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Thursday, April 16, 2009


US Secretary of Defence Robert Gates has been reported as having ‘warned Israel against attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities’.

His remarks are deceitful. The US is fully aware, despite the continuing propaganda and rhetoric to the contrary, that Iran has no nuclear weapons program. Same goes for Israel. Gates is deliberately playing to a world-wide audience in an effort to bring world public opinion about America, ruined by the Bush era, back into favour by demonstrating to the world that it is trying to act as the world’s peacemakers in the Middle East by using its influence to stop Israel from attacking Iran.

It’s deceitful for two reasons; first, despite knowing that Iran has no nuclear weapons program, Gates continues the rhetoric that it has but that it can be stopped by diplomacy. Secondly, it’s deceitful because he won’t tell the world that Iran has no nuclear weapons program. This is classic ‘good cop-bad cop’ stuff whereby the US makes out it’s holding back the bad cop of Israel hinting that, if Iran doesn’t come clean, he’ll not be able to hold back the bad cop even though he’s warned the bad cop not to do anything rash. The reality, however, is that if the bad cop does rough on Iran and Iran fights back, then the good cop will have no choice but to side with the bad cop.

Gate’s remarks are just another carefully thought out ruse to lull the Iranians into a false sense of security while, at the same time, trying to make the rest of the world think America’s not so warlike after all when it comes to Iran.

The fact is, the US will not actually do anything to stop the Israelis from attacking Iran despite the ‘warning’, and when Israel does attack Iran then Israel will be relying on the US to bomb the Iranians into submission.

This is not about Iran’s ‘nuclear weapons program’, it is about regime change.

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