how the so-called 'leaders' of the 'civilised world' do nothing (visible, effective) to stop USraeli murder for spoil.

And possibly the worst aspect is the way the propaganda is pushed, i.e. by the public broadcasters as well as the 'commercial' MSM. Boo! Hiss! I have seen McGeough's "Incursion in November was the last straw" and now "Mission revealed: destroy Hamas," McGeough is to be congratulated for showing us some cracks in the Israeli pushed-paradigm lying fa├žade.

It really makes me spit, hearing or reading the cruel fiction about how 'poor, little Israel' has to 'defend itself from Hamas,' while what is actually going on is Israeli genocidal murdering theft of all things Palestinian. Brutal, murdering Israeli tanks and aircraft against Palestinians armed with little more than stones! A few 'penny rockets' are nothing, against 'world's best' Israeli tanks and aircraft! Brutal, murdering Israeli tanks and aircraft against mostly the unarmed, more often than not the harmless old, women and children! Penned into Gaza, also by their corrupt brother-Arabs along their southern border, the poor Palestinians simply have no escape. Defenceless fish in a barrel! It's beyond deplorable, it's simply, filthily criminal - and that on the Nuremberg scale.

How can they *all*, i.e. perpetrators, apologists and (crooked!) politicians & MSM + even public broadcasters almost everywhere be Oh, so blatantly bad? And the sheople® 'let' themselves be (comfortably!) deluded.

One could say that they, all those who do not *strenuously protest*, are bringing disgrace - on the whole human race.

The press in general and the public broadcasters in particular must be eternally damned for retailing the outright lies coming from the Israeli PR machine; know you that 'PR' is itself a misleading term first deployed by the author of perhaps the definitive book on propaganda, Bernays. We the sheople are being swamped to the point of drowning in Bernays-style, lying propaganda - to the ghastly purpose of perpetrating mass-murder for spoil.

Any and all who shrug, don't do anything, therefore by default accepting, allowing these horrible crimes to continue make themselves accessories to those crimes. One simply must protest, somehow, and in the loudest possible way. Might does not make right, never has and never will. No more murdering, thieving war! What are we humans, just another sort of crude animal? If something more noble, then war in all its forms must be banished and that means from exactly now; no more bloody war!

Dear reader - one must either protest, loudest - or accept part-responsibility for these most dastardly of crimes that the Israelis are currently inflicting on the poor, hapless Palestinians - and have been so inflicting, for 60+ looong, bloody years. Gotta be stopped; someone's gotta stop 'em.


Anonymous said...

I don't agree with any of your analyses, Damian. There is a combination of many reasons for the Gaza massacre.
1. Vampire-style posturing for candidates in the forthcoming Israeli election.
2. Gaza is one the few places in the Middle East sufficiently defenseless for Israel to reinforce the myth of its military expertise. It has none; look at the debacle it engineered in Georgia. The Georgians got hammered and now Putin has US, NATO, local 'Missile Defense', and Israel firmly in his sights. And 'Europe' is going to get very chilly this winter in a Zionist-style blame game gambit over a dispute with Ukraine engineered by Vlad. Very droll when you think about it.
3. This fake war helps to take people's minds off the fact that Israel should be paying compensation and reparations to the victims of its outrageous theft of their land and livelihood.
4. Gaza has a gas field and Israel wants to move them out of Gaza so that Gaza and its potentially lucrative gas deposits can be become part of Israel.
5. Israelis are dreadful liars and cowards. They hope that by murdering refugees in Gaza people will begin to believe that their threats to Iran will be given substance.
6. Similarly to the Iraqi Resistance representing the aspirations of more than 50% of Iraqis, HAMAS represents the aspirations of more than 50% of the Pals 'living' in Gaza - but more so - HAMAS was elected to power tasked with a mandate to fulfill those aspirations. Israel kidnapped and imprisoned sufficient of them to prevent HAMAS from establishing a parliamentary majority. Had they been allowed to do so they would have demonstrated that they were more interested in negotiating with Israel for the long term welfare of Gazans, especially freedom of movement and removal of trade embargoes and barriers allowing them to become self-sufficient instead of aid recipients. HAMAS should have been allowed to govern and be judged by their actions. but Israel's, and the West's closet Zionist lunatics and liars, couldn't afford to take the chance that Israel's excrescent lies would be exposed.

Damian Lataan said...

Some of your analysis is a little short sighted. First the war has very little to do with the forthcoming elections; it was planned well in advance of the announcement of the elections and no one commits themselves to this kind of carnage just so they can win an election – not even Zionists! The timing of the carnage has far more to do with Bush still being President of the US than Israeli elections.

It would be a fatal mistake to underestimate Israeli military expertise. They may not have done well in their fracas with Hezbollah in 2006 and the failures in Georgia had far more to do with US underestimation of Russian determination than Israeli military failures.

