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Monday, April 27, 2009


Israel’s Strategic Affairs Minister, Moshe Ya’alon has told ‘The Jerusalem Post’ that, without ‘benchmarks’, US discussions with Iran over its nuclear weapons program will be pointless.

The reality is; since Iran doesn’t have a nuclear weapons program, any discussion about it would indeed be pointless.

The intent behind this continued propaganda is transparent. Ya’alon’s remarks are designed specifically to reinforce, purely for propaganda purposes, the notion that Iran has a nuclear weapons program. It is stated as a given fact that the world should believe without question and that it is not up to the Western world led by the US to actually prove that Iran has a nuclear weapons program but simply to get Iran by any means necessary to halt its nuclear weapons program. All this is despite the fact that there is no evidence whatsoever of Iran having any nuclear weapons program at all.

Now, however, Ya’alon is raising the stakes. Not only is he now demanding that if the US is going to talk with Iran about its so-called nuclear weapons program, then it must set ‘benchmarks’ within timeframes. Ya’alon even suggests the timeframe suggesting that “they [the Iranians] have two months to stop the enrichment”. Then, putting the onus on the West to do the Zionists dirty work, he says, “The West has to understand that it needs to confront the Iranians”.

So, first Ya’alon says; ‘trust us, the Iranians have got a nuclear weapons program’, and then says; ‘What are you, the rest of the world, going to do about it?’

Up until recently, there seems to have been no real rush for Israel to confront Iran. Israel under Olmert had bided its time waiting for just the right circumstances to emerge to launch their final confrontation with Iran. Under Olmert the Israelis seemed content to covertly massage and manipulate events in such a way as to make it seem that when the final confrontation did come it would be as a result of Arab aggression against Israel backed by Iranian subterfuge that gave Israel no alternative but to deal with Iran. However, Olmert’s inability to provoke his enemies into providing the desired scenario needed for a confrontation with Iran had infuriated the hardline Zionists who, under Netanyahu, seem to be far more impatient especially now that it doesn’t have the more war-like support of the Bush administration.

Ya’alon remarks make the Zionist position clear. There will be no Palestinian state as far as they are concerned. There will be no withdrawal to the 1967 lines. There will be no withdrawal of the settlements from the West Bank. There will be no right of return for refugee Palestinians or their descendents. There will be no let-up in the siege against Hamas and the Gaza. There will be no withdrawal from the Golan Heights and Hezbollah remain a thorn in the side of Israeli aspirations for south Lebanon and the waters of the Litani River. For the Israelis, Iran is the barrier to everything the Israeli Zionists aspire to.

Up until recently the Israelis have through clever propaganda and misuse of their own past history managed to retain the sympathy of a Western world that believed they were always the victims. Now, though, the Zionists have exposed themselves for what they really are and more and more people around the world are beginning to see it for themselves – and the Zionists know it. Hence the desperation.

The Zionists need their final confrontation now before the world demands an end to the racist apartheid Jews-only state of Israel and the creation of a state where Jews and Arabs live as one in a single bi-national multicultural state.

Ya’alon says Iran should be given just two months to give up something it has every right under international law to do. After the two months are up Ya’alon’s next demands are predictable; sanctions won’t work, the West needs to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities now and, while it’s at it, it should also destroy the Iranian defence and bring about regime change.

Only then will the Israeli Zionists be able to realise their dreams of a Greater Israel.


David G said...

A good post, Damian, very clear and to the point.

Israel's new Government presents the world with immense danger. It is fanatical enough and stupid enough to launch an attack on Iran, and America, famous for its foreign policy blunders, is dumb enough to join them!

All we can hope is that the swine flu outbreak in Israel spreads quickly among right-wing politicians!


traducteur said...

Plenty of skilful public relations, but they don't seem to be getting away with it. Nil desperandum!