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Friday, January 02, 2009


There has been much speculation in the media over how the Israelis are ultimately going to end the stand-off with Hamas. The bottom line, however, is this: While any Palestinians remain in the Gaza Strip deprived of their freedom to work and trade with their neighbours, no matter who they are, or are dominated in any way by the Israelis, then Israel will never know peace and there will always be a Hamas or some other organisation that will resist Israel.

If there was a ceasefire now then Israel would not have achieved even their basic war aim which is to destroy Hamas. Within months Hamas will have rebuilt itself finding willing recruits among the survivors of the current onslaught and soon the Israelis will be yet again on the receiving end of more rockets and mortars. The Israelis will have found themselves in the same situation as they did after the Second Lebanon War – the ultimate losers having succeeded only in destroying infrastructure, homes and offices together with the deaths of several hundred activists out of tens of thousands, and demonstrating to the world who the true terrorists are in the Middle East – yet again.

Having come this far in their war against the Palestinian people – and make no mistake, this is a war against the Palestinian people, not just Hamas – the Israelis will now need to invade and occupy the Gaza Strip. In doing so there will be even greater carnage and slaughter of Palestinians and, of course, many of Israel’s young men, filled with the propaganda of hate by their Zionist mentors, are also likely to perish in such an event. While the Bush administration has stopped short of endorsing an Israeli invasion and occupation of the Gaza it has not suggested that Israel does not and says that Israeli should do whatever it needs to do to for its own self-defence. From other US quarters, however, there is support for an Israeli invasion of the Gaza. And, if the Israelis do invade, the US is hardly likely to withhold weapons, fuel and spare aircraft engines from Israel.

The Israeli and neocon propaganda of Israel having ‘withdrawn’ from the Gaza Strip and that it is no longer ‘occupied’ and inferring that it no longer has any territorial interest in the Gaza is just that – propaganda. Right-wing Zionists and their political parties will never give up their dream of a Greater Israel that includes all of the Gaza. The Gazan people are Palestinian people. Palestine is still occupied and Gazan Palestinians are resisting all occupation; not just Gazan occupation. Israeli pedantic propaganda aside, one should also bear in mind that it is Israel that has complete control over the people of the Gaza Strip in terms of quality of life. The Gaza Strip is as much under the control of the Israelis as the Warsaw Ghetto was under the control of the Nazis during the Second World War. It has the capacity to squeeze or destroy it at will.

The Palestinian rocket and mortar attacks have been as a direct result of deliberately planned and manipulated Israeli provocation and has been achieved by denying the Gazan’s the right to be governed by a government that was elected by them, denying them of the freedom to come and go from the Gaza Strip whenever they wish, denying them the right to trade with whom ever they wish, by denying them the right to access international waters via their own territorial waters, and by denying them of their ability to grow enough food of their own by squeezing the importation of fertilisers and destroying their productive lands. Israel has also provoked Palestinian action against Israel by murdering Palestinian leaders and indiscriminately killing Palestinian civilians as they murder their targets. Israel has also deliberately bombed targets that were not military including mosques that they claimed were being used by ‘terrorists’ and trucks they claimed were shifting rockets but were instead only transporting gas cylinders.

The Israeli endgame has only just begun and it will not stop at the Gaza. Hezbollah in the eyes of the Zionists still has to be dealt with. Fatah, despite the rapport its leader, Palestinian President Abbas has with the outgoing Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, is as much despised by the right-wing Zionists as Hamas and Hezbollah. The coming elections in Israel could well see the ultra right-wing Zionist Benjamin Netanyahu become the next Prime Minister of Israel who still sees Iran and its so-called ‘nuclear weapons program’ as unfinished business.

The Final Confrontation is only just beginning.


Anonymous said...

We live in increasingly dangerous times, Damian. The insanity of a tiny group Israelis may yet bring about the end of our world.

Who will disarm them, take them aside, give them the deep psychological therapy they require?

Time is running out!

Anonymous said...

Good article Damian. As far as I know Israel is running out of land and needs to expand. For as long as Israel is funded and supported by other governments and wealthy institutions and individuals abroad Israel will continue with what they are doing. A dozen Israelis die, thousands of Palestinians die, it will not faze them. They have absolutely have no intention of having a formal Palestinian state because this will also entail a formal armed forces which Israel will not allow to happen because I believe this will be the beginning of the end for Israel, if it hasn't started already. The leaders of Israel also know that the modern state of Israel was founded on terrorism and violence and the state is sustained by terrorism and violence. This will not last. Israel's only game plan is continued voilence, they have no other and will not consider any other. Israel is digging their own grave, and unfortunately many, many thousands will die and suffer along the way.