There is nothing ‘fake’ about this war; just ask the relatives and friends of those that have been killed and maimed if they think this is a ‘fake’ war.

Gaza indeed has a potential gas field off-shore but Israeli Zionists have had their eye on the Gaza Strip as part of a Greater Israel long before any gas was found.

The rest of your points I generally agree with.

Anonymous said...

From Anonymous 2-43 am.
It may seem far-fetched that paranoid Israelis with guilty consciences (or none at all) would electioneer on a national security platform but the Phantom Menace gambit worked for Dubya in '04, didn't it? The war vs election timeline argument doesn't prove anything unless one believes that elections aren't planned in advance. Only the Israelis know to what extent the war had an electioneering component and I listed 6 possible factors.

I use the term 'fake' to describe Israel's 'wars' on its neighbours, and America's 'war' in Iraq, merely to highlight the pitifully extreme imbalance of military assets available to each side.

Anyone who could attach the label 'war' to Iraq and Gaza with a straight face would probably use the same term to describe the results of a bikie gang wading into the inmates of a kindergarten with baseball bats, shotguns and flick-knives.

Damian Lataan said...

The 2004 Presidential election and today's situation in Israel is an inappropriate analogy because the US Presidential elections are at given dates know years in advance, whereas Israeli elections can be held (alsmost) whenever an Israeli government pleases. The implications of this you can put together yourself.

War is war no matter how unbalanced the sides are.

Anonymous said...

"War is war no matter how unbalanced the sides are."

It's a mistake to label an unprovoked act of genocide with no clearly achievable strategic goals, other than than genocide, as a 'war'.
Leaders have an unfortunate habit of glorifying 'war' as heroic and productive.
Genocide is neither.

Damian Lataan said...

All wars based on hate and loathing are acts of genocide. The aim is to kill the enemy - soldiers or civilians - no matter how unbalanced.

Anonymous said...

I have to do a quickie here Damian, almost totally out of time.

War it isn't, it's an outright, inhuman even, slaughter. Warsaw ghetto, perhaps. The Pals simply have no way out and are 'armed' with pea-rifles and penny rockets.

'Military expertise' is also wrong, the risibly named IDF (offensive!) is equipped with the very the latest US killing machines - not a lot of expertise to pull a trigger.

But a lot of inhumanity is needed to turn even marginally 'normal' people (J*ws) into cold-blooded killers of the old, helpless, women and children.

The MSM - public broadcasters in three countries I have close experience with - use the terms militant, extremist & terrorist on any of the USraeli designated 'enemies' - always negative stereotypes. It's almost all lies, dreadfully one-sided, and may fool only half of the dumbed-down sheople, and then only for half the time.

To say foreign leaders are 'convinced' by Z-propaganda is also wrong, such leaders have so-called 'professional' intel advisers; they all *know* what crimes are being committed, they are either coerced cowards or closet supporters.

Got to call a spade a spade; the invading IDF (Gaza, Lebanon, anywhere outside of already illegal Israeli borders), its order-givers, accessories and apologists cannot escape the exactly apposite label: murderers. You know, as in 'murder for spoil' - in other words, filthy murdering thieves.

Anonymous said...

In my remarks of 3-42 pm, I should have written:
Leaders have an unfortunate habit of glorifying 'war' as heroic and moral.

As Justice via Truth (5-52 pm) points out, correctly imo, language plays an important part in shaping public opinion. In the Palestinian conflict Pals are routinely portrayed as terrorists, gunmen, militants and extremists, when the truth is that it's the Israelis who are all of these things plus thieves and liars.

Describing the current genocidal attack as 'war' plays into the hands of the propagandists by giving it the imprimatur of The West's heroic, just and moral, but reluctantly fought, wars.

You can probably recall that The West's propagandists diligently avoid attaching the word 'war' to conflicts it doesn't like such as Rwanda, the Balkans and what Mugabe is doing. We should be similarly careful with the language we use to describe conflicts of which we disapprove. I have strong feelings about this but my remarks were intended as advisory rather than any kind of rebuke. I think it's important to avoid sending mixed messages when one views are unequivocal.

Thus using the expression "not even a Zionist!" sounds a little limp wristed when speculating on the acts of which Zionists may or may not be capable of perpetrating on the victims of their criminality and their propaganda.

Damian Lataan said...

I used the term 'not even Zionists' more to emphasise my point rather to mean it literally. In my experience Zionists are in fact capable of virtually anything, even killing their own or killing their allies, if it suits their interests.

I stand by my assertion that war is war regardless of how unbalanced it is. It reinforces the notion that war, in any form whatsoever, is simply wrong from every point of view and is something that humankind should have abandoned years ago. The more unbalanced the war is the more apparent the notion becomes. To disassociate 'war' from simple plain massacre and genocidal carnage is to elevate the notion of war to something that is acceptable providing there is no massacre or genocidal carnage.