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Sunday, January 04, 2009


There have been demonstrations the world over including thousands of Israelis in Tel Aviv demonstrating against the war. Tens of thousands have protested in London hurling thousands of shoes toward the Prime Ministers government residence at Downing Street. Even in Houston, Texas, hundreds turned out at the Israeli Consulate to protest the war against the Gazans.

But, despite the protests from the peoples of the world, Western governments have largely ignored the calls from their peoples to demand that their governments in turn demand an end to the carnage. While President George W. Bush has cynically expressed concern over the humanitarian situation in the Gaza, he has had no objection to the Israeli bombardment and invasion that has caused that humanitarian situation.

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has done little except to phone Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to ask him to cease operations in the Gaza and say that ‘moderation must prevail’. Other than that; no pressure at all on the Israelis. In Australia thousands have gathered in Melbourne and elsewhere in state capitals to protest the carnage in the Gaza but the acting Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has ‘refused to criticise Israel’s campaign in Gaza’ and has only expressed concern ‘as the number of casualties continue to rise’.

Western governments have seen this carnage brewing for months yet did nothing even as it reached a crescendo culminating when the Israelis launched their attacks against the defenceless Gazan people. It has been plain for all to see that the mainly ineffectual rocket and mortar attacks against Israel were as a result of the frustration the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip were experiencing as a direct result of the ghettoising and strangulation of the enclave by an Israel that still covets that land for itself. Yet the Western governments did nothing to relieve the humanitarian crisis that has been growing ever since Hamas ousted the corrupt Fatah from control of the Gaza.

The Western governments, together with many Middle East governments, have effectively turned a blind eye to this horrendous Israeli aggression and war crimes against the Palestinian people in the Gaza. I have warned on this blog for years that disasters like this that are caused by Zionist long-term nationalist and expansionist policies could be the precursor to far greater horrors as the Israeli Zionists and their supporters take another step closer to their Final Confrontation with their ultimate enemy Iran.

How long will it be before the Israelis again decide its time for another attempt to destroy Hezbollah and then Syria and, ultimately, Iran? And, with America wrapped around its little finger, will the US have any other choice but to join Israel in the Final Confrontation?


Anonymous said...

Israel has run out of defenseless targets in the Middle East. Killing women and children locked up in its Gaza Zoo and bombing civilian infrastructure in Lebanon is the limit of Zion's military prowess.

Zion touts itself as the world's 4th most powerful military machine on the basis of its hardware. But hardware does not a warrior make, and the claim is pure 'legend in your own mind' fantasy.

Syria is VERY UNLIKELY to become a target for the type of cowardly self-indulgence which Israel has displayed in Gaza and Lebanon; and America undertook in Iraq. The hogwash about Israel or America attacking Iran is hilariously silly and only gullible people take it seriously. It's NEVER going to happen.

Damian Lataan said...

I hope you are right, Anonymous. However, if the right-wing Zionists and their supporters in the US have their way it will happen despite the madness of it all. Time will tell.

Only the gullible believe that it will NEVER happen.