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Sunday, April 05, 2009


For over sixty years the Zionists of Israel and their supporters around the world have played the leaders of the Western world for suckers. While the Israeli Zionists talked of peace with the Palestinians via the ‘Two State Solution’ in which Palestine would have its own state next to Israel, Israel’s actions demonstrated that, far from wanting peace with the Palestinians or allowing a Palestinian state to be created, the Israelis really wanted only to have the lands that belonged to the Palestinians and to the extent that precluded any notion of a real Palestinian state.

Ever since the 1948 Nakba Israel has done nothing but grab as much land from the Palestinian people as possible; it has done nothing else from that day to this sixty-one years later. And yet during that entire time there has always been talk of a Palestinian state – but it has never progressed beyond talk.

With the benefit of over sixty years of history that can now be seen in hindsight, a distinctive pattern has emerged that clearly demonstrates that Israel has over that time maintained a deliberate ruse by which they have offered hope to Palestinians but never anything more and, at the same time, have created for the West and its leaders the illusion that Israel has always been the victim of Palestinian antagonisms and that it has been those antagonisms that have either prevented Israel from accepting a Palestinian state or delayed further talks about it.

The reality is that the Israelis have never themselves actually offered Palestinians a state of their own; it has always been asked for by Western powers and the Israelis have always agreed to talk about it but then have always found a reason later to abandon those talks, usually when some Israeli-provoked violence occurs. This cycle of talks, hopes, then violence and breaking off of talks and then more talks and renewed hopes has been going on for six decades and got nowhere. All the while the insidious expansion of Israel into lands that do not belong to them has been relentless.

Today, however, a turning point has been reached. The Netanyahu government in Israel has stopped beating around the bush over Palestinian statehood and has clearly said there will be no Palestinian state.

If there is to be no Palestinian state, what then is to be the future of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip? Netanyahu is playing for more time while he waits for an opportunity to fulfil his promise of destroying Hamas and Hezbollah; a goal that can only be accomplished after regime change in Iran. Netanyahu’s ruse is to talk of ‘economic partnership’ with the Palestinians. After having spent years destroying what little there was of any Palestinian economy, the Zionists and Netanyahu now cynically extends an economic hand to the Palestinians in exchange for peace on the Zionists terms. (Incidentally, there are no prizes for guessing where this money to help the Palestinians would be coming from nor are there any prizes for guessing which hands the money, if it ever actually happens, will end up falling in to.)

Despite Netanyahu’s blatant insistence that there will be no Palestinian state and despite the glaring sixty year history of Israel’s deliberate equivocation coupled with territorial expansion into Palestinian lands, US President Obama and other Western leaders are just the latest in a long line of successive US Presidents and Western leaders that have laboured under the delusional fantasy that there is still hope for a two-state solution.

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