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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Ever since Obama stepped up to be sworn in as President he has shown himself to be either two-faced or confused or just wanting to keep everyone happy.

In his latest about face he has indicated that he may set up a ‘bipartisan’ commission into the Bush administrations interrogation techniques and has not ruled out taking action against lawyers who set up the ‘legal’ guidelines for the use of torture; this after having announced earlier that their would be no prosecutions against people who merely believed they were protecting their country and obeying orders. However, one should not, judging from past performance, be holding ones breathe waiting for a prosecution against any person. He’s already as good as ruled out prosecution, quite contrary to the UN Convention Against Torture which the US is a signatory to, against CIA operatives that have used torture.

But, as I say, this is just the latest in a long line of doublespeak from President Obama. In the three months since he’s been President, Obama has waffled about withdrawing ‘combat troops’ from Iraq yet leaving a military presence there for years to come; he has waffled about finding a way to talk to ‘moderate elements’ of the Taliban in Afghanistan yet earlier was telling the world he would be sending in some 17,000 more troops to clean up the Taliban and asked his allies also to send in more troops. Obama has said he is willing to give talks with Iran a go yet his Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, still insists, despite the total lack of evidence, that Iran has a nuclear weapons program.

For all the talk of making peace and setting things right after the tumultuous Bush years, the bottom line is; the Middle East is no better off than it was under Bush and it seems like Central Asia is actually going to be worse off than it was under Bush especially as the war has now been expanded, under Obama, to include Pakistan.

No, Obama isn’t confused. Yes, he is two-faced in as much that he says one thing knowing full well that he intends to do something else and, yes, he’s doing this in order to keep everyone happy. Problem is though, it’s far too transparent. The war in Afghanistan is about to expand rapidly and the Middle East is likely to blow particularly if Israel under Netanyahu attacks Iran. And, despite Obama’s waffle about warning Israel not to attack Iran, you just know that the US military in the region is ready to give support to Israel just as soon as Netanyahu launches the initial attacks.


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Anonymous said...

Obama has to tiptoe very cautiously as president. His agenda is to unwind the catastrophe that was the Bush regime and he realizes he won't get anything done by making a big splash on day one. He played nice with AIPAC, he removed women with headscarfs at his rallies during the campaign and everyone thought that he was abandoning the American Muslim cause altogether, only to see him in Turkey giving the speech we were all hoping for.

Give this man a chance, he is a skilled politican and knows how to play pingpong on the world stage. We may not like his every move but the key positions he is taking are a clear sign to me that he will get done what he has promised.

Damian Lataan said...

I certainly hope you are right Anonymous, but it isn't looking good so far.

Drones are now almost daily pounding NW Pakistan killing innocent people, Obama has done nothing to lift the Israeli blockade to Gaza and he continues to push the two-state solution down the road to nowhere while the Israelis prepare to take a punt that the US will back them after a unilateral strike against Iran.

Obama might seem like a welcome change after the violence of the Bush years what with his smooth and youthful rhetoric but in the end the proof of the pudding will be in the eating.

Anonymous said...

Obama Pushing Treaty To Ban Reloading

Anonymous said...

Time will tell but again, the sad reality of US politics is that each politician has to get AIPAC seal of approval and if he comes out swinging against Israel (as many wish he would) he would be done politically in the best case. In the worst case... better left unsaid.

During his campaign he uttered "noone is suffering more than the Palestinians" but we never heard anything like that again from him because AIPAC punished him for that little comment. He needs to tiptoe his way into this. As a sign of some change, we now see Clinton taking a more aggressive tone against Israel and this is being printed in the mainstream media, American citizens are becoming more skeptical of Israeli actions and are no longer afraid of being branded antisemites (a term that has become so overused and watered-down that it's now meaningless). Some credit to Obama must be given in my opinion.

On a side note Damian, I sense that you are a subscriber to the official theory about 9/11 but there is now new research suggesting proof that thermite samples were found in dust particles taken on the days following the event. What is your thought on this?

Keep fighting the good fight my friend, you are a courageous person.

The name is Tom, by the way

Damian Lataan said...

G'day Tom
Many thanks for your support.

If you type '9/11' or 'conspiracy' or such like in to the 'search' box at the top of this blog you'll find plenty of stuff that I've written over the years that shows how I feel about the so-called 'official' version of the events of 9/11

Take care

Tom said...

Damian, thanks for the clarification.

Warm regards to you