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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


The Israeli Central Elections Committee yesterday exposed the reality of Zionist racism by banning Israeli Arab political parties from participating in the forthcoming elections on 10 February.

The Israeli nation has for years represented itself as the beacon of democracy in the Middle East setting itself up as a fair and honest state that is a shining example of how other states in the region might be. But it seems that it is all a fa├žade that is now beginning to rapidly crumble as is the state itself.

Rather than the picture it likes to paint of itself as being a tranquil state desperately seeking to survive in a sea of hate and violence, Israel itself seethes with criminal violence and corruption at the very highest levels. Every war that it has fought has been instigated by Zionism and every square metre of dirt that Israel stands on once belonged to someone else yet all we hear about is how hard done by the Israelis are as they try to convince the world that all they want to do is live in peace with their neighbours without mentioning that its actually on their neighbours land that they want to live peacefully on.

Far from being a free democratic nation, its whole existence is slowly being exposed as a fraud. Even Israelis themselves are slowly waking up to their own misdeeds. Yesterday, for example, an IDF soldier refused to go in to the Gaza as a protest against the civilian deaths there. Other soldiers have also refused to go to the Gaza in protest. And now that blatant display of apartheid-style racism exposes the Zionists for what they really are; criminals and Nazis pathetically cowering behind their own victimhood and cynically using the deaths of European Jewry during the last century to excuse and justify state expansionism and the deaths of their enemies.

These Zionist extremists are an insult to the memory of those that perished before them. They are committing the same war crimes in the Gaza in the name of ordinary Israelis that were committed by the Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto. And, just as the Nazis denied German Jews the right to participate in German politics in the 1930s, now they are denying whole sections of their Arab citizens the right to participate in their already corrupted political process.

Yet Zionist extremists bleat that to compare them with the Nazis is anti-Semitism. The Zionists have debauched the rightful meaning of the anti-Semitism label when it was used quite rightly to describe white-supremacists that simply hated Jews for no other reason than they were Jews. Now, because Zionists abuse the term to attempt to intimidate those that oppose their fascist ways, the term has become devalued and means very little. The term once had its rightful place in history but not any more it doesn’t – thanks to the Zionists.

Democracy? Anti-Semitism? They are fraudulent myths in today’s Zionist Israel.

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Anonymous said...

well israel is killing so many jews. Its just getting worse.