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Thursday, April 09, 2009


As the end of the Bush Presidency finally drew into sight in the run up to the 2008 US Presidential election, the entire world – not just the American people – but the entire world pinned their hopes on a Barack Obama win, a win that would at last bring some peace to a world turned upside down by Bush and his Zionist-inspired neocon administration.

Now, it seems, those hopes have been dashed.

Sure, he’s made all the right noises and, as a result, his popularity remains high as he continues to make the right noises. But mixed in with what seems to be the right noises is the geo-political realities of an expanding war in Afghanistan, a continued occupation in Iraq despite the nonsensical rhetoric about ‘withdrawal of combat troops’, continued talk of an ‘Iran seeking nuclear weapons’, and of course, the continued support of an expansionist Israel led by an ultra-right wing Zionist who has ruled out any notion of a Palestinian state and which has sworn to destroy Hamas and Hezbollah and put an end to ‘Irans nuclear weapons program’.

The rhetoric of talk is easy, but without backing it up by accepting that the basic premise for threats and war were wrong, such talk is meaningless.

Obama wants to talk about Iran’s nuclear weapons program. What’s to talk about? Iran has said it has no nuclear weapons program and there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that it has, so why talk? To insist that they talk about something that doesn’t exist is merely to play for time before resorting to more threats of sanctions and war. Nothing has really changed.

The same applies to a certain extent to the war in Afghanistan. The war there is completely unwinable, yet Obama is going to shift more troops in to expand the fighting. Not only that, but he’s going to expand the war into Pakistan as well creating even more enemies for the US. The Pakistani government might be happy to take their thirteen pieces of silver from the American government to let them bomb the North West Frontier but the vast majority of Pakistanis aren’t at all happy about it.

It’s slowly becoming apparent that the only difference between Obama and Bush is the rhetoric but very little else. Slowly this is dawning on a disillusioned world and American people.

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