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Monday, January 12, 2009


I have for over two years now argued through this blog and elsewhere that a great conflict that I have called the Final Confrontation will eventually unleash itself in the Middle East whereby Israeli and US extreme right-wing hawks will manipulate the geo-political situation that exists between the Israelis and the Arabs, particularly the Palestinians, in order to defeat, once and for all, Israel’s enemies; Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and most importantly for them, Iran. Once these enemies are defeated, resistance to Israel’s quest for a Greater Israel consisting of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights and even, so they hope, south Lebanon up to the Litani River, will crumble.

I have also hinted that Israel may be prepared to use, or at least threaten to use, its ultimate weapons in order to achieve their Greater Israel. I have written many articles that predict that Israel will build up to its Final Confrontation with Iran via wars with Iran’s so-called proxies; Hamas, Hezbollah and Syria. I have come to these conclusions by simple virtue of asking myself what I, if I were an extreme right-wing Israeli Zionist, would ultimately want, within the bounds of possibility, for my ideal nation. When I say ‘within the bounds of possibility’ I mean to say a Greater Israel that could actually be feasible today. Forget the ‘Nile to the Euphrates’ dream of the original forbears of Zionism; I mean something that is actually achievable in the twenty-first century.

It must be realised that the talk of a two-state solution is merely a distraction from the Zionists real goals. Do not be fooled. ISRAELI RIGHT-WING ZIONISTS, INCLUDING THE KADIMA PARTY, WILL NEVER ACCEPT THE EXISTENCE OF A PALESTINIAN STATE. NOT EVER.

Over the past sixty years Israel has slowly built itself up as a nation using an unwritten policy of slowly creating and expanding itself by taking three steps forward and two steps back which it has done via a series of provoked wars throughout those sixty years with its various enemies, that is; the people that occupy the lands the Zionists covet and want as part of their dream of a Greater Israel.

Now, however, the pace of Israeli expansionism has been forced to snowball.

In 2001, when George W. Bush became the President of the US, Israelis found themselves with unprecedented power in the White House. Many right-wing Zionist Israeli citizens, using their dual-nationality, became very senior officials in the new US Bush administration. Today that power is almost at an end and the Zionists ambitions have fallen short of their dreams.

Now, however, in the very final days of the Bush administration, Israel has taken it upon itself to defeat Hamas in the Gaza Strip in the hope that the war might quickly escalate to the point where the Final Confrontation is in sight.

It now seems that I am not alone in voicing this kind of scenario. Even the Iranian press has now suggested that this may be what the Israelis are after. The Executive Intelligence Review is reporting that sources in Washington are also predicting a similar scenario.

There is still just over a week left of the Bush regime but, as they say, a week in politics is a very long time and just about anything can happen. And the way things are shaping up in the Middle East at the moment, they probably will.
As always when I write of the Final Confrontation; I really do hope I’m wrong.

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