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Friday, April 03, 2009


With Netanyahu and his extreme right-wing fellow Zionists now in power in Israel the notion of two states, Israel and Palestine living side by side, is now dead.

The reality, however, is that it was never at any stage actually alive. For the most part the idea was merely a ploy to buy more time; indeed, it still is as the US continues to push the idea despite it being made quite clear by Netanyahu and his cohorts that it will not happen.

The fact is; the Israeli Zionists want to have the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights and, so they hope, south Lebanon up to the Litani River incorporated into a Greater Israel while the Palestinian people, on the other hand, simply want the lands that were taken from them during the Nakba in 1948, and later, returned to them.

Ever since the Nakba the Israelis have inched their way on to more and more land that was not even given to them by the UN. They have found a myriad of pretexts to attack their Arab neighbours providing themselves with excuses to slowly expand their apartheid empire into Palestinian and Syrian lands by taking three steps forward as they invade and then two steps back to make it seem as though it is they that are making the concessions. This has been their way for more than sixty years now.

They are slowly chewing away at the West Bank, slowly but surely building and enlarging their settlements and confiscating increasingly larger tracts of land to provide Jews-only corridors connecting the settlements. Soon the corridors themselves will be come enlarged and settled and the Palestinians slowly squeezed in to ever diminishing areas that will eventually become overcrowded ghettos. One of two things will then happen; either the frustrated and impoverished Palestinians in the new ghettos will leave to become refugees in Lebanon or Jordon or elsewhere, which is what the Zionist want, or they will turn on the Israelis, just as the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip ghetto have done, in a fight that they will unlikely be able to win.

The Palestinians, despite sixty years of oppression and occasionally having the whole world ranged against them through clever manipulation of the world press, have proven to be a tenacious people who will not give up easily that which is theirs nor walk away from those that have taken away that which is theirs.

Only now, at last, does it seem that the world is seeing what the Israeli end-game really is. All the talk of peace has been just that – talk. Nothing whatsoever has come of any of the ‘talks’; indeed, all the while that there have been talks the Palestinians have only ever seen their lands, their rights and their means of surviving diminish further still. Israel’s slaughter against a virtually unarmed people in the Gaza Strip has finally demonstrated to the world all too clearly Israel’s true colours and intentions, and now with Netanyahu clearly telling the world there will be no Palestinian state, the Palestinian people and their plight are being seen in a totally different light.

The Palestinian people now desperately need the support of the peoples of the world in order to lobby the world’s governments and the UN to finally demand an end to the apartheid racist state of Israel and to create one state that incorporates the West Bank and the Gaza Strip where Arabs and Jews live as one in a bi-national single truly democratic and secular state, and with the Golan Heights being returned to Syria.

The fear, of course, for the Israelis is that they will lose their dominance over the Arabs. Ultimately, however, they should have no real reason to complain – the process is called democracy which the Israelis have been telling the world for the last sixty years is what the entire Middle East should be like.

The UN must concede that they got it wrong, acting hastily and with much guilt after the events of the Second World War, when they created the racist state of Israel in 1948. Millions have died since as a result of Israel’s creation in this way. It’s time to create a new state where Jews and Arabs, those that want to, can live together.

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