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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Strong circumstantial evidence is slowly emerging into the mainstream media that confirms that, far from Hamas provoking Israel, it has been Israel that has been deliberately provoking Hamas into rocketing and mortaring southern Israel specifically in order to provide a casus belli for Israel to attack the Gaza. In doing so, this makes Israel guilty of using its own people as ‘victims’ for political purposes.

Israel was planning for the Gaza operation even as it was negotiating a ceasefire according to reports in Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz who says that during this period Israel had been carrying out a massive operational deception and have deliberately been misleading the public. It has now come to light that Israel has had a training facility close to Gaza where the army has been training for an operation against the Gaza Strip. This base has been running for some eighteen months. In order to ensure that Hamas provide a casus belli on cue Israel deliberately broke the ceasefire on 4 November 2008 by launching an aerial strike into the Gaza that killed six Palestinians. The Israelis knew that Palestinian fighters would respond by launching rockets and mortars, mostly ineffectually, into Israel.

On top of that, Israel’s long-term policy of provocation by deprivation, as noted by Brian Eno in his piece, Stealing Gaza: An Experiment in Provocation, added fuel to the Gazan peoples frustrations and desperation over their treatment by the Israelis. With a compliant domestic media and a well-controlled Western mainstream media headed up by the likes of Rupert Murdoch’s news empire, the Israelis were able to con the world and their own people into believing that it was Hamas who were to blame entirely for the rockets and mortars that fell on southern Israel.

The fact is this; the Israeli government itself is entirely to blame for what Israeli deaths and destruction has been caused. The Israeli government has deliberately and purposefully manipulated and provoked Hamas to kill, maim and terrorise Israeli citizens specifically for the purpose of providing an excuse to invade and occupy the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli Zionist government might just as well have launched the rockets and mortars themselves at their own people.


South Australian readers should know that there will be a protest rally in Adelaide at 1.00pm outside Parliament House in the city this coming Sunday, 11 January, 2009. The protest is being organised by the Australian Friends of Palestine. All concerned people are urged to make their voice heard at this or other rallies being held around the world. Please come along and show your support for the people of the Gaza.


Anonymous said...

You probably are digging into a secondary cause. Wouldn't it be enough to say that 60 years of occupation, genocide, torture and.. you name it further, is a sufficient provocation, something that is far beyond the limits of human endurance?

Anonymous said...

Well said Michael Pyshnov. Most people want to forget the historical context of todays conflict in Palestine. But doing so causes loss of perspective on the issue making it impossible to understand the problem & indeed find a solution. Also by doing so we r do a great disservice to the Palestinians & simply ignore the injustices perpetrated on them.

Once again Damian a gr8 article. What hurts me is that even though honest persons like yourself continue to blog & promote justice & peace will it be enough to overcome the machinations of the corrupt media that continue to drench the population in lies & propaganda.

michael said...

There has not been any evidence of Israeli civilian casualties as a result of Hamas rockets launched into s.Israel. None. Period.

Rather than the circumstantial evidence pointing in the direction of Hamas caused Israeli civilian casualties, it actually points diametrically in the opposite direction.

Late November MK Gilad Erdan said that Hamas was launching rockets onto vacant land, and so his suggestion was that an open air prison be built just there so that Palestinian terrorist prisoners can be put there so that the rockets can fall on them !

If that is not tantamount to saying that Hamas aims its rockets onto vacant land, i don't know what is !

Which proves that the IDF, or renegade Hamas or Fatah elements under their control, are sending them in to s.Israel - onto, of course, vacant land.

But even more likely than that, is that they are not at all being sent and the whole thing is IDF psyops for the nightly TV news.

Look at the people serially featured in Sderot as having been traumatised by all these Hamas rockets. They can barely suppress bursting out laughing or smirking !

They are all wailing or whimpering or cowering, and comforting one another.

Not a hair out place, clothes not bloodied and torn, not even a drop of tomato sauce !

I'll say this for them, their acting talents have loads of potential for improvement.

Btw, where is Ismail Haniyeh, as we have to remember that Hamas is actually controlled by Israeli intelligence ?