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Friday, January 09, 2009


The pro-Zionist Western press are playing down Israel’s response to yesterdays Katyusha attack launched from south Lebanon against Israel saying that the “relatively low-key response… indicates that Israel has no desire to escalate the situation”. The reality is that ‘Israel has no desire to be seen to escalate the situation’ preferring, as usual, to manipulate the propaganda in such a way as to make it seem as though Israel was attacked without provocation. Indeed, the article in the UKs right-wing and staunchly pro-Zionist ‘Daily Telegraph’ infers that the attack was unexpected and without provocation. However, the article ignores entirely the overflights by the Israeli Air Force (IAF) into Lebanese airspace prior to the Katyusha launchings. Instead the Daily Telegraph refers only to the IAF overflights made after the attacks thus reinforcing the notion that Israel was attacked without provocation. On this occasion the ‘Daily Telegraph’ has been caught out indulging in a deliberate deceit.

Israel’s penchant for assuming the role of ‘victim’ in order to justify actions it takes against its enemies is now well known. Israel is often prepared to expend great energies and even risk its relationship with allies in order to manipulate a situation that is favourable to their interests and in order to always seem to be the innocent and aggrieved party in its conflicts with its Palestinian and Arab neighbours.

Israel’s latest onslaught into the Gaza was justified, according to Israel, because Hamas had broken the ceasefire. This, as the world now knows, is a complete lie. Hamas in fact resumed its ineffectual attacks against Israel in retaliation for Israel’s unprovoked attack against Palestinians in the Gaza which killed six Gazans. In fact, Israel’s taste for instigating violence has now been documented. Research by Nancy Kanwisher, Johannes Haushofer, and Anat Biletzki shows that Israel has been responsible for the vast majority of interruptions in ceasefires or periods of non-violence ever since the present intifada began in September 2000. Indeed, almost 80% of resumptions of violence were initiated by Israel and involved the death or deaths of Palestinians by Israelis in the first instance.

The myth of Israeli victimhood is now exposed. While the peoples of the world are waking up to the reality of Israeli aggression based on false claims, the governments of the peoples of the Western world continue to ignore both the demands of their peoples and the reality of Israeli propaganda and lies.

Meanwhile, whilst the Palestinian people continue to die in the Gaza, Israel prepares to wage war against the people of Lebanon just as soon as the next opportunity arises whereby the Israelis can blame the Lebanese for starting it.


In an assertive statement released by Hezbollah the organisation has categorically denied any involvement with the launching of the Katyusha rockets into Israel yesterday. The question now to be asked is; then who did? If Hezbollah didn’t do it then that leaves either one of the Palestinian refugee factions that are based in Lebanon being responsible or it was simply a false flag attack launched by an Israeli special forces group that had managed to slip into Lebanon for the purpose and, since the launch site was less than two miles from the border with northern Israel, this would not be an unreasonable assumption. As Mike Whitney reports it seems that this is not the first time that Israel has attempted a false flag attack against itself from Lebanon.

The problem with the theory that a Palestinian organisation may have been responsible is that Katyusha’s are a lot more sophisticated, not to mention very bulky, weapon that is both difficult to obtain and difficult to conceal or keep covertly compared with their usual type of light weight weapon of choice; single small rockets and mortars. The Katyusha multi-tube rocket launcher would not generally be the type of weapon that one of the minor resistance groups would use.


Anonymous said...

G'day Damian, the same old stories keep getting pumped out ... but what if someone decides to add a twist? Martyn Indyk was invited onto DemocracyNow! to discuss his latest book. However, he was in for a surprise as Norman Finkelstein was also present - and Indyk did not like it one bit. Difficult to push the propaganda line if someone has the facts at hand. Watch, listen to or read the fun here.

Damian Lataan said...

Hi Bob, many thanks for that; it's a good one!

Chuck Boldwyn said...

It is most refreshing to see someone exposing the lies and falsehood and deceit of the Military forces of Israel against its Arab & Muslim neighbors.

Keep up the excellent reporting and I wish you could get this to the USA main stream media or at least American Free Press and Republic broadcasting on the internet and in their newpaper.

We need open worldwide exposure for the false flag atrocities committed by Israel's Zionists fanatics.

Chuck Boldwyn said...

Chuck Boldwyn
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DL(16) = 73,000 Tons or less

The weight of the lower WTC 94 floor block is 430,000 Tons or more as the steel gets progressively thicker and thicker,until it reaches 4 inches thick toward the bottom floors.

The top alleged falling 16 floor block is less than (1/6) the weight of the lower 94 block.

Even though the top block was very massive, on a comparitive scale to the lower 94 floor steel, highly intact block, according to the laws of Physics, it could never collapse the topmost 94th floor, floor 94, with its gravity weight of force alone, much less the entire 94 floor steel tower below.

The Tower could support 20 times its Live Load (LL)weight.

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CL(94) = 20 x LL(94)

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