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Saturday, January 03, 2009


The Dr. Goebbels of Israeli propaganda, Yardin Vatikai, chief of the Israeli Zionist’s propaganda office known as the National Information Directorate (NID), has his work cut out as he attempts to justify and lie Israel’s way out of accusations by the people of the world that Israel is committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Gaza Strip.

The NID was set up at the same time as the planning began for the current operation against the Gaza Strip. It was created specifically to counter the accusations of war crimes that were levelled at Israel after the Second Lebanon War when Israel was accused of the war crime of disproportionate attacks against the Lebanese people in the 2006 war against Hezbollah. However, Israel’s attempt to counter such accusations have failed as far as the UN is concerned who have again condemned Israel for their disproportionate bombing this time in the Gaza.

Israel’s attack against the Gazan people was also timed to coincide with the Western worlds Christmas and New Year period, a time when many people are pre-occupied with seasonal festivities and annual holidays. The planners knew that an attack during this period would limit the public outcry against the assault and by the time public opinion could be organised to protest further Israeli aggression against the Gaza the operation would be considered fait accompli by protestors.

In other areas of Israeli propaganda there has been some success. Western governments have failed to condemn Israeli aggression and have accepted the Israeli propaganda of Hamas having provoked the attack by their continued bombardment of Israel with rockets and mortars. Not mentioned, of course, is the reason that Gazan resistance fighters have launched such attacks, most of which are entirely ineffectual, and that is in response to Israel’s continued squeezing and ghettoising of the Gaza Strip. However, Israeli propaganda has failed miserably in the eyes of most ordinary people throughout the world who able to see the transparency of Israeli lies. Contrary to Israeli lies that Hamas broke the ceasefire, a claim echoed by the US, the people of the world are well aware of the reality that it was Israel that broke the ceasefire when it raided the Gaza on 5 November 2008 and killed six Hamas operatives.

To help counter international outrage against Israeli aggression the NID has spared no effort in enlisting the support of the many international Israeli support and lobby groups particularly in the US. Even the social networking site Facebook has been used to spread Israeli propaganda.

But Zionist Israeli propagandists and their supporters are not getting everything their own way. Israelis and Diaspora Jews throughout the world have voiced their outrage against the Israeli attacks against the Gazan people, and independent news media and bloggers around the world are also doing their best to counter the outrageous Israeli propaganda and spin.


Anonymous said...

G'day Damian,

I was thinking (hard to 'turn it off') - about the Israeli 'Defense' (Offence!) Force and their horrible mass-slaughtering of the dispossessed native owners of the land Israel now illegally occupies, and it occurred to me that this IDF and their order-givers is what we could refer to as a primitive, immoral tribe on a murdering, thieving rampage.

Then an horrible thought popped into my head, doubly horrible because it was couched in detested Ameri-speak: "If it walks like a duck..." (Spit!)

What's happening in Gaza is an utter disgrace, a true catastrophe - made all the worse because of the lack of effective opposition from the so-called 'civilised' world. Imagine if someone blew your house into smithereens - killing your wife/son/daughter/parent(s)/friends? Hundreds are dead - in just a few days of murdering, large bits of the tiny space completely demolished. How would anyone feel? Have these IDF animals no 'higher' feelings? (They obviously enjoy their killer-lust.)

What happened to the Enlightenment? Where are the adults?

Anonymous said...

Hi Damian

Great article - you might be interested in countering the hasbara spin machine direct at